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Zoomed screen These options in the Accessibility system preferences can be used to enable and adjust the screen zooming feature. As part of its Accessibility options, OS X includes a screen zooming feature where you can hold the Control key and scroll, or press designated hotkeys to increase the size of items proportionally on screen. If you are slightly zoomed in, then while you may still see most of your screen, the menu bar may be hidden.

Therefore try holding the control key and scrolling up and down to see if this changes the zoom level, or disables it.

Dropbox icon disappears from Menu Bar - doesn't sy - Dropbox Community -

The use of the control key in this manner may require you to enable it, so if this shows no effect then go to the Accessibility system preferences, click the Zoom category, and check the appropriate options to toggle zooming on or off. Activate Mission Control Sometimes if the system does not draw the menu properly, then you may see some of its features be shown and be properly accessible, but without a proper background, or perhaps with a text coloring that is not easy to read.

If this happens, then you should be able to overcome it by activating a full-screen feature like Mission Control, the screen saver, or a full-screen application. Log out and back in Finally, if the menu bar does not show up properly, try logging out and back into your system. If the background processes such as SystemUIServer that are responsible for managing the menu bar are hanging, then logging out and back in might help clear the hang and have them running properly. When you do this, the system may quit all services like the Dock and Finder, and only show a blank desktop background for a few minutes.

Allow the system to stay like this and log out on its own, since at this point it is attempting to quit the hanging background processes. If you see no progress after about 10 or so minutes, then try resetting your system. Thanks for reminding me.

Time Machine icon missing from menu bar desktop Mac, how to activate/deactivate icon Yosemite OS X

I have this problem and none of the solutions worked for me. The problem first appeared when I closed safari and then reopened it. I used the blue arrows in the upper lefthand corner to maximize the screen and that is when I lost the menu bar. I can stretch the small box to somewhat fill the screen and keep the menu bar but I cannot stretch the box to cover the bottom task icons, i would like to get my full screen and menu bar back. Sketch doesn't do this, Axure doesn't do this, Basamiq doesn't do this.

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In fact, no other program I've ever used does this. We will not be renewing the subscription for our company next year, because Adobe clearly doesn't care about it's users or it wouldn't take this long to address this. This isn't an Adobe issue. This must be an OS X issue.

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An alternative way to get it out from under the menu that may work well for some is to hold down option and grab the bottom edge of the window to resize it. Resizing that way pulls the top in proportionally to the bottom. This is a little less disruptive than messing with window settings. You can also set the top menu to autohide in the General preferences panel of OSX, but I personally don't like working that way. Thanks for the fix - mirror worked for me, but jeezuz effin' christ Adobe!

This has been an issue for years - how bloody hard can it be to fix it? Still happening! Wow this is crazy. Thanks for the post. Gotta be a fix for this! It cant be this prevalent and not get Adobe's attention?! So the answer to this is to completely change your workspace?!? Illustrator CC is the only Adobe program that does this.

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Fix the program, Adobe. This is happening over and over with my dual monitor set up. But there WILL be a next time Sorry, but I have tried each and every one of the above suggestions, and it isn't resolving for me.

How can i get the menu bar to stay without disappearing

I have 2 monitors, and it's stuck behind the OS bar at the top of the large monitor. Using just 1 monitor does the same thing. There is no "Minimize" option under Arrange for me, and a few other options are simply not there. Is there any other way to access the top nav bar? It sort of brings work to a standstill, so maddening. You will see smaller images of your apps. Simply drag the shrunken view of it to your other monitor and it should keep the top bar visible after it moves.

You then can move it back to the original monitor. You also might try going to going under window and disabling the application frame. I think it will slide the window back out when you re-enable the application frame. I will have to try it the next time I mess mine up. A 3rd option to fix it is to change your monitor resolution or unhook one temporarily it will pop out.

Then change it back. It is a pain and something that should be fixed in the window management. You will run into it less if you can align all your monitors to the top in the Displays control panel. Illustrator is the problem. It reverts back every time it's opened. Yep, Illustrator is the problem, and on my computer it looks exactly like that image every single time no matter what I've done before I start the program.

I ran into this bug today for the first time — with InDesign CC The bug was probably triggered by my taking my MacBook Pro away from my second monitor. None of the above hacks involving the Displays panel of System Preferences worked. And I like the application frame.


What finally fixed it for me was an app I downloaded on a whim and had never used: Split Screen. If you tell Split Screen to do any of those three things to InDesign, the application frame pops into view. It looks like there are several other apps in the Mac App Store that have a similar function to Split Screen. I bet any of them would be able to fix this problem. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled.

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Drive Icons Missing From Your Mac's Desktop?

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Show 61 replies. Incredibly frustrating bug but glad to see it can be user-resolved. Still happening in Yosemite OSX