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This is much quicker than creating a list from within the Custom List preference pane.


Click on Options in the Sort dialog box, and select your custom list from the pull-down menu. Going from the last cell in one row or column to the first cell of the next usually requires selecting that cell with your mouse, or using several key presses to navigate to it. Use the Tab key to move across a row or the Return key to move down a column; when you reach the edge of the block, press that key again to jump to the beginning of the next row or column.

You can also use Shift-Tab and Shift-Return to move backward and jump to the previous row or column when you reach the edge of the selection.

3 Tips and Tricks for Excel on Mac

Ever have a string of text spill out of one cell into the next? You can immediately add clarity or visual interest to a spreadsheet using colored text or cells. However, you can change its choices to ones that are more useable. You can replace Excel's default color palette left with custom colors, including those from a Document Theme right. To use theme colors, open the Formatting Palette and expand the Document Theme panel.

Find a theme with colors you like, and leave them showing in the panel. Click on OK in the Colors palette to put the new hue in the Standard palette. To import a custom palette from one document into another, open both the source and target documents.

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In the Copy Colors From menu, select the name of the document containing the palette you want to copy. A click on Shift-F3 calls up this handy option, which offers the complete range of formulas, along with the kind of hand-holding novices need to overcome their unnatural fear of mathematical computations. Converting a spreadsheet to a chart hasn't always been the most simple or intuitive task, even in an application as powerful as Excel.

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That's why Microsoft added a new Recommended Charts feature to Excel , which assists in the process by offering suggestions for a chart based upon the data selected in the worksheet. To use it, click the Insert option on the Ribbon, highlight the data to be included, and click the Recommended Charts button; a drop-down menu serves up one or more samples of the chart Excel will create for you in just a click.

From there, the chart is added to the spreadsheet for the user to do as they wish with it. We're not hardcore number crunchers that use PivotTables on a daily basis, but if we were, we'd probably be dancing on the ceiling over Excel 's new slicer tool. Now PivotTables can be set up with options to limit the type of data being viewed — for example, only displaying relevant data from specific years, category, or just about any other way you desire. This new feature can be initiated by clicking the Insert Slicer option when using PivotTable Analyze mode on the Ribbon.

Why do you have to hit the up arrow twice? Hitting it once will bring you to the last row of data that appears before an empty row which, in this case, is the last line of our data. Hitting the up arrow twice brings us all the way back to the top. Note that this shortcut works on Excel for Mac and PC Shortcuts on Mac may vary depending on your OS, or on older versions of Excel.

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Select a cell that has the formatting you want and copy that cell. Needing to insert one row or column at a time can be monotonous. This hack is painfully simple: Highlight the number of rows or columns that you want to insert, and then right click and select insert.

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Just like that, I have three brand new columns in my spreadsheet—without the hassle of inserting one at a time. Note: This trick works the very same way with rows. This is fairly easy to accomplish. To do so, select and then copy the portion of your spreadsheet that you want to embed. Pretty slick, right?

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Note: You can also embed an excel spreadsheet in an email. But, the exact directions for that will vary depending on your email provider. Do you have worksheets within the same workbook, but would like to view them side by side—rather than needing to click back and forth between the two? Doing so will open your existing workbook in an entirely new window—so you can position them side by side and avoid a bunch of clicking.

The best part? These simple tips will undoubtedly help you save some time in Excel. Check out our pivot table tutorial! Eager to know even more? Sign up for our Excel course , roll up your sleeves, and prepare to impress everybody with your Excel mastery.

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