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Import the TSV file into Excel 2. Make my changes 3. Save the changed file as. Delete the original. Rename the. I am using Excel As already answered, Excel can't do that. You may use a macro to save your file, delete previous version, than rename it. You cannot using the default capabilities of Excel.

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Are you sure that the drive you are saving your file in has sufficient space to store it? Sometimes some technical issues can occur in your target disk where you are saving your file or the disk can accidentally get detached from the system. Often, when you are working on your Excel file and you accidentally press the ESC button while saving it, the process of making a temporary file gets interrupted. Even though the system might not create your temporary file, your original file remains undamaged if there is any problem in your system or your workstation is interrupted.

Your system will display this message when the process of temporary file creation fails while you are renaming the temporary file or removing the original one.

Excel Spreadsheet has sharing violation on Mac

In such cases, your temporary file can be used but your original file gets deleted. Now the big question that arises is how to deal with such situations? We have some easy tips for you to tackle Excel saving errors. Read on.

Part 2. How to Restore Deleted/Lost Excel File on Mac in 3 Steps

But what if you are still experiencing the errors even after trying the above-mentioned solutions? Well, we have another sure-shot remedy for your problem. In such a case, using the services of a reliable Excel repair application is the best solution. We recommend using Stellar Repair for Excel for such needful situations where all other solutions fail.

After performing repair on a corrupted Excel file, this software restores the file contents like tables, charts, chart-sheets, cell comments, images, formulas, sorts and filters to a new blank working Excel file which you can save easily. Final Thoughts: Microsoft Excel usually associates with an array of issues that often frustrate users.

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However, when it comes to Excel saving errors, it becomes quite challenging to fix the issues and get your file stored in the folder you want. The above-listed tricks would definitely work out in helping you to get rid of such errors. And if these tricks fail too, you can always rely on Stellar Repair for Excel to save the day.

How to Change Permissions for Files and Folders in Mac® OS X™

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Technology freak who always found exploring neo-tech subjects, when not writing, research is something that keeps her going in life. View More. I tried all things but finally solved with Stellar Repair for Excel. Your email address will not be published. Time limit is exhausted. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. MENU Close. To resolve this, go to File option, click on Save As, and rename your file. Check if the issue is settled.