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I have scanned them with McAfee, they are all safe without any virus and spyware. It can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation. Take a look at the feature list to find out what it can do and feel free to suggest anything that might be missing.

It offers the function of iPod to Mac transfer of music, photo, video, movie, podcast and TV program. Manage multiple iPods with one computer at the same time.

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  6. Support managing 26 iPods and one iPhone at the same time. You can directly exchange files among them to share music and movie by drag-and-drop. Copy music from other computer to your iPod without erasing your iPod files One iPod can sync with only one iTunes, but this iPod Transfer can transfer music from other computer to your iPod without deleting the song and video on your ipod.

    Top 3 Free iPhone, iPad or iPod Music Ripper

    Easy to use With its intuitive and easy interface, you can copy and backup iPod files easily. Floola is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod any model supporting iTunes except iPhone and iPod touch. It's a standalone application that can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation under Mac OS X Manage Music, Videos, Podcast and Photos all in one simple app, anywhere on any computer.

    Copy, add and extract songs to and from iPod.

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    Playlists, Easily manage, import and export m3u, pls playlists. Web videos, add files to iPod just copying the page url Lyric support even on older iPods 3G and above. Easily find duplicated songs on iPod. Easily find songs lost in your iPod. Add artwork to your songs easily.

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    Convert audio and video incompatible formats Did a software mess up your iPod? Even though the design has improved with the paid version, the user interface is still sloppily put together and feels very alien on the Mac. However, it also happens to be quite full-featured. Not only does it let you select the tracks you want and copy them to the desktop which is the only location it will copy to besides a predefined subfolder in your Documents folder , it will also copy them into iTunes for you.

    Add Music From Another iPod Into Your Itunes Library (Mac)

    It is also supposed to allow transferring of photos from most iPods, but it did not work with my iPhone. The interface itself belongs to the pre-Leopard era and still has those buttons that once used to be Brushed Metal before Apple decided to eliminate it from Mac OS X.

    Top Programs to Transfer Your iPod Music to a Computer

    The features are plentiful—it boasts of being able to detect all varieties of iPods and import songs into iTunes or to folders on your Mac, taking care to weed out the duplicates. It also has support for playback of songs and recreation of playlists. However, the playlist support is extremely buggy and I always ended up with multiple copies of the same song in the playlists created by PodWorks.

    Also, although it has menu-based options for playing back music and controlling volume, none of those ever actually worked in my testing. Furthermore, it does not have a browse feature or one-click automatic recovery, and the interface design leaves something to be desired. However, like a lot of cross-platform, Java-based applications, it crams all that functionality into a poorly designed interface with a startling lack of attention to detail for example, it refers to your Mac as a PC on one of the screens.

    Besides having every single feature mentioned in this article so far, it can also transfer photos from your iPod and use it as a USB storage device. However, it has two major flaws—the significant amount of time it takes to generate the list of items on your iPod specially when it is first launched and the completely alien user interface. It allows you to search and sort your tracks, browse through them by metadata, and play them back while you decide which ones you want to import. It has full support for playlists and can recreate them in iTunes exactly as they appear on your iPod.

    Before you begin

    You can also import songs to a folder on your Mac if you so wish. Most of the apps have pretty much the same features and all of them ably perform the most basic task of getting your music off your iPod and onto your Mac. It will not rescue your podcasts or audiobooks and does not exactly have a stellar user interface but it will perform the most elementary tasks without costing you a penny. Among all the apps I looked at, Music Rescue has the best blend of features, design, and price, and should be a fitting companion for your iPod and iTunes library.

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    Top 5 Free Mac iPod File Transfers - Copy iPod files to Mac and iTunes

    Excellent user interface; automatic transfer mode; simple to use. Free Excellent user interface; full-featured. Great set of features. Relatively low price. Great UI design; impressive feature-set.