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Here, you have to select the items such as mail, calendar, contacts, tasks etc.

1. Create Outlook Mac Archive ( OLM ) File in Outlook 2016

Now, you have to select the destination location or folder where you want to save the archive OLM file and then click on the Save button. Now, you have to navigate to the destination folder where the files are saved. Double-click the destination folder to preview the archive OLM file. After that, the Export dialog box will appear.

About On My Computer folders in Outlook for Mac

Here, you have to select Outlook for Mac Data File. Click on the right arrow to continue. Now, you will be asked to Delete After Exporting? Email email-support uic.

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[SOLVED] Outlook for MAC Missing Emails in Search - Spiceworks

How do I set up Microsoft Outlook to connect to Exchange? How do I disable the Outlook auto-complete and clear the cache? How do I check my UIC email?

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How do I set up an out-of-office or vacation email auto-reply? Also if you are using a device you might need to also configure your sent emails to be stored in the same folder.

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The best solution is to have all software and devices using the same sent folder so a full history of sent emails can be seen in all places. Because the webmail site uses the "Sent" folder we'd recommend settings all devices to use this folder as well.