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See the Sun JRE bug for information on the letters that are affected. To work around this issue, either do not use Turkish regional settings or use a user name that does not contain the affected letters.

When you export a workbook to PDF and other formats, multibyte characters for example, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese characters appear as square boxes. When you attempt to connect to Discoverer Plus by using the Mozilla Firefox browser on a machine that does not have Java 1. Instead, the browser displays the following message:. You must download the JRE 1. If the Web tier is on an IPv6 machine, when you start Discoverer Plus, the following error message might be displayed:. When you update the web services configuration parameter Maximum Sessions using the Discoverer Web Services Configuration page of Fusion Middleware Control and click Apply , the following error message is displayed:.

You can ignore the error message because the changes are applied even if the exception is thrown. When you extend a domain and add Discoverer application in a remote machine, you may see the following exception in the WebLogic Server log:. After adding these elements, save the logging. To work around this issue, do one of the following:. When you save a new workbook in Oracle BI Discoverer Plus, any text characters beyond the standard ASCII characters are not saved correctly when all the conditions that are described in the following list are met:. To work around this issue, choose NO to show a blank worksheet.

You can then refresh the sheet and continue working. A title height of two lines might be a problem if a worksheet title requires more than or less than two lines. If you want to change the size of the title area, you must resize the title area manually and save the worksheet. To resize the title area for a worksheet, open the worksheet and drag the bar at the bottom of the title area pane up or down.

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When you are running Netscape 7. When you use the Tab key to select items in a worksheet, the menus do not always synchronize to reflect the currently selected item. Instead of using the Esc key, click the Close or OK button. The Link tool, which enables users to drill out to external URLs from a crosstab cell, might not work correctly in all locales due to URL encoding issues.

When printing a worksheet that contains large numbers in the data cells, the string may be printed instead of the actual numbers.

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When you set the title or text area background to green and export the worksheet to an HTML file, the background is incorrectly set to red in the exported file. When you use JAWS, you will notice errors when you attempt to format graphs and crosstabs using the Format dialogs. In the Display Options of a gauge portlet, the Minimum Value and Maximum Value range labels are selected but are also disabled so that you cannot deselect the display of those values. The values for the minimum and the maximum appear at the ends of every gauge in the set except for those gauges where the value to be gauged is out of the range of the minimum and the maximum values.

For those gauges where the value to be displayed exceeds the range of the minimum and the maximum values, the gauge will automatically adjust to accommodate the value. In the Arguments field, append the following lines, if they do not exist. When a Worksheet portlet is displayed in Oracle WebCenter, the links to navigate to the next set of records does not work.

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If you select any of these navigation options, the current portlet state will be lost. You might need to start publishing the portlet from the beginnng. Static title is rendered in the portal for each portlet instance. To work around this issue, set a meaningful title for the portlet by editing the title using the Set Title or Description option in the WebSphere portal.

For more information about changing the title of a portlet, see WebSphere documentation. The default value of this parameter is false. Inline color pickers are enabled in the Gauges Selection page and you can select a color from the palette. You cannot select the color using the Format option of the Personalize menu of the worksheet.

Use the Analyze option in the portlet window to change the color. To work around this issue, enter parameter values manually.

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You must explicitly close the pop-up window after selection of values. The pref. When an Oracle Single Sign-On SSO user tries to view a worksheet from a List of Worksheets Portlet by using the same browser window that is already being used by an SSO user to view that worksheet, the second user sees the following error message: " The page cannot be displayed ". Oracle BI Discoverer Viewer no longer offers the ability to disable the display of row numbers in a tabular worksheet.

Users might see JavaScript errors such as " Access Denied " or other unexpected behavior when both of the following conditions are met:. For example, The export fails and you will see a message similar to the following one:. Continue to use Internet Explorer and leave the space in the worksheet name, but follow these steps:. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences , then click Internet.

General Issues

That page contains a color chooser, or palette. If you use Fusion Middleware Control on Mac OS X with the Safari browser, then the page does not correctly enter the color code when you select a color from the palette. To work around this issue, you can either use the Firefox browser or you can enter a color code directly. The color codes are standard HTML hexadecimal color codes. You can enter one of the 49 colors that are available in the color palette, or you can enter any valid HTML hexadecimal color code. Assume that you use the keyboard to navigate to the drill icon beside an item in the worksheet header.

When you press the Enter key to drill on that header item, the Drill page should be displayed as described in the "Worksheet Display page: Page level tools and controls " topic in the Help system and the Oracle Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Viewer. Instead, the Drill popup menu is displayed. It is not possible to select items from this popup menu by using the keyboard, and JAWS does not read the items on the popup menu.

In Oracle BI Discoverer Viewer, an asterisk that precedes a text field indicates that the user is required to enter a value into that text field. The JAWS screen reader does not read an asterisk that precedes a required text field and does not otherwise indicate that the field is required. However, Oracle Web Cache does cache worksheet "Sheet 1" in workbook "Workbook 2" if a user logs in manually to Oracle BI Discoverer Viewer by using the same login details, and navigates to the worksheet. To work around this issue, edit the discwb. Far be it for me to question the information from Mr.

Armstrong-Smith who in case you didn't know is a well known discoverer consultant and co-author of the "Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook" and whose presentation on creating an EUL in two hours I was fortunate enough to catch at this year's OAUG but it may help to put information in a context.

Oracle licensing can be confusing contradictory? Whether a product is 'free' or a 'captive cost' may depend on your Oracle product mix, versions, and maybe even on symantics. Mark Rittman is noted as a guest author in Mr. Armstron-Smith's Discover 10g handbook. Mr Rittman's Oracle Weblog from March 16, could well give the impression that it is discoverer is 'free'.

More Books by Michael Armstrong-Smith & Darlene Armstrong-Smith

The old client-server Discoverer User Edition was however preserved but renamed as Discoverer Desktop, and one license for this version was also included in each Oracle 9iDS license Additionally Metalink note So I apologize if my original comment was incomplete or unintentionally misleading. Discussion with your rep is always advisable. Hopefully Mr. Armstrong-Smith is still monitoring this thread will be gracious enough to elaborate on some of these older 'discover included' configurations and caveats! Hi all I much appreciate the kind words from John and value his comments.

Oracle Discoverer: Macintosh Troubleshooting Guide

The Discoverer world is a small community so its nice to hear from other folks and see people responding to forum postings. I basically stand by my previous comments though in which I indicated that nothing is free. In this world that is generally true and this is most certainly true with Oracle. Now while it is true that Discoverer is being bundled with Oracle Applications, if you want to use it you have to pay an additional license fee.

Like many other "options" aka Oracle's way of demanding an additonal fee, while the software is bundled, the license is not.

Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook

You only have to look at the database "options" and warehouse builder "options" to see where Oracle make their money! The real power in using Discoverer comes from using Plus and Viewer using an Application Server and these licenses are certainly not free. As previously commented, I strongly suggest you contact your sales rep for the latest pricing.

You might be offered a discount or find that some Discoverer licenses were bundled with your main licenses. Big Data. Tech Sign In Page. Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up. By rinksonline. Follow Tech Sign In Page.