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Ukraine val. View images, nothing more The point of LilyView is simple: elegant, efficient and fast. Chromeless View your images, not the interface. Touch-friendly You can literally touch an image — most actions can be done with natural Multi-Touch gestures. Fast The application feels fast and responsive even when viewing gigapixel photos. Download Free Trial.

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It's free The viewer is free as in beer and may be distributed without limits. This gives you complete control over how your images should be organized. Lyn can also access the most common Mac image libraries, including iPhoto , Photos , Aperture , and Lightroom. This versatility makes Lyn a good candidate for a replacement image browser for anyone moving on from Aperture or iPhoto, or who isn't happy with the newer Photos app. Removing Lyn is just as simple.

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If you decide Lyn is not for you, just drag the app to the trash. If you've used iPhoto, Photos, Aperture, or Lightroom, you may be surprised that Lyn doesn't use an image library; at least, not like the ones you're used to. You can add and remove folders within Lyn, or do it with the Finder. You can even do both; set up a basic image library in the Finder using nested folders, and then add to or fine-tune it while you're using Lyn.

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This reliance on standard folders explains why Lyn doesn't support organizational structures, such as events or faces. But Lyn does support smart folders, which you could use to create a somewhat similar method of organization.

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With smart folders, you can search for flagged, rated, label, keyword, tag, and filename. If you add an event keyword to an image, you could recreate the event organization available in other image browser apps. As mentioned, the sidebar in Lyn is the key to how images are organized. The sidebar contains five sections:.

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Images are shown in the Viewer, which resides next to the sidebar. Like the Finder, you'll find various views available, including Icon, which shows a thumbnail view of images in the selected folder. The Split view shows smaller thumbnails and a large view of the selected thumbnail. In addition, there's a List view that shows a small thumbnail along with the image's metadata, such as date, rating, size, aspect ratio, aperture, exposure, and ISO.

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