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Download the tweaked Z22 driver and save it in a known location on your hard drive. Turn your printer on and connect it to a USB port. Pull down the 'Print using' menu and select the 'Other HP's printer software and utilities were replaced with built-in items in OS X Snow Leopard, after a few tense days where HP initially declined to support the new operating system. Many of us remember our outrage when some HP spokesdrone actually stated that users should buy new printers if they wanted Snow Leopard support.

Those of us who didn't run screaming to Canon or some other brand have made do with a reduced feature-set for our HP printers. I tried the following, and not only did it work for me, but it was a really sweet solution. At its heart is Tesseract , an open-source OCR engine that originated at HP how's that for irony and is currently maintained and used by Google. I found that some of the online instructions for deploying and using Tesseract were a little bit confusing and contradictory. But here's what worked for me.

I need help printing to a Ricoh Aficio MP C2500

As always: proceed at your own risk; I make no guarantees, and while I have tried to be careful I can't be certain that all the necessary steps are present, or safe, nor can I provide support. Modify default custom print settings in This hint allow you to modify the default printing preset, that is, the preset selected by default for an already-installed printer.

It all happens in In Start by saving your favorite printer's printing preset through the GUI the usual way, then edit the plist mentioned earlier. What you are looking for is the com. Just replace Standard with the exact name of your saved preset, then save the edited file. If you're running You might need to play around a bit to find the number that matches your desired preset.

Files to delete

In my case, with only one saved preset, it was 3. I burn a fair number of CDs and DVDs at home, and I've never been thrilled with my labeling options: stick-on labels can come unstuck, or unbalance a disc, and LightScribe takes forever and looks, well, not all that good. I own a Canon printer, and was thinking "there must be a way to do this; it's a newish printer. After testing it last night I had only one printable CD in the house! I won't replicate the modification steps in detail here, because they differ for each model of printer, but read on for some basic notes on my experiences with the modification.

Some Canon printer drives have had problems with I know this sounds completely counter-intuitive, but bear with me With In the case of Canon's Pixima iP line, there have been two different printer drivers. CUPS I have two Canon Pixma printers, the iP and , and this is what I noticed for my printers.

i Mac Printing problem | Jamal's Den

Looking at Canon's site, I suspect most other printers in the same line to be the same. For the iP, my main printer: The most recent driver This driver type has existed since before In Snow Leopard, however, some printer options black and white, speed setting, etc. The solution I found was to install the driver labeled 6. It states only Once installed, I had access to all the regular driver options, as well as supply level indicators that didn't work in That was good!

Trying the old driver definitely helped, but there's a mystery. Mystery: The 6.

Having the same problem

After reinstalling the 'new' driver that gave me problems before, there appears to be no change. But I have also installed the Apple driver update. On another computer, one that doesn't have the Apple driver update, I didn't reinstall the new driver, but the old one works better. In short, if you're unhappy with your Canon print options in With Snow Leopard, some multifunction printers will only print, because the new drivers from Apple do not support any other functions. But you can still get some older models to work, provided they were released prior to the switch to Intel in Install Rosetta, if you haven't done so already.

Make a backup of your system, in case something goes wrong. Install the software as normal. This will give you a second printer for your model of printer in System Preferences. It should also install all the related scanning software, etc. Now test if it works. As an added bonus, I have an old PowerPC program on my system which crashes every time I try to print from it to the 'new' printer, but it works fine with the 'old' one.

Note: for ink printers, you mght need to realign the catridges. Perhaps it would also work if you force the scan programs to start in PowerPC mode by deleting the Intel configuaration using e. Tinker Tool System , but I haven't tried that. I have a venerable HP Deskjet cxi with a double-sided print feed attachment.

However, with Snow Leopard, I'm stuck with using single-sided printing via the free Gutenberg printer driver, as HP has declined to support this model in Snow Leopard. After some experimentation, I've found that the native HP DeskJet series driver seems to work fine -- I've got my double-sided printing back. Additionally, the driver also seems to be giving me ink supply levels details, functionality that the original driver never had. Messages: I'm using a cn printer with a MacMini, Parallels and Leopard. The printer prints from the Mac side with no problems although a bit slower than pure Windows.

In other words, it doesn't go seamlessly from one to the other. If I have selected it under devices, I have to unselect it to print again on the Mac side. Listed below is part of an e-mail from an expert on this subject--it may be helpful. I have it working fine but only in black and white. I've seen the thread referencing this problem and think I have tried the solutions but still no results in color. The Gutenprint drivers do not support color printing to LaserJets at the prsent time. The best color driver for this printer would be the pxlmono driver.

You can then create a new printer queue using that PPD. Matt Hope this helps.

Known Mac OS X compatible drivers from 10.0 through 10.14

Dell cn problem I've tried to follow various posts here with no luck so far. I thought I'd try to do something simple like connect the cn only in the Parallels Windows, since at least I have the right Windows driver, but still no luck. I get the setup working fine, seemingly; the PC sees the printer, installs it and says it's ready. When I try to print a test page though the print job shows up briefly on the printer queue and then disappears, as if it had printed properly BUT no output from the printer.

Any thoughts anyone? Is it possible that the USP port does not have enough power? I have aflash drive in anther port, but removing it didn't seem to make any difference. uses cookies.

Just to add to the previous post - I can print fine when Windows is started up as the OS on power up through Boot Camp. However, no matter what I tried, I just could not get it to print from the Mac. Even tried Gutenprint, but could not find an appropriate driver for my printer. Quick follow on - I finally had success by connecting the printer to the router and setting it up as a network printer in Parallels. Now to try to get the same printer to work from the Mac OS X!

Mac OS Sierra Upgrading, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 To 10.12.6

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