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These are three are some of my favorite things in the world and hearing them in songs by someone whose music I was a fan of was just more validation as to the kinship I felt with the artist. Faces sounded like the most real and challenging project that Miller released. He is exorcising all his inner demons and letting them dance on the keys.

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There is also an underlying sense of hope that runs throughout the mixtape. Records and his own REMember Music label.

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The label he founded and named after his friend Reuben Eli Mitrani who died in It sounded like Mac was getting back on the right track with his headspace throughout the album. Go Fish! Later, Miller would say that many of the songs on this album were written years before and he packaged them together for this album. But unlike some of his past albums, it sounded incredibly well-produced.

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Instead, Miller sounds patient as he raps on the 13 tracks. While still being incredibly forthright about his mindset and feelings throughout the album, he is putting his musical knowledge to use. He thought his lifestyle was going to catch up to him back then. But, he kept working through it until it did finally get the best of him.

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When Miller was 15 years old, he decided to make music his full-time job. When he moved to Los Angeles, he put a studio in his poolhouse. He was constantly alluding to projects and would quietly drop random singles. He was a man who was dedicated to his craft. I predict we will hear a lot of music in the future — especially since his brother Miller McCormick is an illustrator and the two worked closely together on each album cover.

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There are at least five albums and one EP that Miller talked about and never released. I hope we hear it all. I hope the world realizes how gifted Mac Miller was. Hopefully, his music will be heard by the next great songwriter who will inspire another generation of youth. Skip to content. But then, I was hooked. Thumbs up and stay off the drugs. Search for: Begin typing your search above and press return to search. Press Esc to cancel. Rayland saw Mac perform at a festival years ago and fell in love with his songs.

As time passed, Baxter became more enchanted by Miller; by his lyrics, his musicality and most of all, his approach to and through life. Rayland will be touring North America and European festivals extensively this summer and fall.

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Yanya is fresh off a Turkish, U. Her ambitious and compelling debut album Miss Universe arrived in March packed with stellar singles and powerful songwriting and has seen widespread acclaim from publications including NPR First Listen and Pitchfork who awarded the album Best New Music. Inventive, expressive and rapturous, the album has seen Yanya deservedly hailed as a true original and a vitally important new voice in indie-rock. Listening back now, these recordings of these songs seem to share the same North Hills DNA as the original 11 and it feels good to get them out into the world.

A portion of proceeds will go to Silverlake Conservatory of Music, facilitating dynamic music education across communities and providing scholarships to children whose families would otherwise be unable to afford lessons.

Mac Miller - Black Bush

BD: I just started listening to that Black Pumas record because I love the record cover and I was seeing it everywhere. Howard, who makes a cameo appearance. Marking her first-ever appearance in a music video, Brittany can also be spotted in the clip. We see his inner beauty, grace and humanity in a place that is so often misunderstood.

And she poured her heart out in this letter. People think that touring in a band is super-fun, and it can be, but nothing about it is normal. See below for full itinerary or visit www.

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With their intimate storytelling and restless intensity, Natalie Schepman and her sisters Allison and Meegan Closner detail that journey in songs that careen and sprawl and often soar, ultimately spinning a narrative of life-changing transformation. In the making of Good Luck, Kid Joseph pushed beyond the dreamy folk of their debut album, embracing a grittier, more dynamic sound. See below for a full list of dates.

The planet is in trouble. Dire trouble. How metal is it?

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