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Furthermore, Odin is 'leaked software' that is not officially supported by Samsung, freely available, or well understood by the community at large.

Mac OS - JOdin3 ( Odin Versi Mac OS )

No matter which method you chose, flashing firmware onto your device has potential for disaster. We test Heimdall with a variety of devices by flashing each one with several different versions of appropriate firmware. As such we believe that Heimdall is extremely reliable for the devices that we have tested.

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However keep in mind, just like any firmware flashing software, Heimdall has the potential to brick your device if not used correctly. Besides the inherent risks like power outs, accidental removal of the USB cable and the fact that some of Samsung's devices appear to be running somewhat unreliable USB control software; the most common cause is actually a bad USB hub i.

A failed flash will typically result in a state that is known as a 'soft brick' and is totally recoverable, often by simply trying again.

Using Odin in Mac OSX with Windows as VirtualBox's Guest OS

Users have reported success with a wide variety of Samsung's mobile phones and tablets from all around the world. However, we officially test on the following devices:.

Odin v3.13.1 for Samsung Phones – Details

The latest release can be downloaded below. Users of other platforms will need to compile from source, or get a hold of third-party binary distribution. No, but we will very gladly accept donations.

If you appreciate our work and would like to support future development please make a donation here. Odin Samsung latest version with brand new UI, improvements and minor bug fixes. You can download all versions of Odin3 for PC Old as well as the latest version of Odin3 using the links given below.

We have archived all versions of Odin3 for a reason. Thanks to developers, Samsung flashing tool, Jodin3 is now available for Mac and Linux users.


You can use the following tools for flashing stock firmware, CF-Root package and other. Yes, you heard it right! All you have to do is download the stock firmware, copy to SD card and flash it on your device using the app.