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In Windows, the current working directory '. In other words, the current working directory is searched first, before searching the other entries specified in PATH , in a the order specified. DO NOT remove any existing entry; otherwise, some programs may not run. When you launch an executable program with file permission of executable in a Bash shell, the system searches the program in ALL the directories listed in the PATH.

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If the program cannot be found, you will get the following error:. To add a directory e. As a result, you have to enter ". It is recommended to include the current directory in the PATH by adding this line at the end of the. For ease of distribution, Java classes are often archived zipped together into a so-called JAR file.

Java Compiler " javac " , Java Runtime " java " and other Java tools searches for classes used in your program in this order:.

Managing the Java classpath (UNIX and Mac OS X)

If the Java Runtime " java " cannot find the classes used in your program in all the above places, it will issue error "Could not find or load main class xxxx" JDK 1. Similarly, Java Compiler " javac " will issue compilation errors such as "cannot find symbol", "package does not exist".

Notes : External native libraries ". Otherwise, you will get a runtime error " java. UnsatisfiedLinkError: no xxx in java. Otherwise, the current directory will not be searched.

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The current directory is therefore not searched, which results in "Error: Could not find or load main class Hello". Path entries are separated by semi-colon ;.

Read the above section on how to set or change environment variable in Windows, Mac and Unixes. What are Environment Variables? OS : the operating system. SystemRoot : the system root directory. PATH : stores a list of directories for searching executable programs. In short: PATH : maintains a list of directories. Under bash shell: To list all the environment variables, use the command " env " or " printenv ".

Java and the Mac OS X Terminal

You could use " set " to list all the variables, including all local variables. Enclosed the value with double quotes if it contains spaces. HelloWorld specified in class Main-Class with the arguments. The user cannot replace this class name using the invocation java -jar.

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Class-Path describes the location of supportLib. Neither absolute file path, which is permitted in -classpath parameter on the command line, nor jar-internal paths are supported.

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Being closely associated with the file system, the command-line Classpath syntax depends on the operating system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the argument on the command line of Java programs. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

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