These tools work on smart algorithms to help you find and delete all image file format files efficiently. This smart solution works on advanced algorithms where it scans even the remotest corners of your device to find and delete all duplicate image files. Its matching algorithms allow you to set the matching level to find similar and exact looking files. Use this tool for quickest, easiest and safest cleaning of your photo library.

Know more about this tool. Duplicate works on smart scan engines to deep clean your system and de-duplicate your photo collection. Here, it scans every single folder on your Mac, hard drive space and entire network to help you find and clean all identical files. During the scan process, it will investigate all your files on different factors and help you get instant and accurate results. Its innovative algorithms could help you clean your drive space to recover lots of valuable disk space. You can use this smart duplicate image finder tool to reduce file search time and boost your system performance.

Know more about this content. Duplicate Photo Cleaner offers easy and effective de-duplication option to help you clean your photo library in a jiffy. During the scan process, it scans, detects and removes duplicate photos just like humans do. Here, it identifies all similarities between the photos based on same name, same subject and same content.

It also helps you find those identical image files that are resized or edited in other ways. You can use this nifty tool both on Windows and Mac. It works on smart techniques to scan, detect and remove all types of junk files including duplicates in an accurate manner. During the scan process, it will scan your complete drive space to recover valuable disk space. Here, it will search for duplicates based on same name and same content to deliver better results. After scanning your device space deeply, it allows you to sort identical files based on file types for easy viewing and management.

It helps you recover GBs of valuable disk space and boost device performance. During the scan process, it will scan files based on the same size, same name, type, count and keywords. For better results, it compares files based on content. In other features, it offers smart select, powerful search engines, exclude list, quick search and more.

This smart solution supports macOS Sierra as well.

Photosweeper 3 review: Sorts out the image duplicates in your Mac’s media libraries and folders

Click Delete to get rid of them. Easy Duplicate Finder is a powerful duplicate image finder for Mac to find and remove duplicate files such as photos, documents, audios, videos, and more. Just drag and drop folders into the program window and start the scan. The duplicate photo finder for Mac will scan multiple sources, folders and devices in order to find duplicate photos on Mac. It helps you free up space on your Mac and hence helps improve the overall performance of your Mac. When it finishes scanning, it will tell you about the amount of files scanned and duplicates found as well as the storage space that will be freed up.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is designed to find duplicate and similar photos on macOS. By looking for similarities in different photos and images, it can locate duplicates quickly. It is easy to use with a simple and modern interface and provides two scan modes to find duplicate photos on Mac.

The interface is simple and very easy to understand, which helps make it one of the best duplicate photo finder tools for Mac.


You can add folders to scan for duplicates by dragging and dropping or by clicking the Add Folders button. Before scanning, you can exclude file formats, specify file size and adjust the similarity rate. This tool can find duplicate as well as similar photos on Mac. In addition to allowing users to find duplicates in Photos or iPhoto library, it also supports external storage devices. PhotoSweeper moves duplicate photos to the Trash where you can permanently delete or restore them. There are to ways to add folders for scanning.

‎Photos Duplicate Cleaner on the Mac App Store

The scanning is a bit slow when compared with other best duplicate photos for Mac. Click Compare , and the What to Find dialog box will appear, providing a number of settings and options. Under Duplicate Files , you can adjust how this tool matches filename. Under Similar Photos , you can customize Matching Level and select comparison mode. You can use this duplicate photo finder for Mac to easily find duplicate pictures in folders and Photos iPhone app on your Mac. In addition, it also has the ability to detect images that are almost identical. It also supports other platforms including Windows.

The interface is loaded with settings and options, which seems a bit overwhelming for new users. By default, this duplicate photo finder will look for similar photos in the chosen folders on your Mac. If you only need to find files that are exactly the same, then go to the upper right corner and select the option Exact Match. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro excels at detecting the similarity between images. Also, it scans fast. The Preview window is too small for you to see the details of a photo. Despite this drawback, its fast scanning and great ability to find identical images still make it one of the best duplicate photo finder tools.

Photos Duplicate Cleaner a free-to-use duplicate photo finder Mac users can install and use. It helps you effectively manage and organize the photo collection on your Mac by finding duplicate photos and removing them safely in a few clicks.

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This duplicate photo finder for macOS scans for duplicate photos from a selected drive or folder on your Mac. It will delete all duplicate copies while keeping the original one. The process to scan and compare photos will be very slow if there are a lot of photos in the selected folders. Please be patient in a case like this. Once the process is finished, you can preview and remove duplicates as you wish. If the preview feature isn't useful enough to you, you can right-click a photo and click Open to open it in Preview.

It is one of the best known duplicate file finders ever.

It can scan either file names or contents. The filename scanning mode uses a fuzzy matching algorithm that can find duplicate file names even when they are not exactly the same. This duplicate photo finder for Mac offers a free version, allowing users to delete 10 duplicates in one time. If you want to delete all duplicate photos and other duplicates in one click, you have to buy one license. Note: dupeGuru is currently discontinued and not maintained.

If you still want to use it, you can download the software from its official website or Github. This article lists the top 7 duplicate photo finders Mac users can choose from. They can help you remove the necessary copies of the same photos. Some of them can even find similar images with customizable similarity measure.

Remove Duplicate Photos in Photos for Mac

Give the best duplicate photo finder a try, delete the duplicate photos on your Mac with ease, and make more room for your new pictures! Which duplicate picture finder you are using on Mac? The best data recovery software to recover deleted, formatted, or lost data from your Mac, laptop, SD card or removable devices. Nowadays, the best of us have the habits of taking many photos to remind us of impressive moments. You may have stored many beautiful or funny pictures on SD card, but you mistakenly deleted them one day. Well, don't be panic! Do you really know what is iPhoto Library Manager?

What you can do with the help of iPhoto Library Manger? Is it safe for you to use? Here is the complete guide on using iPhoto Library Manager for Mac users. Hi, valentine, some of these duplicate photo finders listed in this article are not free, you need to buy a license before deleting.

Part 1. Why We Should Remove Duplicate Photos?

Free trial version only allows you to find duplicates. Hey, Rosa Reyes! Nice name, where are you from? I am Venezuelan. Most apps did not help me, but the free one kind of did. It is nice to find such in-depth review of these apps, because right now I have a 10,items Finder Folder, and I am pretty sure every two of them are duplicates. I tried these duplicate photo cleaner, but one of them couldn't help me find duplicates. They really worked, thanks. Manually finding all duplicate photos costs me much time, but a duplicate photo cleaner makes it very easy, thank all software developers!

Hi, Isaiah, Cisdem DuplicateFinder can find and remove duplicate files from virtually any storage devices like internal Mac hard drives, external hard drives, cameras, iPods, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc. I've tried a lot of duplicate photo finders over the years, but i never found a perfect duplicate photo finder which could satisfy all my needs, but i will keep trying. Thanks for sharing these duplicate photo cleaner for me to try.

Excellent, I tried all the duplicate photo cleaner, but Cisdem Duplicate Finder worked best, I would buy it because I can use it to find and remove all duplicate files including photos, thanks. All rights reserved. Privacy Sitemap. To find duplicates in Photos, just add the library folder. Step 2 Preview After scanning finishes, go to the Images tab where you can find all the duplicates pictures. Step 3 Delete with one click This duplicate photo finder will automatically select the duplicate copies of the same pictures for you to delete.

Before scanning Customize settings. Duplicate photos Preview and remove. Similar photos Preview and remove. Pros Supports pictures, videos and music Filters for file size and extension Multiple scanning modes and sorting options Can find a large number of duplicates Easy to use.

Pros Simple, easy to use interface Can find both duplicate and similar photos Supports various image formats Multiple removal options. Cons Has problems scanning a whole hard drive A bit costly. Pros Supports photos and videos Compatible with Photos, iPhoto, etc. Supports external storage devices. Cons Requires learning curve to utilize its features.