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Customer satisfaction is our number one priority here at Plugable Technologies. We are committed to providing a better customer experience, which means we do not offer phone support as this would ensure a typical phone support experience with long hold times, low paid staff, and call-center metrics to get you off the phone as soon as possible. Focusing on email and forum support allows quick exchange of links, log files, and other technical details that simply cannot be sent over a phone. However we want to do a release soon.

So I propose to you that you do a pr. We select all the safe commits and merge them. The other will be merged later.

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It will reduce the maintenance burden on your side. FWIW I merged my branch. I wouldn't be surprised if it has anomalies. Seriously, could people understand that a complex port must be done step by step. None of intermediate step will be the final port. So we don't care about others emulator. As a side note, I think that recompiler's issues are linked with the OSx abi.

I have some code to factorize stack frame creation so it would be easier to fix all recompilers in one shot. Has any progress been made on this since late ? I'm running macOS I'm still willing to help you guys get this working with modern code on macOS as a build tester ofc, since I can't code for beans. I'd like to record some gameplay for a YouTube channel I have, but running v1. Even if you are abke to compile it that doesn't mean you can run it. Even if you can compile and run it that doesn't mean that you can run it with the target framerate.

First pcsx2 needs to be ported to x64 which is IIRC already done or rather easy to achieve for the interpreter and gsdx software mode. The recompilers however seem to be much harder. When the recompiler and gsdx hw mode are ported to x64 one can consider to port it to mac and I guess it would be rather easy. Well I've not given up hope. I guess I'll wait it out and see what happens.

OpenGL is deprecated but is not taken out of macOS yet. Future progress on Apple platforms involves bit JIT which I doubt will get finished soon and Metal which can be solved with MoltenVK if a Vulkan renderer get implemented, which I doubt will get finished soon. Good news: Linux runs on the newest Macs with T2 chip just fine; you just need to use an external HDD since the T2 chip does not allow internal disk access on unsigned OS.

Your best experience for intensive workloads is on Linux, since it has better graphics drivers and does not use up CPU time when temperature rises above a threshold. Now that the next version of macOS is dropping 32 bit apps, it seems pretty apparent that this is no longer going to be able to be ran on macOS at all even in Wine. Is there any progress on a macOS port? Is there anything that I could do to help make it possible?

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Well, unless you can port the Linux-specific functions to Mach-specific functions. Even if you did that, the recompiler is still bit, and a bit port of the recompiler won't be happening for a while. On Linux, what I would usually do to compile pcsx2 as 64 bit would be: sh build. Having any of those settings on a recompiler will crash a 64 bit build. On a Mac, I imagine getting it to compile that far, even, will be a challenge, though. Is there anybody currently working on the bit port? What needs to be done?

I am all in to help make it possible. Thanks for the advice. I think I will start by getting it to compile for linux before trying it on macOS.

[APP] JLOJCH v3: Official List of Games Compatible with OPL, HDL, USB, ESR, PCSX2 by Tapia

However, getting a bit recompiler to work requires knowledge of AMD64, r, and r assembly. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Sign up. New issue. Copy link Quote reply. Hey guys, this is just some exploratory thinking I'm doing but: Seeing as PCSX2 supports both Linux and Windows and is as far as I can see based mostly on cross-platform libs. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Don't you have fat binary on osx which support both x86 and x So you can't use the same trick as on linux: Build on a bit linux system Run on a bit linux system with multi-arch This doesn't work for modern OSX. So the options for a native build are: Build on older, bit OSX versions.

Make sure everything builds as bit. Split out the bit specific parts recompiler et al. I've probably missed something I'm not really sure what would be most feasible between the last two. What is the issue compiling 32bits code? Indeed, is that not sufficient for PCSX2?

What kind of GL version do gdsx-gl or zzogl expect? Yes, for uniforms that was already possible on OSX Single uniform need 4.

Ps2 emulator for mac 10.9.5

And Those extensions are only useful to make the code faster and cleaner. I clearly said that it would work. You did indeed, I should've said "was worried" instead of "am worried". It causes random runtime pagefaults and GSdx cannot even execute properly. Any help on this topic really much appreciated.