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Would someone please make a small tutorial of this. An example, for instance. For example, what is the "sharename.

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And if it works with PCs too. We've tried to share files on my cousin's PC and no luck so far. Haven't tried this hint yet. If the share isn't appearing on your desktop, use the Go to folder The only time you should ever need to manually mount a share is if the share name has a space in it, or you need to specify some really weird SMB options, which in most cases, nobody would need to do. I imagine this would happen for every user, though, which may not be a good thing.

Likewise, if the volume is not available, it may not be to graceful when it tries to mount.

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I'll have to look into this, because my 60GB iMac drive is getting kinda full, and my Windoze-box is near emtpy -- plenty of extra storage there! Wouldn't this hint make it easy to create an applescript of some sort that would automatically mount the same share every time. This could be faster than having to use the Go menu. I wish mounting shared volumes worked like iDisk Sometimes I find it faster to copy files through the command line to windows shares.

So, if I'm there, I mount the share that way. I've set up my linux box as a samba server on a wireless network and it works beautifully as a file server to my partner's Windows laptop and my OS X iBook, but only my partner's machine can see and print to the printer via samba that is attached to the linux box.

The ignominy! Anyone have a solution to this? I've searched the net and Google Groups far and wide I realize "whatnot" covers a lot of ground, but on any other version of Unix, you can mount a share anywhere you want and unmount it at will. In OS X, you get a cute icon on the desktop if you do a "normal" mount,.

Permissions has nothing to do with it and remounting the share on a different mount point should not suddenly allow the original mount to go away, especially since there is an "in use" error message, but it still unmounts, hence the bug. Applescript can also be used to very easily mount SMB shares. You can either put the applescript icon on your desktop for double-click access, or you can put it in your login items.

The exact applescript is as follows simple! This tip deserves to be on the main page. Schooled by both dwarne and monkeyvoodoo on the same tip!

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  • Thanks though. This applescript rocks! I just updated to OSX Usually when I reboot my computer, I run the following in a script to mount my network drives:. This has always worked. However after updating to OSX Just in case anyone else stumbles over this question and needs a solution, in OS X Learn more about Teams.

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      Samba: share Linux Folders with your windows machines

      I had them do the following: —— 1. Log into the Mac with your account login and password. You should be prompted for your account password.

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      The SMB share should mount and you should be able to access it via the sharename directory. To unmount the server share from using the command line in OS X: 1. Like this: Like Loading Comments 7 Leave a comment. Your information about correct syntax after Thanks a lot!