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It turns out, the opposite is true. The enclosure was divided into four separate thermal zones, and those fans did their job. The case was made entirely out of aluminum, immediately making the G4s look small and outdated.

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Apple retained the handles at the top and bottom of the case, but they were noticeably less comfortable to use than the curved plastic ones on the G4. Like the Power Macs from the previous several years, the side of the G5 opened to reveal its internal components. In June , Apple gave the G5 a speed bump, with a dual 2. Even now, 14 years later, this still blows my mind.

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Apple did all it could to hide the intricacies of the radiator and hose system behind nicely-designed metal panels:. Note that not all G5s were liquid cooled after it was introduced. Apple only used this technology when it was needed, and only three SKUs came with a radiator:. Unfortunately, the first two liquid-cooled models were prone to leaks, which could lead to power supply, CPU and motherboard damage.

Apple never issued a specific repair bulletin about these issues, but by the time I was a Mac Genius in or so, leaky G5s were taken very seriously. That antifreeze-colored hiccup aside, the PowerMac G5 saw modest improvements during its lifetime, but the last one is worth mentioning. This was a beast of a machine, and was noticeably faster at multi-threaded tasks than its siblings. These machines sported massive power supplies and the oddball IEC C19 power connector instead of the standard one still found on things like the iMac today. However, he was quick to point out that their partner had faired better in this regard than Intel.

At the heart of the problem was the power required by the G5 chip and the heat it generated. This was widely poked fun of by Apple fans. Forum posts were often accompanied by this image:. This problem was heavily stressed when Apple introduced the switch to Intel processors, and again when the first MacBook Pro was announced. Simply put, there was no way that the G5 could be squeezed into such a small portable device. When buying a Rev.

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When it comes to SSDs, data is managed differently than on a hard drive. When you write data to a hard drive, it is free to write over any unused sector on the hard drive. There is no need to wipe the old data; the new data simply overwrites it. But SSDs manage data differently, using pages and blocks sets of pages. When writing data to an SSD, you can write to any unused page, but you cannot write to a used page until it has been erased — and that only happens at the block level.

When the operating system attempts to write to an invalid free but not yet erased page, the SSD rewrites all of the valid pages in that block to a new block, adds the new data to empty pages in that block, and marks the entire original block for erasure. Garbage collection is the process of zeroing out the block that is no longer being used, which is sometimes handled in the background by the SSD itself.

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  • In the best case, the SSD will do all of the zeroing in the background when it is not otherwise busy writing data. Mac OS X This helps reduce the number of erase cycles, which are limited for solid state memory, and provides for more efficient data writes and less moving data from one page to another. But if you want to, SandForce will let you.

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    SandForce began as its own company in , was acquired by LSI in , and has been part of Seagate since First generation SandForce controllers are not fully compliant with the SATA specification and are incompatible with the Intel Haswell processors used in some and all Macs. The Quicksilver and Quicksilver used the same modules. The FireWire model uses PC memory in its 1. With the Power Mac G5, Apple greatly simplified things. The 1.

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    All of the other pre-dual-core models use PC memory, making it easy to mix and match memory modules among machines. Except for the 1. A couple weeks ago I picked up 12 used Power Mac G5s for free, and I already had five at home, including one dual-core machine. One of these has no power supply I bought a single CPU model for less than a used power supply for my dual processor G5 would have cost me.

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    But except for the three 1. Further, I can readily swap drives and video cards, giving the fastest machines better configurations. In my book, the fastest machines should have the most RAM, and I now have two 2.


    I have four 2. Again the newer machines will have more RAM installed than the older ones, probably 2. One 7,3 will have a Radeon , the other a Pro, and one of the 7,2 machines will also have a Pro. The other will have one of four GeForce FX video cards.

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    That takes care of 6 Power Macs. I have two 1. All of these will have GeForce cards, leaving me with three 1. Or, more likely, I will ignore the 1.