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Dragon claims the speech recognition is faster in v3, and it seems to be, but it's not a dramatic difference.

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As you dictate, your words appear on screen just a couple of seconds after you say them. One thing that is definitely improved is accuracy. Although I was always impressed with the program's ability to understand words I did not expect it to get right, accuracy has been improved. I'm doing a lot fewer edits of spoken text, although that can be done by voice too.

Dragon Dictate Mac 3 Review – Voice Recognition Australia

You don't need to use your mouse. This latest version also supports wideband Bluetooth, so if you have a supported wireless headset, you're going to get good quality and recognition that way.

The help files are excellent. It's easy to find a command if you get stuck, and there are interactive tutorials as well. One of the newest and most intriguing features of Dragon Dictate 3 is the ability to transcribe an audio file. I was quite skeptical that this would work, so I tried an old MP3 file that was an interview I did for a book I wrote. At the time, I had to pay someone to transcribe all my interviews and it wasn't cheap.

You select transcription from the Dragon menu and point to the file. The software takes in about 20 seconds of audio and shows you the results. You can confirm the text or make corrections. The transcript was really quite solid, just needing some formatting for paragraphs and fixing a few misinterpreted words. That was very surprising.

Review: Dragon Dictate 3 sharpens speech recognition, learns transcription

I recorded the interview with the subject several feet away from my digital recorder. It really is an astounding result, and if I had this software back when I was writing the book it would have saved me hundreds of dollars in transcription fees. If you want to use your iPhone as a live mic, the Dragon Microphone app free will do that for you. Dragon Dictate 3 is a solid and impressive update. I used iListen. I used ViaVoice. I used Macspeech Dictate.

So you could call me pretty fanatical. I think Dragon dictate version 3 was pretty good.

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It has fantastic quality, is very comfortable, and has good noise rejection. Name required. Dragon Dictate then interprets the text and places it in a new Notepad document. Subsequently, when you transcribe text, there will be no initial training and calibration. The transcription feature has a few caveats. When using transcription, you cannot make corrections as you go, so a bit of post-editing is required on the texts.

However, while on the road, this is an excellent way to take notes and transcribe them when you get back to your desk.

Differences in the software

You need to use the standard Dragon Dictate commands for punctuation and new paragraphs; otherwise you will have run-on sentences. If you wish to use a digital recorder, Dragon Dictate 3 can recognize a number of audio file formats:.

Nuance Announces Update to its Dragon Dictate Voice Recognition Software

However, it does not support. Some recorders support only.

The standard 2GB digital recorder still holds about 3 hours of recording in. There are still glitches when editing and correcting, notably with edited texts having capitalized words where none are intended.