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It is published by Future plc , and has been since The main content of this magazine includes news from major Apple events such as the WWDC or the Macworld Expo, features, detailed tutorials and reviews of the latest accessories and apps. Until , the magazine included a free cover disc filled with Mac software mentioned in the magazine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Age Rating You must be at least 17 years old to download this application. March - Ron Garret writes:.

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My spam problem is I almost dare not say this for fear of tempting fate effectively solved. March - The Entourage Help Blog :. The Entourage Junk Mail Filter does not learn. It is periodically updated and has worked well for me over the years. However lately, I was getting hit ever day with the same spam in my Inbox. Trying to catch this with a rule proved fruitless so I decided to install SpamSieve that does learn. Now, no more spam in my Inbox. January - Macworld recommends SpamSieve as an alternative to challenge-response.

Even though all my email accounts are filtered by my service providers and Apple Mail has decent filtering too, I still use SpamSieve to catch those last stragglers. June - Macworld :. May - NoodleMac does a short review of SpamSieve:. Best Mac spam filter gets better with age. If email spam bothers you, get SpamSieve.

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SpamSieve is still by far my favorite. May - Wil Wheaton uses SpamSieve. April - TechRadar prefers SpamSieve. April - Macworld recommends SpamSieve to Thunderbird users.

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Setting up SpamSieve is download, open, drag and drop to install. October - MacBites reviews SpamSieve:. I had a go with just the junk mail filtering that was in Apple Mail. It was making mistakes, both positive and negative. It learns.

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October - Rubin Recommends recommends SpamSieve:. It is another application we would not want to live without. Our favorite replacement is SpamSieve. We have been trying a number of spam-filtering techniques here at Karelia, and nothing has even come close to this gem. Tightly integrated with GyazMail and other clients , SpamSieve does a bang up job of dealing with those little blue pill emails and overseas lottery notifications. July - Issue 34 of MacGuide p. Well [spam] was a curse for me. I have had SpamSieve running for several weeks.

My email life is once again constructive, efficient and fun. Praise be! The name SpamSieve should be on the lips of any Mac user serious about ridding his or her computer of junk mail. April - Christopher Breen reviews SpamSieve 2. SpamSieve 2. It earns this high regard for a variety of reasons, not least of which are its accuracy and ease of use. April - Ian Betteridge reviews SpamSieve 2. Thunderbird alone spotted 86 spam emails, with no false positives.

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Thunderbird with SpamSieve, though, managed to spot every single spam email, with no false positives at all. It has been more than 99 percent accurate in my tests and offers numerous ways to customize and improve its results. What I needed was some kind of super junk e-mail filter that would somehow know what was bad and good. Now I have my computer back. SpamSieve is the best spam filter for the Mac.

Spam is an unfortunate fact of life…or is it? No mac should be without this! Why bother buying an extra application when Mail and Entourage have their own built-in spam filtering features? Simple: Because SpamSieve does a better job. If you get lots of email messages, and lots of spam along with them, SpamSieve is a must have application. Once or twice a day, I take a look at my Junk Mail folder and literally grin with glee.

There they are, all together, stewing in their own sleazy juices: all the ads for Viagra and Cialis; all the stupid phony phishing e-mails from eBay, PayPal and Chase Bank; all the foreign-language spam; all the messages that contain nothing but a big pasted graphic ad for pills; and on and on.

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Now THAT is a great feature. What SpamSieve does is identify spam in your email, and it does so with accuracy that approaches perfection. My results with 2. SpamSieve went from great to really great. Compatible with virtually every e-mail client running on Mac OS X, it totally deserves its reputation as being the best anti-spam tool available on my platform of choice.

Highly, highly recommended. If you like Mail. The easiest, most effective Bayesian filter is SpamSieve. SpamSieve is also safe—in the 11, messages SpamSieve has filtered for me, it has only once incorrectly identified a legitimate message as spam. We raised a glass to US software developer Michael Tsai, the man behind SpamSieve, a program that has changed our office life and promises to restore our sanity.

SpamSieve Press This page lists some of the significant SpamSieve reviews and recommendations in the press. July - Gizmodo recommends SpamSieve: [SpamSieve] comes highly recommended and seems to do an excellent job of keeping spam messages out of your inbox. June - EntreArchitect recommends SpamSieve: After a recommendation from my friend Neal Pann over at Apple for Architects , I added SpamSieve to my inbox and now find only a dozen or so critical messages in my inbox each day. June - cuk. SpamSieve costs thirty bucks but it is the best thirty bucks you will ever spend.

September - Mac reviews SpamSieve: Your mileage may vary, of course, but my success rate is right around percent and false positives for the past year can be counted on my fingers. May - John Siracusa on Mac Power Users podcast 87 says audio starting at : The Gmail spam filtering is vastly inferior to SpamSieve, which is what I use locally to filter my mail.

February - Cult of Mac includes SpamSieve in its list of 50 Mac Essentials : If you use Mail, you probably know it has its own spam-zapping feature, which is pretty good, but a long way from perfect. May - The Mac Power Users Podcast recommends SpamSieve audio starting at : I have yet to find a single person who has download the trial who has not turned around and bought the program. March - The Seattle Times recommends SpamSieve: What I needed was some kind of super junk e-mail filter that would somehow know what was bad and good.

May -. May - About.

June - J. Some are better than others but almost all can be improved upon. After a bit of training, false positives and negatives tend to go away, leaving you with an inbox untained by herbal Viagra and requests to confirm your Bank of Washington security settings. Better still, it gives junk filtering abilities to email programs that never had the ability to spot junk mail.

SpamSieve will pay for itself within a month by freeing you from worrying about whether or not your junk mail filter s caught anything important. Unreal accuracy and it keeps getting better. Really great. November - macHOME p.