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Logical Volume on disk0s2. Unlocked Encrypted. Passphrase Required. Accepts New Users. Has Visible Users. Has Volume Key. I am having the same trouble I checked the drive on a pc and was able to get in there and look at the files and media. Same here. Tried it on mac running el Capitan and it works just fine. What should i do? I cant do anything on my mac without my hdd If you need to use a drive for both kinds of computers, then leave it formatted for Windows. I did this and i am now able to put movies on it but it also deleted everything else i previously had on the hard drive.

Show 7 more comments. If the drive is only for data, it doesn't matter which you use. Sure you can do a simple reformat for Mac on top of MBR partitions, but then if you try to use the drive for Time Machine I seem to remember it will want to reformat it again. TM will format the drive, including the partition, properly. But then you can't use it with a Windows computer. I believe that's read-only on a Mac.

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I just got a hard drive with data on it. I work on a Mac computer. Do you know if there is a way I can change the settings without erasing the footage? If you need to have the drive be able to be cross platform you need to get a drive utility that will allow you to format the drive in FAT32 without the MSFT issued limit of 32GB. You will loose some performance, but if you need to have MAC and PC read and write to the drive then its what you have to do.

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You will also loose the ability to use the drive as a Time Machine backup. Some food for thought. You may be a mac only guy and not need this but i thought that this might help someone that is in a similar situation. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Mitra Cline Rep: 12 10 2. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

What Does It Mean When a Hard Drive Is Locked on Your Mac?

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Apr 18, PM in response to dianeoforegon In response to dianeoforegon By the look of the screen a repair has been tried and has failed. Apr 19, PM in response to dianeoforegon In response to dianeoforegon I verified the disk again today and this time I got. Apr 19, PM in response to Csound1 In response to Csound1 I honestly don't remember, but it worked fine for almost a year and then when I pulled it out to add more files this happened.

To find out what processes keep files open on the Volume, use the Terminal command.

Time Machine on drive will not unmount