RAID 1 is one of the many RAID levels supported by OS X and Disk Utility

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The total capacity of the RAID 1 mirror set you create is equal to the smallest member of the set, minus some overhead for the RAID boot files and data structure. As a result, you can use them as startup volumes, data volumes, or backup volumes. Drives added after a RAID array is created are known as hot spares. At that point, the RAID array automatically uses a hot spare as a replacement for the failed hard drive and automatically starts a rebuilding process to convert the hot spare to an active member of the array.

When you add a hot spare, the hard drive must be equal to or larger than the smallest member of the RAID 1 mirror set. When this occurs, the rebuilding process begins, assuming you selected the automatic rebuild option during the RAID 1 mirror set creation process. During the rebuilding process, the out-of-sync disk has data restored to it from the remaining members of the set. The rebuilding process takes time. While you can continue to use your Mac normally during the rebuild, you should not sleep or shut down the Mac during the process. Rebuilding can occur for reasons beyond a hard drive failure.

Some common events that trigger a rebuild are an OS X crash, a power failure, or improperly turning off your Mac. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About.

Mac OS X Lion Server For Dummies

He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. OS X Disk Utility , which is included with OS X. Two or more hard drives.

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The process of creating RAID 1 mirrored sets erases all the data on the hard drives. Using hard drives that are the same make and model is recommended, but this is not a requirement. One or more drive enclosures. Mac Pro users may have internal drive bays available. Euron would love it!

NOTE: This article is 3 years or older so its information may no longer be relevant. Read on at your own discretion! Comments for this article have automatically been locked, refer to the FAQ for more details. This worked great for me, but I've been thinking more and more that for my purposes, I did not need a RAID-1 array, what I needed was a separate, stand-alone offline mirror of my drives.

I've already done my 'work' and 'backup' RAID sets, the last and the largest was the 'data' set.

Creating highly-redundant, low-cost Mac servers with Lion Server and Mac minis

In Disk Utility , this is what it looked like. That same simplified setup also works well for classrooms or departments that are part of a larger network infrastructure. Apple makes it easy for a server to join an existing Active Directory domain or forest or some other LDAP-based directory system. In this instance, all services are provided by the Mac server but rely on existing user accounts stored in the organization's infrastructure.

Building that ease of use into Lion itself is going to be a huge boon to any small office or department that wants to run its own server without making demands on the main IT department.

Setup a RAID 0 on a Mac Mini Server - Apple MacOS - Neowin

With no extra costs and the ability to set up core services on an existing Mac, small businesses, home offices and individual schools can all get their basic networking needs met virtually for free. In addition to basic services, Lion Server will also include new iOS-specific features. Based on information from Apple, Profile Manager appears to be a Web-based tool that builds on the existing iPhone Configuration Utility. This means anyone with Lion Server should be able to build configuration profiles that can be used to secure iOS devices, pre-configure features and settings, and potentially pre-install apps.

Apple indicates that Profile Manager will be able to push settings and configurations to managed devices over the air something sadly lacking in the iPhone Configuration Utility. This could easily put Lion Server in the running with third-party management tools for iOS devices.

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  • Whether Lion Server will be on par with those products isn't clear. Even if it supports full over-the-air device management, it may not provide the same level of device monitoring as existing management consoles. And it's important to note that most mobile device management vendors support multiple mobile platforms, not just iOS. As a result, Profile Manager probably won't be an option for enterprise environments.

    Mac Mini Server - UP. Recommendations on RAID?

    This could be a big deal, because right now there is no centralized file-sharing tool for iOS. Apple's primary method is to rely on iTunes syncing, which is clunky at best. The company does offer an app that pairs with the iDisk feature of Mobile Me, but it has severe limitations and is really only useful for copying files to an iPad or iPhone. The best existing options are third-party services like Dropbox, though again there are limitations because iOS lacks a user-accessible file system.

    Mac mini Server - i7/8GB/256GB_SSD

    Apple's file-sharing system will be based on WebDAV in Lion Server and will allow users to natively access and share documents from the company's iWork apps. While this will boost the usability of iWork, it's hard to say whether Lion Server plus iWork on the iPad will be a broad solution. It has the most potential for the small-business market that Apple appears to be targeting, along with home users who want a simple way to share files between a Mac and an iPad.

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    • Apple's answer to file sharing will have to compete against third-party apps and services that are already available and may provide a smoother overall workflow.