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So start with this command to get started editing replace nano with the editor of your choice, if you have another preference :. And search for the string php5. If you are using nano, look for the key-combo that enables searching; if you are up on vim or emacs, use their search function.

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If you will recall from last time, we restart Apache with this command:. Now PHP should be up and running!

How to activate Apache on Mac Lion - tutorial

The file just needs these few lines:. You can call the file whatever you like, as long as it ends with the extension. I would suggest info.

Activating the PHP module

This also confirms that PHP is up and running successfully. Thx to all. I definitely think all above or below comments are out of place. This is the best post I have ever read because it works perfectly. I have only skipped step 8 since in my machine works perfectly with localhost instead of It took me just five minutes to get it working with this tutorial. Thanks a lot you really make it so easy.

Setting up a local web server on OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion"

How could I make such a silly mistake any way now the problem is solved and all credit goes to you man. Your email address will not be published. Way to find a workaround, though. Thanks everyone.

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What should I see? OSX Two issues: 1 I had this alias, and could see the login page… but got a server error when logging in… I had to actually COPY this directory to my docroot. Hey I had some problems with this and this is my explanation and what I did… What was happening for me was the default folder OSX Lion is running cannot see the phpMyAdmin folder. Let me just mention … if..

I get this error… Failed to read configuration fileThis usually means there is a syntax error in it, please check any errors shown below. I get: Cannot log in to the MySQL server followed by: Failed to read configuration fileThis usually means there is a syntax error in it, please check any errors shown below.

Configuring a local Apache server under OS X (Lion)

Same result. Great tutorial!!! It works right away in my Mac with osx Lion. However sometimes you need to configure these with different port numbers and this can lead to issues and there is the question of vendor support and application versions. So now onto the 2nd piece of the puzzle, MySQL. The easiest format is the.

How to Setup a Web Server in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

The first command brings you to your home directory and opens the. Last thing to do here is to reload the shell for the above to work straight away. The next step is to set up a root password for mysql there are 2 ways to do this one is a regular way and the other provides additional security and disables all other access:.