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Avaya one-X® Communicator Release 6.2 Service Pack 14

Combination of cutting-edge voice and data technology [2 up to about 3. Modern enterprise solution for voice and data technology [ up to about 3, subscribers].

  1. Avaya Equinox™ for MacOS 3.3.3(SP3).
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Scalable system setup for the most complex communication requirements [ to about , subscribers]. Communication systems with infinite possibilities for medium to large enterprises [50 to about , subscribers]. Smart communication solution for small and medium-sized enterprises [2 to about subscribers]. In the versions , , , , and as wireless system phones. Secure and easy to connect to the network - without any hassle for the IT department.

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State-of-the-art video conferencing solution with crystal clear images in HD and comprehensive interoperability. Extremely flexible connection to the virtual conference room from the workplace, office, or a remote location. Flexible participation in conferences using mobile endpoints like smartphones and tablets. Professional video conferencing solution for lifelike communication in superior technical quality.

How to Login to Avaya One-X Agent on a PC

Interactive Flipchart or Whiteboard to create and delete content intuitively, to share, edit and save worldwide. Interactive Display, Whiteboard, Video Conferencing - all for professional cooperation in one solution!

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  • Cooperation by using visual attractive, dynamic and interactive meetings with arbitrary participants worldwide, video conferencing inclusive! Software LifeCycle.

    Avaya one-x Communicator for Mac OS X. Avaya one-x Communicator for Mac OS X Release Notes

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    Technical Solutions: On this page, you will find the top Knowledge Solution Articles authored by Avaya Associates to solve technical issues. Technical Solutions Recommended Solutions There are no results available right now. Technical Solutions 1. Steps to request a Job for field technician 2. Technical Solution Search Enter. Community Support Forum DevConnect. Your support registration has been received and is in the approval process.

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    You will receive a confirmation email upon approval. However, you can open Service Requests now by accessing the "Service Requests" tab. I heard Avaya are not developing it any further. The same site is now looking at upgrading to R10 - I have my doubts if the MAC softphones will work at all. God this is turning into a bloody nightmare!


    Then it turns out all the documents for it appear to be written with Server Edition in mind and we have a v2 with a Linux app server. So I think I now need to get a Certificate for the IPO there is already one for the one-x server and further firewall work done to open up the extra ports not sure whether they need forwarding to the IPO or One-x server though as the document doesnt stipulate as it was written for the server edition: Good job I dont have any other work to do isnt it, oh wait no I do as I also have to get one-x mobile working through a Sonus SBC for a different customer who are due to go live in a week.

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