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Tutoriel : Configurer un VPN sur Mac OS en PPTP ou IPsec

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Retrouver son mot de passe WiFi sur Mac / MacBook

I have this problem too. Flavio Miranda. There are a number of sites that give instructions on hacking in. This is a slightly modified version of what you'll normally find. The next part of the process uses a 'backdoor' settings on the Livebox web server. These work in conjunction with an ftp server running on the PC that is connected to the Livebox.

Since the Livebox runs Busybox, the 'wget' command is available to allow files to be pulled onto the Livebox via ftp. If this is the first time that you have configured an ftp server, you will need to read and understand the user-guide for your ftp server before proceeding. Also note that if you are running Vista, you will want to run the ftp server as the 'admin' user. The Livebox will now automatically reboot.

Now change the IP address of your PC to Download etc. We do this because we only have a limited number of characters available to us in the field we are using for the backdoor hack. This will install the telnetd and startup scripts. However those scripts only run on system startup. So you need to change your Livebox name one more time to something meaningful to cause another reboot. This will now start the Telnet server and you should be able to connect and login to the Livebox by typing 'telnet Then re-try the telnet connection.

At this point, if you are working towards loading the HAH firmware, just skip to here to find out how to replace the RedBoot loader. Alternatively, if you want to play about with the Busybox unix environment, carry out step 7. Stopping 'phone home' behaviour. I am receiving an Error when attempting to connect to the VPN? Each setup differs slightly from router to router, we recommend going to the website of your router manufacturer for more accurate information. Please try connecting through PPTP. If you insist on connecting through L2TP try removing the pre shared key from the client so that a security negotiation process by using certificates can occur:.

Do you have a full list of error codes, and solutions on how to fix problems? Click Advanced, and then click the Options tab.

Re: Printing from Ubuntu to Orange Livebox

I am having problems connecting more that one computer? I am struggling to set it up on an eeepc laptop? I disconnected and now I am unable to reconnect? If you failed to disconnect correctly the system may still think you are still logged in, the system will see you are not connected after a few minutes and allow you to reconnect.

If that fails to happen there is a fail safe system in place that clears inactive sessions every 15 minutes. If after that time you are still unable to connect try rebooting your computer. I cannot open SMTP sessions ie: send mail? This is a simple fix! I am receiving an Error — Phonebook Error? Error — Cannot update the phonebook?

In the Command prompt, type the following commands one by one and press Enter after each one.

If you receive an Error the connection may be blocked by a firewall or other security device. There is also a chance the DNS requires flushing. Click enter 5. Then type or paste: netsh interface ip delete arpcache 6. Click enter 7. Close all windows and Reboot. If you receive an Error A connection to the remote computer could not be established.

You might need to change the network settings for this connection. Please follow these instructions very carefully, if you are not happy editing your registry please ask someone that knows what they are doing. Reboot and try your VPN connection. The utility will reboot your system a couple as its re-creating your network devices. This should be enabled by default, however some applications can disable it. Open the Control Panel 2. Click on Administrative Tools 3. Click on Services 4.

Locate IPSec Services 5. Verify service has started, if not, 6. Right click IPSec Services 7.

OS X Lion and earlier

Select Start 8. Verify service startup type is Automatic. Vista 1. Verify service startup type is Automatic 9. Locate IPsec Policy Agent Verify service has started, if not, Right click IPsec Policy Agent Select Start Cause : Your operating system is not correctly configured to connect to an L2TP server. The connection attempt is failing before a connection to the server is ever attempted. Location, or connect type has no bearing on receiving this error message.

Alternatively, you can do it from commnad prompt. Type the following one at a time, check spelling and press enter.

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Ensure all the details are correct. F-Secure does not use its own firewall, it uses Deep GUard. You can control which applications DeepGuard allows and blocks. You may also have unintentionally blocked the application when a DeepGuard pop-up has been shown. On the Status page, click Settings. Select DeepGuard. Click Change application permissions. The Monitored applications list is shown. Select Allow. Click OK.

livebox:commandlineaccess [DBZoo]

Click Close. We have a full tutorial for pfSense here. Open the vpnuk-ca. DO NOT enter any other data into the field. Now hit the Save button. Setup the OpenVPN client connection as per these instructions: 6. Device mode: tun 6. Interface: WAN 6. Dedicated IP users should enter their unqique connecting server IP. Server port: If you use TCP you can enter 6. Open the contents of the ta. Press the Save button. You should see the OpenVPN client connecting to the server.

Open the ESET overview and click onto firewall. Switch the firewall to interactive mode. Click onto configure rules and zones 4. If you are unable to install our software you should firstly close all running programs and applications and disable the Norton Anti Virus program. If you are unsure about leaving your PC without any protection for the next few minutes you can always enable Windows Defender from your control panel.

Allow a blocked program 1. In the Norton main window, click Settings. In the Settings window, under Detailed Settings, click Firewall. On the Program Control tab, select the program that you want to allow access to the Internet. In the Access drop-down list for the program entry, click Allow. Click Apply. Allow a blocked program from the Security History window 1. In the Norton main window, double-click Security. Click History. Select the firewall activity that is associated with the blocked program.

Click More Options. RULE 1: 1. RULE 2: 1. RULE 3 1. If you are having problems installing your VPNUK software or have problems with our software passing through your anti virus or firewall we recommend you do the following. Close all programs and applications and disable your third party Anti Virus and Firewall, if you are running Windows you can always enable Windows Defender if you are not happy running without protection for a few minutes. Its also Free to use and very lightweight. Open your third Party Anti Virus and Firewall and locate Exclusions or Exceptions from its menu or preferences options.

You can now re-enable your third party Anti Virus and Firewall and Disable Windows Defender if you enabled it earlier. Click the Firewall link to open the the Firewall settings panel. Next click the Zones Tab to open the Zones settings panel. If you are unable to install our software you should firstly close all running programs and applications and disable the Mcafee program. Open your McAfee application. Scroll to the bottom and click Add. Click Save. We contacted Trend after a few clients experienced problems configuring their VPN connection to work with the Trend Internet Security Firewall, the following is the reply we received.

Uninstall the firewall: a. Look for the Internet Security folder then open it.

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The Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit window will appear. Click on the Uninstall tab. Click on the Uninstall Firewall button. The Add or Remove Firewall window will appear. Click on the Uninstall button to proceed with the firewall uninstallation. Click Finish to restart your computer. Once you have uninstalled the Personal Firewall the problems with your VPN connection will be resolved.

Rather than uninstall the Firewall completely as Glenn recommends you can always disable it and use the Windows firewall whilst using the VPN or disable the Trend Firewall whilst you connect to the VPN, once connected you can turn the Firewall back on without causing any problems or known conflicts.