Is MacBook Pro Good for Video Editing?

The Surface Book 2 While 2-in-1 laptops may not be the first choice for video editors, the Surface Book 2 has some powerful enough components to handle video editing if you go for a model with a dedicated graphics card. Brilliant build quality and excellent battery life makes this a wonderful device for using as either a laptop, or as a powerful Windows 10 tablet. The tablet mode is convenient if you want to shoot footage and edit it while out and about. Apple's laptops are great choices for editing, and if you want to save a bit of cash, then last year's MacBook remains a brilliant option, that's a fair bit cheaper than this year's MacBook Pro.

The Mac App Store has a large number of programs that play to the MacBook's strengths, and you should be able to get a decent deal now that it's been out for a while. Read the full review: Apple MacBook. Equipped with ample storage and plenty of RAM, an excellent keyboard and a wide selection of ports for connectivity, Lenovo is positioning the ThinkPad P70 as the ultimate workstation that you can take on the go without missing your desktop. Also worth mentioning is the X-Rite Pantone calibration tool, available as an option, which is great to keep your screen accurate for production work, as well as the Quadro GPU that comes with all the P70 SKUs.

The Best Laptops for Video and Photo Editing

OK, so the MSI GS65 Stealth is primarily a high-end gaming laptop - with a price tag to match - but it also doubles as an absolutely brilliant laptop. This means multi tasking and editing is handled with aplomb - and if you also want to do a bit of gaming on the side, then it's a no-brainer. We reached out to Michel Yavercovski, Senior Director of Product Management for Corel video products, to get his expert opinions about choosing a creative computer.

And, of course, a bit version of Windows 10 is a must. Doing professional work and being in need of extreme multiprocessing capabilities, undoubtedly purchase this best Mac for video editing considering its decreasing cost. Since Apple has updated the frame and internal components, added the desirable features, using MacBook Air for video editing has become quite realistic for simple video color grading operations. The laptop is quite light 1. The miniature body fits a At x definition, it shows a sharp image with realistic colors.

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Best MacBook Pro for Video Editing: What to Look For?

Still, it handles simple editing and normal administrative work great. For people with limited budget who search for a portable and inexpensive version of the MacBook, this is the best choice. Video editing is a serious task for any OS. Not working in the 4K format, you can afford to go around with a small laptop. For a specialist, the full-size desktop will forever remain superior in power.

For any video editing software, the processor plays the main role. My advice is to not go below the quad-core Intel Core i5 processor. Being very limited in budget, you can still get a dual-core but performing complex jobs will be problematic. Those working with footage consider accurate color rendition of the highest importance and Apple Retina displays gained the best reputation in this. Such a display is known for crisp definition, natural colors, and wide viewing cones. Such features help to display the footage accurately and clearly, with no distortions, which ensures higher-quality video editing.

The second most influential component is the video card. The software is mostly capable of rendering through a graphics processor. Certain Pro models even have the AMD Fire Pro dual feature that concentrates on providing superior performance or combining integrated and discrete processors to optimize it. The video editing process largely depends on the amount of RAM in your computer.

The most time-consuming process is the export of the finished video.

NEW 2019 MacBook Pros - What Video editors need to know!

And, as we conclude our list of the best macs for video editing, that leads us nicely into…. If you are a professional who needs a fast computer with a huge memory capacity and 15 inches of screen real estate, the MacBook Pro is the right solution. For anyone who needs an enormous amount of storage space, this model is ideal because it has up to 2 terabytes of storage space! If you work extensively on your laptop, then this version is right for you. Any MacBook, starting with Air is quite suitable for video editing.

Another thing is that on a weak machine the work will proceed slowly, and the exporting of a minute video will take several hours. The process of editing relies largely on the amount of RAM your computer has.

The Best MacBook Pro for Video Editing (Buyer's Guide in )

But, as already mentioned, the most time consuming process is the exporting of finished video footage. The second indicator is the speed of the internal drive. In other words, on a slow HDD drive of older models, you will struggle. In the best case, you need at least a standard SSD drive. Even better, a proprietary SSD. Its speed is several times higher than usual, both in recording and reading. The third important indicator is the possibility of a video card.

This is enough to work effectively with video and graphics and the speed improvements are very noticeable. Finally, a rather important aspect is the quality of the screen image. Here, everything is unambiguous — screens with Retina technology give an excellent clear picture of high-resolution 4K. On such a display, you can well consider the intricacies of video, adjust exposure and colors. So what do you think of those options?

The Best MacBook Pro for Video Editing

And how can we sum all of this information up as a neat conclusion? If you mount the video for yourself and do not expect any outstanding quality and speed indicators, then the MacBook Air, or the old MacBook Pro models are quite appropriate. If, however, you decided to seriously engage in professional video production, then you should choose a laptop with 16GB of RAM, a powerful video card, and a Retina screen. The MacBook Air is laptop that helps with productivity, coping with all the tasks that I require of it.

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It is suitable for web development, mobile application creation, website design, interfaces, as well, of course, as basic video editing.