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A failing hard drive can mean loss or corruption to important data or to applications and system software that can further destabilize the system. If your Mac regularly slows down or crashes, or if you get odd 'permissions denied' errors about the inability to access certain files you previously had access to, then your drive may be on its way out. The first option for testing your drive is to check its SMART Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology status, which is a series of built-in benchmarks and thresholds that the drive regularly monitors itself.

If any of these are out of place, then the drive will flag it to the system when a SMART check is performed. This can be done at any time using Disk Utility by opening the program and selecting your drive device. If this says anything other than "Verified," then you need to replace your drive. If your first check shows formatting errors, boot to the Recovery HD partition by holding Command-R at startup, and then fix the drive. Follow this by checking the drive's formatting regularly daily , to ensure that no more errors crop up.

How to create a bootable macOS Mojave installer drive

Mersenne Prime Test Stress 1. System Stability Tester 1. PCRegEdit 1. PhotoRec 7. TestDisk 7. Since we are uncertain of the impact of this change, older version has been included just in case. HDAT2 5. It's only needed for the newest Samsung drives, the "older" ones still work with 1. MHDD32 4. Various third party websites claim to have V1. CopyWipe 1. Partition Saving 4. Supports "One Pass Zeros" method only. Note that KillDisk V5.

An updated list of the best free hard drive test software programs

HDShredder Free Edition 4. Startup Recovery Manager not included. Didn't see much use for it on the bootable CD, plus it can be activated in the Win32 program itself if required, or you can copy over the "Recovery Manager" folder youself. Disk Manager IBM 9. Partinfo 1. Partition Explorer 1. Memtest86 4. FileLink 3. Kon-Boot 1.

How to create a bootable macOS Mojave installer drive | Macworld

Parted Magic is now payware and can no longer be updated to the latest version. Warning: Issues relating to this version of Parted Magic. Custom Search. Mirror Site 1. Website says V1.

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Included in CPUstress. Intel Processor Identification Utility P4 and above. Mersenne Prime Test. System Stability Tester.

Boot Partition. DIY Entertainment. Internet Productivity. Fancy testing out the latest macOS beta? You should try running your Mac from an external drive. It works on any machine, from a MacBook Pro to an old iMac.

How to determine if your Mac's hard drive is failing

So read on to find out to make your Mac boot from a USB drive. Booting from an external drive gets around this. Another reason is so you can run different versions of macOS. And similarly, it allows you to test a new version before you make the decision to upgrade. This includes trying the beta version, bugs and all.

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  5. It might not be stable enough to use as your daily driver, so installing the Mac beta on an external drive lets you test it risk-free. That requires a very different process. Fast hardware is also important. This means USB 3, and either a flash drive with fast read and write speeds, or a solid state drive instead of a hard drive. You will notice a difference if your hardware is not fast enough. If this happens, there is a solution. We'll walk you through this alternative method for installing macOS.

    This requires you to use the Terminal app. First up, you need to format your drive.