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Aside from browser compatibility issues above, there are three common problems that can be addressed on the Mac itself. See the sections below and make any appropriate changes, in this order, before making changes to your Mediasite Server. Mediasite presentations must use the Windows Media plug-in to play.

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To disable the plug-in:. When viewing a Mediasite presentation on Mac systems running In some cases, this delay can be a minute or more. Note: This problem only seems to affect Mac OS Earlier versions do not seem to have any delay issues when starting playback. As such, the browser must also be forced to run under Rosetta as well. To enable Rosetta emulation:. The next time the web browser is launched it will run under Rosetta emulation and presentations should play back.

Skip to main content. Pattee and Paterno am to pm. Requirements Safari 1. In fact codecs are so important that my mac can play pc files that a pc can play if the codec is not installed. For example TechSmith. But that is not the trend, Most are made for a pc. More posts like that, please! Thanks again! Microsoft ended support of Windows media player for mac OX and suggest flip4mac and quicktime as an alternative.

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The WMV3 stuff has confused myself for a couple of months. Wait a couple of seconds or minutes , you will see the movie. Hope this help! Happy Chinese New Year.

WMV3 codec (VLC or quicktime on mac OS 10.3.3)

I thought it was making QT hang, so I would force quit. But I realized that it was actually working when I had the Get Info screen open for a while then suddently the preview started to work.

It may take a few minutes, but let it load. Ok, wmv3 is a bitch, but there are some that wmp plays. I just had 3 different files.

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  7. At first none worked. I downloaded the latest WMP and I feel a bit akward for doing so and only the one of them works now. I downloaded video with a. It came up with a QT icon. However, QT kept giving me a useless error message. This forum suggested renaming the extension to wmv and running Media Player 9. It worked like a charm, thanks. The instructions are simple to follow and downloading, installing and viewing took only a few minutes. Once again I have hit a brick wall.

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    I somehow got one file to play using Flip4Mac and QT Funny thing is, I finally got One Piece ep. I have tried everything suggested. I would double click the asx file and it would give me an error about something in the wrong location.