It can activate all language editions. Here are some purchase links:. Apart from the downloads in the following table, there are a couple of alternative download sources, all of which require providing a product key. The files in the following table are direct downloads, officially hosted by microsoft.

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Hashes for most Office installers can be found in our hash database. The following links are no longer active as of February In this group Microsoft office users will have a collective simple mailing list, document store, calendar and some other messaging tools via Skype for Business matters. New feature known as Tell Me will permit you to get the desired help, in order to perform the most difficult jobs.

To some extent like the old, Clippy paperclip helper, Tell Me can execute various tasks but in a more new and easy way. The much awaited and demanded dark theme option has finally introduced by the Microsoft. By using this feature, users can change the lights. Dark theme will also help those users working at late night hours.

Planning feature will permit the users to make projects and documents more quickly. Office Graph will keep the record of every project. It is much like to Trello, but it more useful and interesting. Another feature One Drive Integration will allow you to open an office file from anywhere you want and from any supported device.

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Clutter feature in Microsoft Outlook will evaluates email pattern and also scans your inbox. It will also arrange your emails by noticing the people you interact with the most. It will only show those emails which are important to you and put less important emails into a specified folder. Microsoft excel also add few more visual features. Microsoft excel has also included various add-ons directly into the user edge of Microsoft Office crack.

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This will help the users to handle and analyze large number of data more quickly. Microsoft also integrated Skype right into Office Users can send and receive messages with their outlook contacts list. They can also do video conferences within office outlook application. This Skype integration will also provide office with the ability to do calls to phone numbers located within your projects and assignments.

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For Mac, it should be a bit higher speed and should be Intel. For Mac, it should be 4GB. It was the time of tribulation for Apple.

The company was on the brink of bankruptcy, and Steve Jobs had just been brought back to the family after being outcasted several years earlier. One of the terms that Apple had to comply with in exchange for the cash was to put Microsoft Office as the default Office suite on Mac OS for several years to the future. Microsoft assigned a dedicated team to create the Office for Mac.

The result was a version of Office that's even better than the Windows version. So much so that Windows users protested and demanded improvements for their version of Office.

Fast forward to the future, Microsoft keeps improving the Windows version of Office that today both versions are more or less the same, both in look and in functionality. Microsoft also implements similar subscription system via its Office plan where users pay small recurring monthly or yearly fee to use the Office products.

In exchange, they will always get the latest and greatest version of Office.