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Choose from hundreds of beautiful desktop backgrounds and let them change on your screen every week, day, or hour. Whether you like dramatic sea views, subtle textures, or Instagram-y still life, Wallpaper Wizard has got your background.

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You can spare yourself the Google search — just open the app and pick a collection that catches your eye, or find the perfect eye candy by categories and keywords. See a new desktop wallpaper whenever you look at your Mac without even having to open the app. Different for each or the same for all, and always a feast for the eyes. Feature a roll of your favorite backgrounds from a massive, 25,large, collection of stunning 4K images on all screens. Wallpaper Wizard 2 Wow-worthy backgrounds for Mac.

Free Download Buy Now. Mountain lakes.

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Desert sand. Berlin library. Forest road. Old boat.

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Red flowers. Long exposure. The Moon.

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An all-new desktop as often as you please See a new desktop wallpaper whenever you look at your Mac without even having to open the app. Next Wallpaper 7 s. One Image for All Different for Each. Don't take our word for it. An amazing app for people who care as much about aesthetics as I do This app is amazing for anyone who likes having unique, amazingly aestetic backgrounds for their Macs Just select an image and download and use it.

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You can set custom time to update wall paper for you like for every 3 hours, every 12 hours, every 24 hours, every week, every two weeks or every month. You can also set wall paper for current display or multiple displays at your works station. Wallcat is another free Mac Wallpaper App to make your screen a visual delight every day. You can download the App from Mac App store and then start using it.

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  4. The thing about this app is Wallcat offers three theme channels to pick from — Fresh Air, Structure and Gradients. Each channel offers wide range of images falling into that category like nature scenes, alley ways, and minimal gradients.

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    Wallcat offers images from various free public distributed images, mostly from Unsplash. Satellite Eyes is a free Mac Wallpaper App that changes your desktop background to the satellite view of your current location. If you are bored using regular HD images of nature and everything, for a change you can try this App. The beautiful thing about this App is it will get update when your location changes.

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    This App also has couple of map styles like abstract watercolors or aerial photography. At your workstation , if you have multiple monitors, it will spread accordingly using available space. You can download the App from the website and start using it. Pisupuxa is a huge collection of wallpapers with space theme. This service collections photographs from those space missions, makes tinkering , improves quality and crops into different sizes.