Following are the steps to Install Picasa and Upload Photos on Mac:

Since version 3. The geotagging functionality is described in the Picasa User's Guide.

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The service allowed users with a Google account to store and share their photos on the service. Hello by Google's Picasa was a free computer program that enabled users to send images across the Internet and publish them to their blogs. It was similar to an instant messaging program because it allowed users to send text, but Hello focused on digital photographs.

One of the advantages claimed at the website is that photos could be shared through firewalls. The service was canceled at the end of , and users were instructed to try the Picasa "Blog This" functionality for uploading pictures to their blogs. According to the official website, [22] the Hello project was shut down on May 15, On February 12, , Google announced that the Picasa desktop application would be discontinued on March 15, , followed by the closure of the Picasa Web Albums service on May 1, While support for the desktop version of Picasa is ending, Google has stated that users who have downloaded the software, or who choose to download it prior to the March 15th deadline will still be able to use its functionality, albeit with no support from Google.

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Download and Install Picasa (Free Latest Version)

Main article: Picasa Web Albums. Imaging Resource. Retrieved Picasa Resources. Retrieved 9 October By Michael R. Published on imaging-resource. Retrieved February 15, PC World. Retrieved Jan 26, October 11, Google Official Blog.

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Retrieved March 3, January 5, Search for Photos Matching Your Mood". Archived from the original on The Official Google Picasa Blog. Google, Inc. Retrieved 12 February Alphabet Inc.

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Overview Alphabet Inc. Gayglers Google Developer Expert. Larry Page Sergey Brin. Noto Roboto Product Sans. Dart Go Sawzall. PageRank Panda Penguin Hummingbird. Personalized SafeSearch Voice Search. Cardboard Daydream. Nest Learning Thermostat Nest. The same for all later pictures. Hi - thank you for this. May I just ask is the reason for the ticks and crosses against my photos on my MacBook Pro ie on the computer hard drive from which Google photos is presumably backing up and from which Picasa reads, caused by this issue do you think?

FYI it keeps prompting me to back up to google photos when when I sync my iPhone with iTunes for example or plug in my camera to upload photos to google photos. I never use the photos in google photos back up area now I have a different website that does not link to google photos. I just thought I should back up to it in case it was vital to Picasa! With your helpful advice I will now stop. But I assumed you always did upload or sync from Picasa to Picasaweb in the past and since about to Google Photos - not for back-upping in the first place, but for sharing with family mainly.

And that is quite possible with your iPhone producing "live-images" and compressed heic-files in stead of normal jpg-files. I use Google Sites and then it is no problem to insert individual pictures from Google Photos or Google Drive , but I don't have seen any option to embed a whole album like was possible in the good years with Picasaweb. Can anyone confirm if Picasa runs on OS Mojave? Hi - I had a message come up on my macbook to say that Apple was going to stop supporting 32 bit applications which it appears Picasa is. It will shortly only support 64 bit applications.

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When the mac is updated next I have Mojave version Like everyone on this forum I rely on Picasa because of its simplicity and ease of use. If the awful happens, as seems hugely likely now, could I ask if anyone knows of any work arounds?

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  5. If not, does anyone have any idea of alternatives? Would be hugely grateful for any advice and thankful for all your helpful support over the years. Hi Stella. Basically you can go on because a software-upgrade does not involve a hardware-upgrade from 32 to 64 bits. Besides: on Windows 64 bits Picasa still works perfectly, but in contrary of general ideas Apple-software is less userfriendly compared to Windows which also has much more freeware available. So if you switch to Windows, you can use Picasa for many years ahead Google Photos is no desktop software but the replacement for Picasaweb which was closed in August Windows Photo Gallery: not suitable for Mac and outdated also but before it could compete with Picasa very well.

    Zoner Studio - don't know about and not clear if it is available for Mac and probably not free of charge. Phototeca: worthless ACDSee: rather professional so rather uncomfortable and not free of charge - maybe not available for Mac And there is more not mentioned in this overview from and I don't know about free sofware for Mac. So you will get into problems if you buy a new Mac, because that always will be a bit machine nowadays. But a new Mac has a new photo-editor built-in named "Photos" very clever and that seems rather powerfull and maybe more comfortable then iPhoto on old Macs.

    And you always can export a series for uploading into Google Photos for sharing mainly. PS: Snapseed is a versatile mobile editor for iPads - especially in combination with the Google Photos app. But nothing on mobile can be compared with a versatile photomanager not for editing only like Picasa indeed.

    Picasa for Mac and upgrade to macOS High Sierra - will Picasa still work?

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