Tworzymy interfejs Ethernet

Dky tomu lze distribuci spustit na tm libovolnm stroji bez dlouhch pprav. Startujeme Back. Take mme staeno a vypleno, DVD vloeno v notebooku a startujeme. Pokud je v mechanice vloeno DVD a notebook pesto startuje klasicky do bnho systmu, tak zejm nem nastaveno bootovn z optick mechaniky. Vtinou lze poad bootovn jednorzov urit stiskem klvesy F1. BIOSu, pop. Konkrtn nastaven se odvj od modelu notebooku. Potvrzenm stiskem ENTER prvnch dvou boot dotaz systm nabhne do textovho reimu pkazov dek, ve kterm meme zat pracovat.

Je ale vhodn vstoupit do grafickho reimu a pracovat v oknkch. Prosted pracovn plochy spustme zadnm pkazu. Po naten pracovn plochy se ocitneme v pjemnm prosted, kter nebude dlat problmy ani ist Windows uivatelm.

Hello world!

Vhodou oproti klasickmu pkazovmu dku me bt to, e si tchto oken meme otevt hned nkolik. K oteven okna pkazovho dku pouijeme horn litu, kde je vedle nabdky System pipraven zstupce pro jeho sputn. Track Linux 5 R3 pkazov dek. Nyn ns ek proveden samotnho toku. Pomoc pr utilit vytvome z wifi karty a naeho potae penetran nstroj. Pepnut wifi karty do monitorovacho reimu. Prvnm krokem je pepnut bezdrtov karty do monitorovacho reimu. K tomu pouijeme utilitu airmon ng a to v nsledujc syntaxi. Track Linux 5 R3 airmon ng.

Parametr wlan.

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Linux sluje tyto karty od nuly, jedn se tedy o prvn kartu. Pokud je v systmu vce karet napklad intern pes USB, je mon parametr upravit na poadovanou hodnotu. Po proveden pkazu se vytvo nov virtuln adaptr s oznaenm mon. Pokud chcete zobrazit seznam vech sovch karet v systmu vetn virtulnch, pouijte pkaz ifconfig. Zskn informac o routeru. K samotnmu toku potebujeme znt MAC adresu testovanho routeru, tedy fyzickou adresu tohoto zazen.

Pokud te testujeme vlastn router, mme vce monost, jak adresu zjistit. Nejjednodu cesta je pes webov rozhran routeru, pop. My si ale zahrajeme na opravdovho hackera a potebnou informaci si zjistme pomoc utility airodump ng. Skuten hacker toti vtinou k routeru, na kter to, nem pstup. Utilita akceptuje vce parametr, pro zkladn sken okol ale sta pouze pedat oznaen adaptru, kter chceme pout. Vimnte si, e jsme pouili ji virtuln adaptr mon.

Nechme airodump bet njakou chvli, dokud se v seznamu neobjev poadovan router. Jakmile vidme poadovan zznam, stiskneme CtrlC a vrtme se tak zpt do pkazovho dku. Zahjen brute force toku. V tuto chvli mme vechny potebn informace pro sputn toku. Na adu pichz posledn utilita reaver, kter provede samotn tok hrubou silou.

Za pedpokladu, e MAC adresa naeho routeru je 1. Prvn dva parametry jsou zejm, posledn z nich vv instruuje reaver, aby byl velmi ven very verbose, co m za nsledek poskytnut detailnho vpisu na obrazovku bhem toku. Reaver prv sputno. Co kdy se tok nerozjede Pokud se po sputn toku zane objevovat nsledujc hlka. ESSID nazev. Meme zkusit spustit v druhm okn pkazovho dku terminlu aireplay, kter zane generovat provoz ve wifi sti a tm pome odstranit problm s asociac.

Nepehldnte, e reaver dostal navc parametr A. Pokud se tok zastav ihned po spn asociaci s routerem, tedy zstane stt na tto hlce. Associated with 1. Aircrack ngDescription. Airodump ng is used for packet capturing of raw 8. If you have a GPS receiver connected to the computer, airodump ng is capable of logging the coordinates of the found access points.

Additionally, airodump ng writes out several files containing the details of all access points and clients seen.

OpenLinksys - Forum dyskusyjne: Netgear WNRLv2 + E Hilink Orange

Before running airodump ng, you may start the airmon ng script to list the detected wireless interfaces. It is possible, but not recommended, to run Kismet and airodump ng at the same time. Save only captured IVs. Use GPSd. Record all beacons in dump file. Display update delay in seconds. Prints ackctsrts statistics. Hides known stations for showack. Time in ms between hopping channels. Time before removing the APclient.

Default 1. Read packets from that file. Active Scanning Simulation. Display WPS information if any. Output format. Possible values.

Filtracja MAC adresów w domowej sieci radiowej

Short format o. The option can be specified multiple times. In this case, each file format. Only ivs or pcap can be used, not both. Removes the message that says. Output files write interval in seconds. Filter options. Filter APs by mask. Filter unassociated clients. By default, airodump ng hop on 2. GHz channels. You can make it capture on otherspecific channels by using. Capture on specific channels. Band on which airodump ng should hop. C lt frequencies Uses these frequencies in MHz to hop. Set channel switching method.

FIFO default. Hop on last. Displays this usage screen. You can convert. Usage Tips. Whats the meaning of the fields displayed by airodump ng Heres an example screenshot. CH 9 Elapsed 1 min 2. WPA handshake 0. The first line shows the current channel, elapsed running time, current date and optionally if a WPAWPA2 handshake was detected. Today cleaning with the onset of spring is opportunity to do a huge mass of work on tidying up urban areas, on the street, at home.

TP-LINK R480T+ router Cable/xDSL 1xWAN 1xLAN 3xWAN/LAN 1xRS-232

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Włączamy wirtualne porty LAN

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