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Python is not hard, but truth is that it is not easy as most of the newbies make it.

One has to code a real project before giving any opinion on the difficulty of the programming language. The first time I got introduced to Python code it felt like I was reading myself, my personal thoughts materialized in a computer technology.

Enabling Drag and drop onto a Shell script

Python is an interpreted programming language, which means that for one to execute Python code on their local machine, they have to make sure they have the official interpreter. To run Python script on Mac you need to make sure you have Python already installed on your Mac OS X machine, go to Launchpad, search for the terminal and after you have opened it, type the following command. After the above command is executed on your Mac OS X, if everything goes fine, the following will come up.

The stuff shown in the above screenshot comes from the Python interpreter. To execute Python code in the interpreter all one has to do is type the line of code and then hit Return button. In Python, code is being executed line by line. Once one launches Python shell from their terminal, the interactive mode of executing code is being activated. If everything has worked correctly, you have successfully executed your first Python line code.

As it is seen from the above example executed in the Python shell, when one works in interactive mode, every line of code produces an immediate result. The good thing about working with Python in interactive mode is the fact that one can easily test pieces of code and see for themselves what they do.

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Interactive mode code execution, is a Python feature which I truly love as not only it does help one to test and play with parts of their code, but it is very useful for the beginners too. One important part of programming languages is the variables which is being used to keep track of data.

Run a bash shell script - macOS - SScom

One can easily declare variables in Python programming language by using the following syntax. The above variable links to data of type int, to an integer.

Bash Shell Scripting On Mac OS X

There is many other data types supported in Python such as strings, floating point, list, tuple and dictionary. The above variable b, links to a floating point object. To experiment a little bit in the Python interactive shell, run the following arithmetic operation. Python supports arithmetic operations by default. Other data types important for one during their Python coder journey is list and tuple.

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A list is used to store objects of various data types. The following is the syntax for declaring a list. Perfect for storing different objects, the list data type supports indexing which can be used to access its elements. For one to access the elements of the list, indexing operations can be used.

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The first element has an index of 0. The second element of the list can be accessed with the following syntax. The following result should come after executing the above Python code in the interactive shell. Fact is that list objects can change in time, elements can be added to and removed from them.

Writing Your First Script and Getting It to Work

To add an element inside a Python list, the list specific method should be used like shown below. Once the above code is being executed in the Python interactive shell, the list should be updated. If you need to get the full path of the directory where your script was run from, use this command:. How to run a Unix shell script from the Mac Finder. By Alvin Alexander. Last updated: September 19 Simple example As a simple example of this, create a file named Test.

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Calling Command-Line Tools

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