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Sorry for the long post, guess I started writing it over again right here on your site!

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Thanks for a great article and site with real answers! Thank you so much! I wish apple gave instructions as clear as you do! Help ….. I need a windows driver for iMac dual versions Please help. Thank you Otto.

Leopard on Mac Mini G4 PPC

I need a windows driver for iMac dual version Can i install windows Xp in apple pc. Will it work same as normal windows Xp OS. Great article!

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  • Leopard on Mac Mini G4 PPC | MacRumors Forums.
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Am trying this on my mac mini OSX Is it possible to find some sort of workaround with this existing ext. And if the latter is the case, can you recommend a good site to find such a thing? I tend to have just as much trouble downloading new programs as I do installing them. Hi Dave…nice article! I have been living in the bootcamp world since and find it rare to read straightforward answers on this. I have two external hard drives and store nothing on my c drive. How can I get more memory?

Do I have to upgrade to a later version of windows.. Where will I find it? Thanx for this article.. Hi, I have a question: Can i install win xp sp1 on a iMac Oh i dont have the mac installation disk does that also work??? Nice article, Thank you for giving this information. Than deleted it..

Installed again.

  1. Step 1: Check hardware compatibility.
  2. How To Install Windows On A Power Mac G4 Cube Ebay?
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  4. Please help me. I have a MacAir. Am I doing something wrong. This is great site.

    Install windows 10 on Mac (No bootcamp, 100 WORKING)

    Can I install winxp using bootcamp and downloading winxp from a site such as cNet, instead of using a disc — which I no longer have. Dave, great article! By the way instead of partitioning, could I just add an external usb hard drive and us it as my windows drive? Hello Dave, I have my friends Apple mac laptop, she wanted to install windows XP as a dual boot option.

    I am only familiar with XP windows and Not Apple OS, so please let me know steps for installation and also how and where to download Boot camp.

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    I appreciate your assistance very much. Do you need to know the version of the Apple OS? Azme Shariff. Will i be able to install Windows on my mac?

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    Hence, how do I make a partition on my Mac? Are there any parallels somewhere? Thank you for your article. Can you help by any chance? Hi Dave! I have a new MacBook Pro, 13 inch, 8bg ram, gb hard drive. I partitioned the hard drive for XP at 32 gb. It then told me to insert the windows installation cd and so I did. And stayed there. So I held the power button to restart, but now it only brings me back to this screen. I hold the eject button and the XP installation cd will not eject. I am freaking out!

    Any help you advice you could send my way would be Greatly appreciated! Im trying to install Windows XP on mac via bootcamp. I have tried this now with 3 different original WinXP discs. Any help would be useful. If you don't have a licensed copy of Windows, you can purchase it from us. Remember if you try to fix the problem on your own then you may lose your Mac Repair for ever. We are highly trained professionals in game console repairs, Fixmi holds years of experience in this arena; we have the know-how to execute a reliable console repair. Sometimes you try to work on the device or get a non-trained person, such as your friend or family member to get the problem fixed, They may have little knowledge on the product.

    Calendar maker software for microsoft word. Disc v2. Please contribute to MR and add a video now!

    Dual-boot MorphOS and MacOS X on a Mac Mini G4 - MorphOS Library

    A new window will pop up that leads you through the install process. The G4 Cube Technicals details To begin with, where is the problem? The Power Mac G4 Cube is a bit special, it does not contain any audio controller or output, and completely relocate sound management on its speakers.


    More precisely, on a small USB box connected to the speakers. New gun shooting games free download. This way of operating involves several things, the first being that an USB port capable of supplying enough energy becomes mandatory to get an acceptable power. A typical USB connection is limited to 2.

    The second thing needed is a driver that will turn the amplifier on literally. With the driver only for example on an Intel Mac , the speakers operate at a very low level due to the lack of energy 8x less than the maximum expected. The original USB part the audio controller is standard, it runs directly under macOS but therefore only provides the jack output on the case.