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Attention MacBook owners — remember this battery saving trick. In a nutshell, it means that other users on the same network are allowed to use devices like shared printers or iTunes playlist while your device is in the sleep mode. Startup automatically after power failure. The name of this option speaks for itself. If your electricity is suddenly cut off, then your desktop computer starts up automatically after the power interruption.

You might see other useful options depending on your iMac model.

macOS - How To Change Computer Sleep Settings

Running a MacBook requires much more power management options, which is why the Energy Saver window will look different on a MacBook. The first is for managing general battery settings. This option allows your machine to wake from sleep and perform certain tasks in the background.

Mac OS X: Stop external drives from sleeping and speed up your Mac Pro – Peter Shilling

During Power Nap, your Mac turns off the display and components that are not needed to perform the mentioned tasks. Thank you. As I have reported here, this Apple Fusion Drive certainly does sleep its hard drive.

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It does so whenever the system is put to sleep, regardless of whether hard disks are permitted to be put to sleep or not. If I let it go into system sleep, when I wake it, I can here the hard drive spin back up. I have also checked this using DriveDx and its count of drive spin-ups.

Modifying the Energy Saver “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” setting using the terminal

So the hard disk in at least one Fusion Drive does have a sleep option. Awesome site by the way Howard. Great writing and well laid out. Thanks for all the fantastic apps as well. Keep doin what you do! Like Liked by 1 person. Thank you for the kind words. And thank you for the interesting suggestion. I wonder why Apple has decided that I want a unified slider rather than separate controls?

You are commenting using your WordPress. The hub also kept dropping the Logitech mouse when the receiver was plugged in there. Now it is in the USB port of my wired keyboard. No more mouse problems. The external drives are now connected through the USB hub Anker plugged into one of the Thunderbolt ports of the Mac mini. Power plants are running all night, whether you use that minuscule amount or not. So while my CPU is only using a sliver more energy than vs shut down, my drives are still using power, tilting the balance well in favor of shutting down.

Plus, since drives only have so many hours of use, logging 8 or more additional hours overnight.

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Assuming your estimate of 5. The screen is blank when I open up the MAC. It is not due to a lack of battery power either.

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If I manually put it to sleep it sometimes fails to wake up in the morning via BT keyboard or trackpad. Pavel, Jazz1 — I had the same issue screen not waking up with my last iMac. My Mac mini has OS I thought it was not waking from sleep. I usually tap the mouse button to wake it. If that does not wake it in seconds, I tap the return key wired keyboard. If that does not work, I tap the key I have programmed to take a screen shot.

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Then I hear the chime that tells me it took a screen shot, so I know it is the display not waking. The display is ON. It has occurred 4 times in the 3 months I have had this Mac mini. I have the same problem. I had ask it to never sleep.

Putting Your Mac in Sleep Mode

Says it shortens life of monitor? My Mac mini shuts down when I let it go to sleep. Need to turn it on with the power switch? Can my late If sox cost? Appreciate any info. Lloyd Stevenson. Thank you for the facts on this issue.

Put your Mac to sleep

Of course the other question is how much, if any, wear and tear shutting down and starting up a Mac every day causes compared to sleeping it every night. Where did it go? Do you see all the other options? Does this create more wear and tear on my desktop than simple being asleep? I configure my mac to let the display sleep but never the processor. Drives will usually spin down on their own due to lack of activity. So what does it do during a Power Nap?