Thanks again for your input Mark, I like it. This is an older thread but the topic is still relevant to which I would like to add a few points. I've been recording football games for almost 10 years, independently. That is, the League allows me to film the games. But, they're not paying me. Selling game DVDs and making highlight videos. Business was good in the earlier years. It's all about offering a good product and building relationships.


But then, a competitor has stepped in recently and starting filming the games, too. He got his foot in the door by one or two coaches who were able to secure him at a lower rate than my own. I didn't mind at first because my clients were secure and also the quality of my video is much better. But then, the competitor, with only a small handheld camera on a mini tripod , starting and still is uploading the full games whistle to whistle edits of the play to YouTube and for FREE. This killed my business at every level. I sent the Competitor a message asking him to deliver his product via DVD or a closed system, but he continues to upload to YouTube.

He, in fact, has killed the market. Bad for me, and him too I wanted the League to step-in but it has its reasons for not picking winners and losers. Is the game we film a "public" or "private" event. In my case, the League is put on by Kiwanis, probably more public. The other AYF League, is probably more private. The point is, can independent freelancer's like me go and film any sporting event and try to make business someway, or upload the event to a public forum like YouTube?

Or, do you need "the express written consent from the League" like the NFL? If someone with more experience can chime on this it would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, the overall situation and, more specifically, the situation of me losing business has really caused my a lot of emotional trauma.

Now, though, I'm fighting back and feeling a little better. Specifically, I'm now also uploading the videos to YouTube for free. But the video is heavily watermarked with my own logo and also the League's. But, the logos are not so obtrusive, meaning that they don't get in the way of the principal viewing areas because, in part, we are filming without a lot of zoom, so that the coaches can see all the players on the field.

You don't need an Internet connection. Regarding HUDL, it's a great tool. But, it's purpose is not to ally with people like us.


They don't care about us. HUDL only cares about the video.

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How they get it and from whom is irrelevant. What's more, when they have it, they own it!

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And yes, HUDL account users can download our video. What's worse, the HUDL logo goes on it. So, you can either watermark it before it's uploaded, which your Clients may not appreciate. Or, you can let it go clean. Either way, you have to be willing to lose control. And, remember that every version of your video requires another render and another upload.

And, only one video can go up at a time. So, if your like me, uploading games per week, it can be quite a task, and especially to get the video up and out FAST. For us, we're at the stadium for 10 hours on Saturday. By Monday afternoon, all the games are up. But, it's really grueling and the payday in the end doesn't make it easily worth it. In my case, I do it because I do it. Which is another way of saying I need it. Something coming in is better than nothing.

I think videographers like us have to be humble too because it's very tough entering a market when your relationships with the League organizers is not the best. So it shows as a team account, but really all of my coaches of different teams are the same account. What's more, as part of my service, I assign the email addresses AND passwords that the coaches have to use to access the video. I do it through my website since I have unlimited email hosting.

This way I can bring paying clients in and non-payers out. This because the messages from HUDL are coming to me. Not the users. Because they're may damn emails! And so, the bottom line, I am still surviving. Not making a ton but my reputation is important too.

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