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Macadelic (Remastered Edition)

What the, what the fuck is time? Ask 'em, what the fuck is time? I don't know What the fuck is time?

Because all these people get to screamin' with the lights on Like they just seen a ghost, earn my stripes, zebra coat Racin' to the gate but my flight gone Now these writers taking shots without a Nikon But I don't fight though, figure it's a typo Seems we in some shit now, gonna be alright though Potion in my sprite, then my night slows, down, down See, that's exactly what I need My khaki's filled with cheese, my homie Sap is on the beat Like it was "Donald Trump", a fucking hit but I call it love They throw it on when I'm walking in the club Hey, this the Burgh shit, I don't deserve this Well, I don't think you lookin' for me on the surface Learn quick, now I'm big time Fill your cup up, and I'mma sip mine.

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Thoughts From A Balcony

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"Thoughts From A Balcony" Mac Miller On Screen Lyrics, Macadelic

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