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Free options are paypal, usps. Sign up for Endicia. Okay - so I purchased Stamps. However, I wanted to set it up to import from Amazon. I just looked — only works with the PC according to their chart. What the heck??? So now I have to cut and paste each address into Stamps and then cut and paste the tracking info. Am I missing something here? Dont think that is true anymore. Photoshop is now developed for the PC market and then ported to Mac.

Just a side note but I have never understood all these Apple people that pay twice to three times as much for a computer than a comparable PC would cost and then have all these issues trying to get work-arounds to get their software to work. Well I had no idea a Mac would create problems or I would not have bought it. My primary job involves travel and it was to fun to lug. I bought a MacBook in the spring because it is so light and easy to use…if I knew it would create problems, I would not have gotten it.

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Total Offers 2 Sales 2. All Rights Reserved. I had to provide a credit card in order to try the FREE service. I was also billed again for In investigating further, Stamps. I have sent customer support emails and they refuse to cancel and say I can only cancel my subscription over the phone. As I've said before, I haven't used one stamp since The rep told me it would be 4. I'm trying to resolve this matter but feel I am going around in circles. I am totally disabled by Fibromyalgia and am now facing back surgery. I just can't take anymore canned email from them and expect to get this straightened out.

Search this site. Best Summery. BBB LA not satesfied. BBB LA resolved. What is a scam? Contents 1 from eopinions. I created a Stamps. Assuming it would be similar to using online FedEx where you can print a shipping label on plain ol' copy paper and affix it onto a package , I registered and gave my credit card info BIG MISTAKE even though everything I was reading assured me I would not be charged unless I opted for a monthly service. They also recommended I buy one of their scales and purchase a package which would provide me a supply of labels, packing materials, etc.

I opt not to do this, since my mailing needs from home are few and far between. Upon going through the website and trying to figure out how to print out a standard. A week later I received my "welcome kit" which was equally as confusing as the website, containing some labels, a CD-ROM to download the label-making software, etc. The customer service rep, who albeit was very polite, would not take "no thank you" for an answer and instead offered to waive my service fees for a month and if I still wanted to cancel my account after the month went by, then I could call and do so.

One month later, I still have not used Stamps. I call and request my account be cancelled once again. I can understand using Stamps. I'm disappointed a company can exist that is as misleading as this one is, and I'm disappointed in myself for being duped by them! Never again! I am sure that Stamps. But for an everyday user who is looking for a convenient way to get postage without going to the post office, this service is a rather expensive way to get something you normally get for free. First, be cautious of the "free trial period".

To help secure your business, stamps. The scale is a bit of a joke, since it is only useful for their site. The helpful and friendly customer service representative suggested that one of the many benefits of stamps. I really can't comment on the value of the service--since I have not used it yet. But I have to give them two thumbs down for the way they lure potential customers in.

For that reason alone I am cancelling my subscription and will never be a customer of theirs. This company will charge you a monthly fee for providing absolutely no service. The only way to cancel this "membership" is to contact them by phone, and that itself is incredibly difficult. The reps are rude, unhelpful, and speak to you as though you are an idiot. Plus you must also pay for the postage.

Or just print from paypal. The other downside is if you do wind up having an issue with the monthly fee, it is beyond impossible to get their customer service reps to listen to your complaints, and even more difficult to get any money refunded. And to top it all off, I won't be using either of these as I no longer want anything to do with this company or the services they provide.

I am not even a casual usage of the postal service. I do nearly everythign i can online.

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Maybe once or twice a year do I need to mail somethign the old fashioned way for one reason or another. I thought stamps. I happily registered for the service, believing I could purchase postage online, print it at the office, and be happy. I waited on hold forever, and I eventaully got to speak to a friendly albeit pushy young lady who just wouldn't take no for an answer. I explained three times that the service is probably wonderful for people who do high volume mailing, but that's not me so i have no need whatsever for their service.

Unless you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on postage as part of your business, this service is overpriced and probably not a workable solution for you. A major disappointment, because radio promos for this sertvice led me to believe that it was a great solution for busy people who don't like to go to the post office. Not true. They charge a fortune to use obsolete technology who in sells software that ONLY works on a Windows platform?

Are these people in bed with Microsoft? I have only been using them briefly because my work unfortunately has not ditched them, but I already have the following issues: 1 When you fill out customs form information for a shipment, Stamps. If you use the customs "Description" box for anything important that you may want to review in your shipping logs later, you better take a desktop screen shot of every single order you ship out.

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Theircustomer support on the phone also informed me rather uninterestedly that retaining customs form information "isn't their responsibility" after the package is shipped. As if storing a potential kb or 2 of extra info on international shipments would be a big pain in the neck for them. Keep in mind the USPS database is potentially 6 months out of date at any given time along with being incomplete for examples such as the one listed above.

When this error occurs the reprint feature does not work for the shipment so you must refund the postage and manually create a shipping label with the revised address. If you are using the batch feature with say an eBay store, expect Stamps. So if your customers place an order at pm and you need to have that shipment into the mail the same day by pm, don't expect to be able to use the batch feature to import your order information because it likely will not pull in your order in a timely enough fashion.

Manually entering the web store order info in stamps. Then you must of course manually update the order information in your external store. There is no excuse to not be able to import such compact amounts of data for such extended lengths of time. It seems to be largely web based software so I experience unresponsive script messages, timeouts with Stamps. Recommended: No". Very Irritating Customer Service. Here We Go! Did you know that you can get nearly all of the services that stamps. Even the discounts they claim "they" give you are actually the post office discounts offered when postage is paid for online and printed at home.

Please don't get suckered in by their "free" month of service. It is almost impossible to cancel, because you can't do it online, and when you call, you are put on hold forever, listening to a staticky version of Kenny G It had only been three weeks since I had signed up, so I stood my ground until the customer service agent reluctantly agreed to remove the charge "as a courtesy" to me. Excuse me?? Finally, this is another company that outsources its customer service to India.

I ship between packages a month so the pricing has gotten to the point where you have to consider the value. I've continued to use the service in spite of the unannounced price hikes since they offered discounted insurance rates. Recently I noticed that they no longer offer the insurance discounts.

I received no notification of the changes to the plan so I emailed asking why I hadn't been informed about the change. I got an email reply that totally ignored my question and instead was a sales pitch on how wonderful their service is. When I emailed back to say, 'hey, could you please answer the very specific question I actually asked you? I will be shopping around for other options. I've noticed their customer service ratings have gone down dramatically this year and I have to join the unhappy club.

Too bad. Obviously their small business customers just aren't worth the effort anymore. In today's economy, you think they would want to keep every single customer happy. I own an online retail business and I signed up for stamps. Instead their program only made things worse.

It was impossible to correctly upload all of my online orders, even though their advertising made it look simple. I also was shipped a defective 5 pound scale. I did not realize that it was not working correctly until it gave an obviously incorrect reading on a package. I am now very worried that I did not pay enough postage for many of my packages, and that my customer's orders will be shipped back to me soon. When I promise somebody their order by a certain date, and they do not recieve it, I might as well say goodbye to any future business with them.

This also opens up the possibility of paypal chargebacks. I also could not find a way to get a refund on postage that I purchased from them for packages that I did not send, due to the incorrect scale reading. Long story short, my experience with stamps.

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I've lost money and customers. I am calling them as soon as they open tomorrow morning and I am hoping to get a full refund on the money wasted. I signed up for a "free" trial period. Unfortunately it is not free as when the 28 days not month as advertised and you don't close the account, they change you for that month! When I called to complain, the Indian customer service rep told me that this information was in the long welcome email that was sent. After multiple attempts to sell me on keeping the service even though I was angry at being charged for "free" trial , he said all he could do was to prorate my current months bill gee thanks for nothing.

I informed the customer service rep that during the "free" trial period the website always gave me an error message. Then got the same error message when attempting to access my account section of the website. This meant that I couldn't see when my trial period ended or change my account type, or cancel. All my emails were not replied to. All the rep said was "I'm sorry to hear that Also "you are not allowed to cancel your account through the website or via email.

You must call to have it cancelled. Given the high monthly cost of the service, the false sales pitch of a un-"free" trial, unresponsive customer service, faulty website not fixed over a month , I would NEVER suggest using this company. Complete rip off and terrible service.

Bait and switch is the perfect description. Had they told me up front what I learned after registering, I would have never joined but they concealed the details of their offer until after I registered and deceived me. Within the hour of registering and learning that information, I sent them an email to cancel my membership, halt shipment of the scale, and receive a refund for its shipping and handling. They have refused. It's the weekend yet they insist that all cancellations must be done by telephone only M-F It is now over 24 hours later and the scale has still not shipped but after three email requests they still refuse to halt its shipment and refund my shipping and handling.

They claim that they can only halt shipment of an item if it is not in a "shipping soon" or "closed" stage of processing. So they must have put my order into that designation within minutes so as to prevent the possibility of a refund although they still haven't shipped it over 24 hours later. I strongly caution anyone against ever using this service.

It may work well for some people while they are using it. But, if you ever want to cancel, it is a nightmare. I decided Stamps. Somehow, I accidentally opened a duplicate account instead of cancelling the service. When I called customer service about this, I found out that the service can not be cancelled online. Although you can sign up for service completely online, it can only be discontinue by calling in. This appears to be so that they can do everything possible to keep you from discontinuing, including hanging up on you until you give up.

It took seven phone calls with five different customer service representatives to get the accounts cancelled. They refused to refund me even though I never used a single cent in postage. I find this to be an extremely bad business practice. They cost me a lot of money and hours of my time trying to stop any further charges and provided me with absolutely zero service. No email confirmation on the charge either - you'll realize it only when you see the charge on your credit card. The email would probably be weeded out by spam filters of most email programs, so you won't always see it and there's no way you know you have registered!

There's no way the customer service personnel would reverse the charge even when you mention you never intended to purchase anything from them. They'll try to lure you with courtesy postage credits that you don't have a need for or monthly fee waivers that will keep you in the system, and if you are not careful enough to call and cancel the account, potentially be duped again. And worse, they need you to print postage on their rolls and sheets, which they purportedly mailed to you!!

I think they are trying to give Ponzi a run for his money! To add to your woes, the website is perpetually down with "limited functionality", which only allows you to change your password!

Stamps.com Review 2018 – Is Stamps.com Worth It?

In a nutshell, not a product worth anything for individuals. The fine print is hidden so much after you subscribe that trying to go back and find out what you signed up for is virtually impossible. The email regarding your signing up doesn't tell you about the monthly fee, nor does going to the "terms and conditions" of the site.

The only way to find out the monthly fee is to search for it using the "help" button. But, it will never tell you exactly what you are paying. They actually have three different services. The pay-per-use feature is by phone order only. IMO, it's a bait and switch. The only time you find out what you're actually paying is when you enter your credit card information. After that, you're on your own to spend time scouring the site to try to find the information.

It's not a link on the home page, it's in the FAQ's sort of. It's not in the "terms and conditions" on the home page. This is a conscious effort by a company to get your money and make you jump through hoops to find the information about what plan you're on and the fees you are paying.

Cancelled Stamps. After many years of being a client, I decided to finally cancel my account. The process was enlightning. I had no major issue with this company but the software was never modified over the 6 years I used it and it is clunky with address books and general interface. Gee, why did I not do this sooner to save money. Who knew.

I cancelled anyway. I have found that I am no longer using it for postcard mailings which was my original need for this account. I wonder why there has been no competion on this software? Do you think Nancy Pelosi's husband owns this company too? I was sucked into trying Stamps. This was Stamps. Not until after you sign up do you find that you are eligible for the scale and the free postage after 30 days of service and the gift card after 60 days of service.

I stayed on after the trial to receive the postage and gift card. It's a complicated process in which you have to mail the promotion redemption coupon using Stamps. I mailed each coupon separately with the proper postage within the time limits and never heard from them. The promotional coupon for free postage claimed I would have the free postage in 1 - 2 weeks. I would not recommend Stamps. It's free and you don't have to buy special labels for postage. Please read the fine print.

There is a monthly service fee! Even if you do not use the service. I called and complained, but there was nothing they could do. I will never use them again. It is not worth the service. I signed up for Stamps. Well, the service did work and my package did arrive to the destination, but I never used the service again.

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There should be a per usage charge not a monthly service. The company is designed to save you time by not having to go to the post office. You can buy your postage and supplies online and have them shipped directly to your house. The good points are that you can print your postage at home and it is very easy to order more postage. You can also print directly onto the envelopes, and on paper for packages. However there are a couple of things to be aware of. If you have a finicky printer as I do it can be difficult to print directly onto the envelopes. But they do offer special labels for you to be able to print your stamps directly onto that can be purchased only at stamps.

Plus, the labels are only functional. They are not pretty at all. They are in the Pacific Time Zone. So you must make a point to do your business with them then. With a free trial, the billing cycle starts after the promotional period. So you will discover if you cancel even one day late, you will be charged for the entire period, plus a pro rate for the one day you still had the service.

Overall, the software was relatively easy, the customer service agents were polite, but the service saves you nothing but time. Written: Mar 04 ' This program does not calaculate postage correctly and I am always getting my packages returned. When I call stamps. The post office say stamps. I am so frustrated that I will not send any more packages with stamps. It therefore calculates the postage to be be Of course I loose the original postage through no fault of my own.

I have tried to explain to the stamps. You would think this would be a valid complaint and they would want to try and fix it. The supervisors at stamps. They keep refering me to the post office customer service. The post office say they do not control the stamps. I would not recommend this program. I had a stamps. In January of my mom whose credit card was on the account--I was an adult at the time though called stamps. They took her card off well actually, my mom cancelled the card before they did that and my mom told me to call stamps. I tried to call them to close my account but they never answered or responded to my calls.

I figured what the hell, since they can't charge me it's their problem. About a half dozen times I responded to this email saying I wanted my account closed. They never responded. Finally today I got absolutely sick of getting these statement emails so I hunted down their phone number and called again. They actually answered!

They put the blame on me for not closing the account--even though I had tried. I told them that was ridiculous since I hadn't used the account in two years and I had been trying to close it. I stood my ground and told them that was also absurd. I told them that was unacceptable and if they wanted to keep the account open they could go ahead, even though it was not what I wanted them to do and I said this , because they had no way to charge me.

She then said she would close my account so at least I wouldn't be billed further. After doing this, she said she would forward my call to corporate and it would ultimately be up to them what to do. After waiting on hold another minutes total call time was around a half hour , I got someone named Andrew on the phone. He agreed to close the account and "take me out of billing.

I said no. He said "okay, we'll just call it even. While I was being transfered to corporate, I got a few emails from stamps. One of the emails said that they had reduced my fee BY Another interesting thing I learned: the calls are not monitored. He said "no one listens in on these conversations" when he was referring to me previously trying to contact them and not being responded to.

I think this means the calls are not recorded either. COM needs some competition. My opinion is that their billing practices are criminal. Some months ago I sent them an email and canceled my service. Their service charge is excessive because I was mailing only a few letters per month. I found that Federal Express does a better job in shipping packages anyway. Through a different event I had cancelled my credit card. COM service for months.

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COM never canceled my account. They just disabled my account and continued to bill for the service! They say I owe the amount even though they have had my account disabled for months! How can it be legal for a company to charge me after I canceled? How can it be legal for them to continue to charge me for months that my service was disabled by them? I believe they are intentionally setting up these accounts so that they cannot be cancelled.

Regardless of what they say is the defined process for canceling an account, they knew I intended to cancel the account. They disabled my account, they never called me, they just kept billing me. If enough people are interested in a class action lawsuit against this company, I'm sure we can find an attorney that would be interested. Internet postage is a wonderful and convenient thing, but Stamps. This iniquitous merchandise will always try to trap innocent customers by using "No Risk", "No Upfront Costs", "4 Week Trial" as well as "Free Special Offer" on their promotion material.

There is not any line or fine print mentioning the monthly fee or the hidden fee that will be charged for this service on those mailed material. Customer will never know the so called "No Upfront Costs 4 Week Trial" is never free until they call to cancel the service. By using this "smart" tactic, they try to mislead you into believing that they are charging you for the right billing circle and the first 4 week trial would be free.

However when you call to cancel the service, the representative will tell you that the charge which has the "transaction date" within the current billing circle is for the previous billing circle and they will charge you one more time for the current billing circle since the "No risk 4 week trial" is not free, which sounds like robbery.

Should you ask where their terms are, they would direct you to click their "Site Map" and followed several links to find it. I wonder how many people know where the site map link is. What's the worse is that you cannot cancel this service by email but only by phone. Meaning if you remember to cancel it outside their normal business hours, you are screwed. You probably will be charged for one more month fee, should the next business day is within the next billing circle.

If you really want to use these services online, there is a very nice one out there with much better price and services. Here I cannot tell you a name for fairness reason. Try to google "internet postage", the first one of the normal result not the ads is always the best one. Hope this review would prevent innocent people from scammers. I decided to try Stamps. There was a 1-month trial, so I thought I may as well try it out. I installed the software, which is handy and kinda nice, except it runs amazingly slow, is not very intuitive, and is missing some what I thought would be key features -- unfortunately I uninstalled it as soon as they finally let me cancel, so I'll have to edit this later if I can remember an example.

It was a couple of months ago, but seems I had to contact them once during the setup and customer support was helpful and friendly. After the software was installed, my introductory packet came in the mail a week or two later.

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There was a glitch while trying to get the order to go through. I finally had to leave and decided to try again later. In talking to the support representative the "helpful" and "friendly" that I experienced when signing up were adjectives not to be found anywhere when trying to cancel -- the first OR second time. Well, that first "trial" month is not a free month, but a "risk-free" month, meaning if you cancel during the month you don't pay, but if if you don't cancel you get charged the full amount. I finally worked out with the agent that he would extend to me another free month until December 23 to try out stamps.

I spoke with a very nice woman in support a week or two after that who helped me order the 5-lb scale. It hasn't arrived yet, but I have been notified that it is on its way. The packet that comes when you sign up includes self-adhesive lables to print stamps on. I couldn't find the packet, but wanted to try out my account and use some of the postage.

When trying to print on my own labels I found that the labels stamps. Not having those labels, I could not use my credits to print stamps. December 23rd: Today is the day I was told to call by if I still wanted to cancel and not enter the next billing cycle. If I called to cancel partway into the next cycle, he had said the days would be pro-rated and I would only be billed for those I used.

So I called to cancel, and she said I have already entered the next billing cycle This time, as with the las time I tried to cancel, Support was curt, abrupt, and sounded exasperated-but-not-quite-abrasive, even cutting me off in the middle of answering a question she had asked. Since the billing cycle had already started, she said I could continue using their service for a month then cancel.

I explained that the last person had told me to call in by Dec 23 today if I wanted to cancel still. After verifying the account canceled, she said something bordering on sarcasm and hung up. I am always extra-polite on the phone and usually have that returned, but the only time that was mirrored from stamps. Don't cancel their service if you can only stand for people to be nice to you! My main disappointments are not with their selective customer service or poor interface, but all the things that seemed to be kept under wraps until after the fact free trial was actually risk-free trial; "free" postage has catches; free scale is all but worthless unless you are weighing manila envelopes; if they tell you what day to cancel by, do it a day or two earlier than that just to be safe; etc.

I almost felt like I was playing a video game and, once I had lost, was shown all the secrets that I missed along the way -- most resulting in more revenue for stamps. I never did end up getting even one stamp's worth of postage from them. They may be a great service for people with restricted mobility or who have large amounts budgeted for the many things they mail, but for anyone who is watching their budget, paying for this kind of service, and postage you would pay anyway, then paying on top of that to print on their paper I am completely unsatisfied with Stamps.

They send me a "free offer" in the mail with promises of a scale and postage. I wanted more information about the offer so I created an account. Once the account was created I found that the scale was "free", just had to pay the postage to receive it. No Thanks. I was not interested at that point, but failed to notice they were going to charge me a service fee at the end of my "free trial. Not Stamps. They just started charging away.

I had never revisited their site, nor did I accept any "free offer. However they should also see I have not "used" their services in any way and should not be charged. Customer service at Stamps. I would not recommend them for any services or products. You can do the same exact thing from USPS. The only thing that stamps. That may seem like a significant advantage that stamps. But keep in mind that you can only ship packages or envelopes up to 13 ounces via First Class.

If you are shipping things less than 13 ounces, you can always use normal stamps. So, stamps. Their service only really appeals to people with very specific needs and for most people simply does not have the value add to justify the monthly fee. Perhaps there are other value add services they have of which I am not aware. In addition, I got stung by the monthly charge after I let the trial period slip. Most companies will refund you your first monthly charge if you let a trial period lapse then call as soon as you realize you were charged for a service you are not using.

Well, the brass at stamps. They would rather entice you with a trial period, then ding you when you make a simple mistake by forgetting to cancel before the trial runs out.

Maybe unfair is not the right word since trial users do have to agree to a terms of service which outlines they will be charged. Maybe the better word would be disreputable. Actually, that is the perfect word to describe stamps. Not to mention I never recall seeing anything about a monthly charge. I will never use stamps. And I will advise against using stamps. It has left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I am taking the time to post this. What a great way to build a solid reputation for a publicly traded company.

This site is a scam! They advertise a free trial period, but it can be next to impossible to get them to cancel your account whether the trial is over or not. I mailed 2 Christmas presents in December using Stamps. Then I called and cancelled my account a few days later. I've been out of the country working since that time. I was dismayed to see a charge on my January credit card bill, but I figured that it would be corrected on the next bill.

I lost my credit card later in January and got a new credit card number, yet the charges continued! Even though the number of the account changed, the charges continued! Emailing Customer Support generated only standard emails saying I needed to call them on the phone about the account.