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Good news is that HTML5 support is getting better and better across modern mobile browsers. IE10 in Windows Phone 8 is no exception and brings extended standards support, hardware acceleration and great rendering performances. You can take a look at the following site directly from your Windows Phone 8 device to check that out: www. To learn more on how to make sure your mobile Web code will render well on Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8 as well as on other modern mobile browsers, you can read this article.

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For a Mac, you will need to look into the various options to install a Windows 8 virtual machine, which are mentioned in the beginning of this article, and load your code in Internet Explorer 10 within Windows 8. Once you have done these tests on Internet Explorer 10 desktop, you can deploy and test on an actual Windows Phone 8 device or on the emulator see previous chapters on how to set things up to make the emulator work on a Mac. With these steps you should be set to start developing and deploying Windows Phone 8 applications from your Mac.

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  • But there are certainly other tips and tricks that you will figure out and you may already know. We would love to hear from you to make this post even more useful for developers wishing to expand their reach to the Windows Phone 8 platform.

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    Do not hesitate to comment on this post with your suggestions, ideas, tips…. Thanks for this detailed blog. It's exactly what I was looking for. You can get them on the evaluation center here: msdn. I followed the instructions and things are working well under VMWare with the exception of the network connection on the emulator.

    How to develop for Windows Phone 8 on your Mac – Interoperability @ Microsoft

    Do you have any insight into what if anything can be done to enable an external internet connection on the emulator under this setup? The specific message is: "A virtual machine is attempting to monitor all network traffic, which requires administrator access. Type your password to allow this. Entering the administrator password provides me with working internet in emulator.

    07. Make multilingual Windows apps

    You are correct, Visual Studio supports both Windows 7 and Windows 8. This is a typo in the text I will update immediately. I tried installing the SDK, everything went fine but when I enable Hyper-V under VMware, the virtual machine gets sooo laggy that its almost immpossible to run emulator and actually work on it.

    Building apps for iOS with Visual Studio

    Both emulation alternatives are Commercial ones, you could add "Oracle VirtualBox" to the tutorial? Thanks much! The mce and hypervisor settings were what was needed in my case. For others in case it helps, I am running VmWare Fusion 5. I am using visual studio There is a free version that bundles these two and that allows you to do pretty much all you need to build and publish an application to the Windows Phone store: Write and debug code in an advanced code editor Compile to app package Test the application in an emulator leveraging advanced features Connecting and deploying to an actual device and do cross-debugging, and performance analysis … and these are only the basic features available, there are plenty more!

    Using a recent Macintosh, you have a couple of options to run Windows 8: Run Windows 8 on your Mac natively using Boot Camp Run Windows 8 in a virtual environment using software like VMWare Fusion 5 or Parallels Desktop 8 for your Mac There is plenty of documentation online on how to set up the environments for both options to get Windows to run on your Mac, and you can also find details on MSDN here. If you want the retail version then it is a little tricky on a Mac as there is no way to download the retail iso directly.

    The trick consists in installing the evaluation version of Windows 8 on a VMware Fusion VM or Parallels following the below instructions, then from Windows 8, run the Windows 8 setup a link is available in the first lines of the email you will receive after the purchase of Windows 8 that will offer the option of downloading the retail ISO after entering you product key as described on this article. Michal says:. January 7, at pm. Olivier Bloch says:. January 8, at am.

    His first ambitious projects such as a physics app and a developer tool were born out of his fascination with the opportunity to gain immediate feedback for his ideas and developments through an app store.

    Build an App for iOS and Android with Xamarin

    As part of the global development program for technology-savvy students and as a Microsoft youth advisor, Regh gives presentations at schools and universities on issues relating to app development and cloud services in addition to his current projects. Although his initial focus was on applications for Windows and the Windows Phone, Regh soon turned his attention to creating cross-platform applications. The simultaneous development of professional apps for different operating systems in all relevant versions presents significant challenges not just from a software perspective.

    Professional developers also require high-performance hardware that does not become a limiting factor in resource-intensive procedures. Regh had two options: either build a machine pool consisting of Windows, MacOS, and Linux machines, or opt for a platform which would allow the development of apps for all operating systems with no functional limitations. Understandably, this was not a difficult decision. Because the only hardware the enables the development and testing of Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux applications on a single machine is produced by Apple, Regh decided to use a inch MacBook Pro.

    Instead of a whole array of computers, he now had a mobile device which enabled him to take his development environment with him wherever his frequent travels took him. He was, however, missing a high-performance virtualization solution enabling simple and fast switching between different operating systems to make programming and testing of apps for different platforms as efficient as possible.

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    • Based on the very positive feedback he received from the developer community, Regh examined Parallels Desktop in detail and was impressed by the results. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.