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It almost goes without saying, but a document more than a few pages long needs page numbers.

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Unless you number the pages, how can you put your document together again if you drop it on the sidewalk and the wind scatters the pages hither and yon? Choose options to determine how the pages are numbered and what page numbers look like:.

How the Modern Language Association Helps You Become a Responsible Researcher

Turn this option off to keep a page number from appearing on the first page. Position: On the submenu, choose whether to put page numbers on the top or bottom of the page. Alignment: On the submenu, choose where in the header or footer you want the page number to appear. The Inside option places page numbers next to the binding; the Outside option places page numbers away from the binding.

To remove page numbers, return to the Page Numbers menu and turn off the Numbering option. A header is descriptive text along the top of the page; a footer is descriptive text along the bottom. To include page numbers in a header or footer, use the Page Numbers command. The Header pane or Footer pane opens. You can call on the formatting commands on the Home tab as you enter the text. For example, you can italicize or boldface text. Choose this option to have a different header or footer on the left and right side of the page spread, the two pages that readers see when they lay a bound document flat on the table.

Choosing how to number the pages. Recently added: Support for Google Docs. Screenwriter script templates are also included. Create as many documents as you need, with cover page, page header including the running head and page numbers , correct margins, proper line spacing, and approved fonts. Easily add properly formatted section headings and quotations with Dr Paper's built-in Styles.

MLA Format & MLA Citations Made Simple For You

Format and alphabetize references Dr Paper formats the author names correctly, places the parentheses properly, puts in the periods and commas, italicizes and indents so you don't have to concern yourself with these details. Cite references either Author-Date or footnote format in the body of the paper with a click.

Use our sample tables that you can edit and modify for your own needs Word only.

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Outline templates let you easily create outlines for your papers. Enter your references only once -- and use them in Word, PowerPoint, put them on webpages -- anywhere!

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Dr Paper includes CiteWrite, the easy-to-use version of our popular Citation software. And when we ask users to grade our software and customer service, 9 out of 10 give us an A. Our software is used at over 3, colleges, universities, research institutes, government offices, highschools, and research labs in 97 countries.

We have users at every major institution of higher education in the US, and at a good number of schools outside the US. Librarians, writing centers, and professors at schools worldwide recommend Dr Paper to their students as a better way to get the formatting details right.

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  5. Join the thousands of writers who use Dr Paper Software. Like the rest of our customers, you'll be glad you did. You will be able to spend more time focussed on your writing, and as a result, you'll improve your grades and your preparedness for your profession when you enter the job market.

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    Both are accessible from the Dr Paper Program Menu. For the price of a pizza, Dr Paper Software will: Save you hours of tedium Reduce the frustrations of figuring out how to implement obscure formatting requirements Guard against accidental plagiarism Help you keep track of your research notes and their sources Let you concentrate on your writing Boost your grade! Office Word Then start the Citation app, enter the information for your references, and Dr Paper will format your in-text cites and your Reference List.

    Then start the CiteWrite app, enter the information for your references, and Dr Paper will format your in-text cites and your Reference List. APA Cover Page.

    The Complete Guide to MLA & Citations

    APA Page One. Reference List. One reviewer says. Being able to focus on analysis and word choice, rather than on commas and citations, will make writing papers more enjoyable for any student. It saves them time and gives them a better chance at doing well on research writing assignments.