Update your Mac’s software

Internet Service Provider Problems

Skip to main content. Launch your Web browser and go to the page that contains the Flash video you want to watch. Right-click anywhere on the video player and select "Settings" from the menu that appears.

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Select the "Local Storage" tab in the pop-up menu. Click "Close" to save the Flash Player settings. A bit of a no-brainer, really; your internet connection needs to be fast enough for videos to stream to your computer. If your bandwidth is being tested by your movie addiction, give it some help by disabling background ads, thus allowing the video to stream faster.

Problems with the hard disk can have an impact on streaming video?

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  • Actually; yes. Flash video is a complicated business, requiring multiple tools and programmes. In Windows, these are part of the system registry.

    How to speed up your Mac

    As a video streams, your computer needs somewhere to save the data to. Second, check hardware — especially hard drive and fans — to exclude problems with it.

    Among other things, this newer technology allows to process video faster and using fewer system resources. So, update all browsers on your Mac to make sure you have the latest versions that are good with HTML5. In case you have to use Flash for some purposes, update it too. If outdated, it takes up lots of resources — especially, CPU — and may cause the system to slow down.

    How To Fix Slow Streaming Video Problems On Windows Or MAc

    After the update, you hopefully will be able to bid farewell to lags related to online video and considerably speed up YouTube and other online videos on your Mac. Nowadays, advertising on the Internet uses various techniques and technologies that involve rich media.

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    Regarding video, we can point out pre-roll ads that run before the record you wish to watch and pop-up videos on websites. Apart from being annoying, these ads draw off system resources and can cause the online video to download and play slowly.