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Hopefully this will help others, but as always, your mileage may vary! Installation and setup of the laptop card was very easy. Simply plug in the card, insert the disc and install the driver. The card immediately picked up my neighbors open network and I was on the Internet. Setting up the router was a bit more challenging; I copied the configuration from my previous device and enabled DHCP to start issuing IP numbers out of range of my 2 static machines.

Everything worked and I was connected to the Internet via my new router. The only fix was to turn off the router and turn it back on again. This hang affected all machines connected to the router. Whenever they attempted any network operations they would time out. However the Proxim client utility and the laptop claimed the wireless network was still running!

The network hung once or twice a week — Annoying, but tolerable. Then I upgraded the laptop from windows to XP and things got worse! The network would hang one or two times a day. At first I did not connect the OS upgrade with the router problems, besides, I had another bigger issue.

Now I just need to figure out how to get the VPN part of this router up and running. Anyone have any success with this?

I have a Linksys Wireless-B BEFW Router ver. 4 - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot

I have been trying for 3 hours to set up a Linksys WRT54G router following these instructions — without success. ISP is verizon. The modem is currently configured to do all the work of locating the ISP. I then Save Settings and get a screen which says settings are saved. You are connected to the Internet via Built-In Ethernet.

Everything looks cool, so I then try to ping or call up a web page. I then get … nothing. No ping, no web, nada. A D-Link failed after a few months and a no-name brand never made an internet connection, even though it said it supported Mac. There seems to be a number of folks in this forum with extensive hands-on knowledge. I hope you can help us. We have a bizarre problem.

How to setting up Linksys BEFW11S4

We set up the laptop G4 and the LinkSys wireless router and it worked fine, all bars on the antenna display everywhere over 4 floors. The next day, the bars on the antenna display are constantly fluctuating, and there is no wireless connection.

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So we plug it up to the Ethernet of the LinkSys router, and it works fine. Then we re-select the proper Network Configuration in the System Preferences, and then- immediately, we get all bars on the antenna display, and the wireless connection is fine again throughout the building. We can put it to sleep and wake it up, and it works fine. We can Restart, and it works fine. I just spent a frustrating couple of hours on the phone with Linksys. I tried changing the MTU setting, and a bunch of other stuff with the Linksys people, and finally, they told me to get the firmware upgrade, which stupidly is not available for Mac.

They tried to tell me to find another computer to download it to and then upgrade it! Anyway, is there anything else I can do to fix this problem? Thank you. Problem loading pages. Full signal and the wireless comes up but when I go to load a page.. Any suggestions? Thank you! Guess ya gotta hook up the cable line into your modem for the wireless to work, huh? Omg…thanks for your help! And where do you type admin.

Well this is what I learned after speaking to most of India tonight at Linksys support. Linskys does not support Mac products. None of their techs know Macs. I spoke to three different techs, one tried to give me an number for Mac support and a supervisor later said there was no number. The number the guy gave me is for smalldog electronics, go figure…. You can not password protect a Linksys router for a Mac. If you figure it out please let me know because I spent an hour deciphering what the tech was saying and finally remembring what they said when i spoke to them in December after I bought this thing.

From the wireless security page on the linksys page the tech support person they tried to help as much as they could you need to input a 10 digit number as a password in the line for key 1. You will have to plug in ethernet to get back online, go to the page and disable the security.. When I said I was getting intermittent connections the tech said you might have to restart the router each time.. After spending a long 3 hours trying to figure it out the first day I got it…I finally gave up on it.

I never got an ethernet cable with my linksys box…is it different from any other ethernet cable? After you plug in the ethernet cable into the linksys device, where do you plug in the second ethernet cable for the computer? To answer your questions: 1. Pick any of the ports, All should work equally. I have a wireless PC network at home cable setup with 1 laptop and 2 desktop PCs — one ethernet connected, the other one using wireless card — all on XP. I want to do work from a remote location using an iBook. All they have at the shop is dsl.

So I set the iBook up using the dsl link making sure everything work — internet, emails, etc. Then took the iBook home and plugged it into the linksys wireless port 2 and guess what? It works perfectly. I wanted to try cloning my powerbooks MAC address. I am new to the mac-world …just bought a Mac mini.

Also have problem setting up the Linksys hardware. I feel your pain! After being on the phone for almost 8 hours back and forth. My linksys is not working. Spoke to 5 different people from linksys and 4 from apple. They all loved to sent me back and forth. Well after spendig some quality time with the MAC pro he said my mac was perfect which i belive since I have used my comp at work and in different networks for the past two weeks and it worked just fine with airport. Today i will stop by a starbucks or apple store just to double check that i can go in the network and use the internet.

Before I created a secure network my comp was able to use the internet but it was really slow and it would work whenever it wanted. Anyhow i will try to use the advice from all of you guys.. Good News….. I found some information that might be helpful for all you. I was able to get my internet working. I have a mac powerbook G4 and a PC laptop after doing some research i found out that if you are using the router wrt54g v6 or v5 you should not upgrade to the new firmware which is 1. I did the set it up and went wireless on both computers.. Nothing has worked. Most people seem to be beyond this point.

Can I get some more suggestions of what to type in the empty fields? I had a similar problem of having no luck with admin as name or password and no luck with the Linksys support people, who helpfully told me to find a friend with Windows and use their machine. Uh, no. Maybe I changed the default password? If there is anyway to reset the whole process that would be helpful.

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I also forget what worked last time. Hey, im glad i found this site. I have a question thats the same as A. After reading the tips here, and only then following the instruction on the linksys site particular to my router was I able to get things working. Many thank to the posters here. Linksys can work with Macs, but their documentation is very poor. The wireless internet was working fine for the last 2 months but since the last 4 days Safari on both Macs is not accessing the net. The network connection shows that the computer is connected to the internet. Have spent many hours with Linksys support but no luck.

Any help would be a life saver. Ok I have tried every day after work for almost a month to get my Linksys router to work and nothing. I get everything set-up or so it seems then I try getting on to the internet and nothing! Could not connect. Anyone have Step by Step directions for people like me that are wirelessly inept? Like i get the part about setting it up and changing the network name etc. At the point when the online instructions tell you to type in a passphrase, DO NOT type in a passphrase. Then, after saving these changes, etc, when connecting via airport from the laptop, type in that 10 digit you generated—BUT FIRST insert a dollar sign.

Thanks to all these forums online I got mine to work. Save changes. Oh and I browse in Safari and no issues with that. Just make sure your Firmware Version is: v1. This should work. Unplug the modem, then the router. Wait 5 seconds and plug in the modem. Wait til you have solid lights then plug in the router. It should work now. Hope this helps someone. I just spent 3 hours figuring this one out. Linksys customer service is hit or miss. Tonight it was a miss.

This is where their advice came into play…. Changing the MTU value to was really the best tip ever. My macs now works like a charm, no hicups, no time-outs, and even my net-bank that used to not conect at all, now does it in a breeze. Thank you all guys. Have tried on both Safari and Firefox. Have tried blank, admin as well. In the instructions says that you should use one Ethernet wire to connect the router to the modem, and another, to connect the router to a computer used to configure the router , plugging in the cable to one of the four Ethernet slots.

Will that computer be ever connected to the router with that cable? Thanks for your time. The more I read these posts, the more confusing it is. Just for that; and when you say Network preference panel do you mean that literally, or do you actually mean that which is found in the Sharing preferences?

I have Tiger. Ken, what steps did you take to connect your WRT54G to your airport? I have made a connection to the internet on my MAC and established a new network and password. However, I am stuck at that step. When I disconnect the ethernet cord and search for my network, it is there, but when I input my password, it does not accept it. Can you or anyone else help guide me through this?? I have not been able to connect to the Linksys setup page for about 3 days now, getting ready to give up on it. When I have a few days to deal with the damn thing, I will try to set it up again.

Until then the dumbasses can just use my network. I am sure there is a step by step procedure for it, and it seems that many of the posters here have got it to work, but they all seem to have different ways of going about it. I wish there was one set procedure but it seems not, so screw it! I got to the linksys setup finally by setting a static ip, and I have set that up as best I can, now my router does not show at all. My time is not worth all this crap. But after a few days I was unable to connect once again. Do I have to choose between having a secure wireless and actually being able to access it?

My daughter is having the same problem. The WRT54G works flawlessly with 5 pcs. Plug it in and it works, in two separate environments. She powers up her MAC and is connected just fine, with a full reading on the power level indicators. Within 20 minutes, her power levels drop down to half of what they started out at, and the entire network comes to a crashing halt. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Thanks in advance for your input. Garrick, I just bought this wireless router so i could use my Inspiron laptop anywhere in the house.

Setup went find. I bought this router yesterday and had a very flustering time getting it to work on either my G4 for Macbook, so today, i started anew… went to the Linksys site, downloaded and installed the latest firmware, spent about 30 minutes reading how to connect it to my cable modem etc.

I apparently needed to clone the mac id in the routers set up area via Then I set up a wep2 personal security login — that finally worked. Now both are connecting and have been up for hours, working flawlessly. My new iMac suddenly will no longer connect to our wireless network. Shows a decent signal strength. The router and modem are in a separate building we are on 5 acres — but this whole setup has worked beautifully for months — now suddenly this mysterious quirk with the iMac.

Where lies the problem? When I lugged the iMac to the bulding with the router, it connected just fine! Lee and MayMay — check your firmware if it is current. I have the same issue. I just bought a new macbook, and I bring it home, the wireless connects, and then the whole thing crashes when I open certain programs. When I direct connect with someone through Adium it crashes the internet.

Also when I open iTunes, the internet crashes. But if it disconnects I have to switch off the router and modem, turn them back on, and then manually connect to the internet through the PC that the router is connected to. It never works the first time, and I usually have to mess with it for 20 minutes each time it disconnects.

But its ridiculous and frustrating. It disconnects everyone on the network, and just crashes the internet, even on the main PC.

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Based on what I read here, though, it seems linksys blows for macs, and I might just look into the airport base station…. As soon as we connect my G4 powerbook, the whole thing crashes, usually within 5 to 10 minutes, and has to be restarted. The linksys tech people have had me configure the network in a million different ways tho always DHCP… , and once had me replace the router— and now they keep wanting to replace the router again!

Thanks to everyone here, I am finally able to connect to internet through my linksys router from my new iMac. I was prepared to go through a long and painful process, but I was lucky enough to find this site which has saved me a lot of time. The suggestion I used thats working for me is From dave December 27th, Didnt put in any passphrase, just fill in the key directly. After reboot everything, modem, router, iMac. I was able to connect to my network wirelessly using AirPort.

This is only for Mac.

Wireless Setup - Linksys - BEFW11S4 (Linksys Firmware)

The pc i have in the house just need regular WEP password. Another thing I notice, which is something ppl might think is common sense but I didnt, and maybe some other ppl didnt pay attention. I am a first time Mac user, actually just get my new iMac last Thursday, so you might all know this already.

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  • That should make sure you can connect wired and wirelessly. Hope this has helped someone. Thanks for the insite. I think someone may have touched on it here. The problem is with the lean firmware that Linksys supplies with the WRT54x. The router is simply not issuing an ip to yourMac. Upgrade the firmware on the device to a third-party version. However, Linksys cripples it with a junky firmware.

    This Mac problem is another example of this. I had my wife bring home her ibook G4 1. In absolutely no time I was surfing on the iBook. Okay, my turn. Now, after many weeks of battle with the router and my ISP, I have finally gotten the computer to connect to the router and the router to the internet -so I know all my router settings are essentialy correct. If you have a pc already connected to the router go to start-run-cmd type ipconfig and change yours address.

    I just got the WRT54gs v5. Should I have connected via DHCP — in that case, how I tried all combinations of turning off the computer, than swithing on modem, router, and computer sequentially — nothing worked. Can anyone explain why this option is missing from my menu? However neither the Mac wired to the Router and modem nor the PC connected wireless can access the internet. Thank you all. It works. Also i figured how to reset the password to access the setup page of the router. Great ideas and good stuff here.

    Anyway , my story. The router works perfectly in B and G mode but there are some things u need to set up correctly. Clone mac address. This is needed as a lot of ISP match a user id to a mac address. You need to clone the mac address into the router so regardless of who logs onto the network the router mac address is the one your isp sees.

    I use PSK personal security. All u do is type in a passphrase in the wireless security set up page and then enter the same passpgrase when Airport asks for it. Remember to click remember password at this time and from now on Airport will log on automatically. I have being using this security since buying my Macbook and had no problems at all. IP addresses.

    This is probably the area that is the biggest problem for most people.. I use DHCP and set range from This allows 10 users oon my network. The issue thst causes a lot of problems is that people are using macs and win machines that they use to connect to a variety of networks that alll use different IP ranges.

    If all the machines on your network are not in the same range with the same subnets yoou will get all sorts f problems like loosing wireless conectivity, loosinf internet etc. If you use your computer in more than 1 location yu need to use the Location tab. This is a great system that mac os x as it allows u to have different settings for networks in different locations. For mac users the network assistant is very helpful in helping u to set the networks up. I use multiple networks because of my wprk and depending upon where i am i just change the location. Again I have been using this system for over a year now and have had no problems.

    Hope this info is of sone use to you all and yes, Linksys support is pretty sad. The issue was that the firmware I had in the router 1. I bought the WRT54G router to run with my cable modem. The plan was to leave my iMac wired and use my PC laptop wirelessly. Plus a Vonage phone thrown into the mix. I read this entire thread before getting started, and ended up having no problems.

    My firmware was version 8. The iMac immediately connected! Maybe someone else can explain the reason behind this, but it worked for me. Thanks to all for your tips and advice. I followed all of these steps with my new imac and my wrt54g router. I got everything setup. Got a network name and password. I can not get this router to send an internet signal to anything. Been at this for 6 hours now. What do I do?! I know have one iBook and one Dell connected via Ethernet cables. Anyone have suggestions?

    Wow, thanks to everyone who posted. I had the same problems, so went to Best Buy and set up an appt. I pay stupid! Wading out to unchartered waters now.. I have an airport extreme network. Use a pc wirelessly, and my mac g4 is connected via an ethernet cable. Just got a slingbox, need another router port to connect the slingbox.

    What is the best method to connect everything? DSL modem, to a linksys router, to my airport extreme? Any help would be appeciated. Correction: Slingbox. Now my only problem is everytime I put my iBook G4 to sleep and open it back up again, I have to manually select the Airport Network and enter the password, before I can connect, which is a pain. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how I can fix it?? I have a eMac os X and ive been trying for weeks to get this Linksys WRT54G set up and its saying im connected to the internet but ever time I try to pull up a website it says Internet cannot be found… Can someone please send me step by step instructions for a computer idiot?!?!?

    Im about to bash it with a ball bat here in a few hours if I cant get help… Aric gmail. While searching the internet, I found this site and it was a lifesaver! I followed all your directions but for some reason when I enter in the password that is saved on the lynksys interface it does not work. I think I have the latest firmware on my computer and I think I have followed all the instructions but no luck.

    I can connect to the network wirelessly, but I am having signal problems, one second its good and the next second its dropped. The PC in the house has no signal problems at all. Excellent info on how to setup this system. Bought it today and was wondering where the MAC setup portion was so I googled it and came across you article.

    Thanks so much. Instructions are very easy to follow. Life saver. It worked at first, but then an hour or so later it refused to load anymore. Could someone give me a hand? Email me at themadviolinist gmail. I would be immensely grateful. Hey, I have a Mac, but my brother has a PC and we share internet connections.

    If I make this switch will he be shafted on wireless? Or will he still get the wireless with no problems? This worked for me. I was able to set up the network from my Windows PC. It took me a while to figure out what to enter on the Mac when it prompted me for a network password.

    Hi there, does your set up guide work for a MacBookPro? I f not where do I go to find it? Thank you so much! I was thinking about putting the damn disk in the blender still might , when I came across your lovely description. Now to think up a horrendous name for my network that will once again, remind my older neighbors, of why they hate us. The fix: in the Linksys Setup page at We changed it to 10 and now we all have access. Garret, I have a lynksis router and an airport. After much trying, I bypassed both and simply plugged my ethernet line from the broadband modem into the imac.

    We would really like wireless again. It all worked great with my old G4. If you are using username: admin and password: admin and its not working, then take a pen and hold down the reset button on the back of the router for 5 seconds until the light blinks, then try using admin for the username and password again. Hi Garrick, just to leave you a note. Thanks much for these helpful tips. I am trying to set up a password to lock my router using a WEP.

    Everything was working great until I tried to sign-in with the password on the second imac. The computer i actually was setting the password up for works just fine it is the second computer that is not allowing me to access the internet. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Also WAP worked just fine on both computers.

    I was able to use this to connect my iBook G4 and a Gateway computer wirelessly, but now my desktop which is hardwired to the router is not able to access the internet. Any tips?? So my problem is this, I get to the website Has anyone had any luck setting up a Linksys WAP11 I was all ready to buy another router but a a last resort figured I would try the Linksys website for help. On this page, Linksys actually summarized the situation nicely, and provided some steps which in cluded hooking the modem to the router and the router to the Mac with Ethernet cables.

    I did all the steps and still was not online. Next I thought I would try cloning the Mac address in the router admin panel. Once I did this everything sprung to life. All computers in the house now happily humming away at 10Mbps Charter high speed! Does this MAC addy clone work for version 1? I have the 24in mac desktop which at first worked great when I pulled the linksys from my closet and connected it to my PC wired. Said I was connected but still no internet.

    Garrick, thank you for posting this! With teh ethernet cable ok,but the wireless??? How come?

    How to Set Up a Linksys Router with Mac OS X

    Thank you all for your help. Frustrated, I decided to continue with research of my own. I stumble onto your post here and, literally, in less than a minute I have a working Ethernet connection! Thank you for figuring this out and thank you for posting this to help the rest of us!! Derek is the man with the plan.

    Thanks again to all for this help…. Ok, my brother bought a wrt54g2 for my other brother who has a mac. It came with easy install software for both mac and pc. After trying to do it manually I gave up and searched the cisco site and found the OSX easy install download. Here it is. It works a treat.. Took MacBook Pro on vacation and connected to wired and wireless networks with no problem. Came home and could no longer connect to the Internet with my Linksys wireless network. Airport said it was connected to the network, but browsers could not connect to the Internet.

    Interesting… Anyway, Apple and Linksys tech support were no help, so I Googled my problem, found this site, plugged in the settings added DNS servers of 4. Thanks so much! I found your site in hopes of freeing myself of the grief my mac and lynksis router have caused me. I set up the wireless router about 6 mos ago and it all worked well.

    I threw an ethernet cable on and it worked but not wireless.


    Shut her down for the day or I would have thrown it out the window. Hope this helps someone, somewhere. Cheers, Karolina B. Thank you Garrick,,,I just go my first mac,, was told I had to buy certain things one of them was to replace my router. Nothing worked. I also pushed the reset button for 30 seconds, trying doing it while connecting to the modem, and also while not connecting to the modem, also while not connecting it to the laptop, and every other variation. The power light is firm, the WLAN light is on as well, also the port light.

    I also assigned the static IP address as instructed in the beginning of this webpage. What should I do? Where do I go in a macbook if I want to update the firmware for my linksys router? Step by step and where in the computer do I go? Please help! I had fight and i won the battle. So what do I need to enter and where do I get this information? Another problem, once I reset my router to gain access with the default password, I changed my password but every time I go to access the router it does not ask for a password. Why not and how do I get it to work? Thank you in advance Garrick.

    The only problem is that it is not accpeting it. Either I am using the wrong name or password. Any solutions to this? Okay, so, you are my last hope. Hi folks, great site and great information. Unless re-configured, the out of the box address for Linksys routers is Again, unless re-configured, the default username is blank — that means nothing is typed here — for older models.

    The password will always be admin… unless someone has already configured this unit to use a different password. If the device was reconfigured, the unit must be reset to factory default. That means that while therouter is powered up, stick a paperclip in the back onto the reset button and hold for 30 seconds.

    Release the paperclip and remove power for 10 seconds. This shows the connection status between the router and your ISP. I noticed a few posts on setting the MTU message transmission unit. Hope this helps some of you out there. Need to download the driver and re-install to a MAC…. I just tried downloading the driver from Linksys. I was having similar problems to what a lot of other people have mentioned previously. I have an iBook G4 My room mate uses a powerbook and had set up the modem and linksys router before I got there.

    Then, for some odd reason it would log onto the network anyway but not let me connect to the internet. My airport status was orange and said that I was connected to the network using a self-assigned IP address and may not be able to access the internet. I tried everything I could think of with the configuations — both my airport settings and the settings on the router.