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Simply breathtaking. Just 35 seconds. Check out the videos below to see both setups annihilate the CUDA benchmark test. If you use 2 externally? A massive 6, Keep in mind that you could also pair the external setup with another internal card for potential scores above 8, Quite impressive we think! Please call us for details on or email build create. So how do we start a class action suit against Apple?

Seems like the only way to get them to do something. I don't know if this makes any sense.. Having the same issues: ? Today I thought I'd "upgrade" to Yosemite. I decided to check the forums and man am I glad I did! Maybe its time to get on the CUDA train! Seems like Yosemite just plain messes up a wide range of graphics cards.

This is a big issue, affecting a lot of customers! I may have found something I was about to take my machine in to Apple for service, but before doing so I thought I'd try running Premiere in a 'clean' user account. So I made a new admin account, copied over some project files, and launched Premiere. I set the project to CUDA, started 'working', and immediately noticed some differences: playback would start much faster, rendering started faster, less jerkiness in playback.

And I was not getting any of the glitchiness. I had other issues besides the glitchiness, like clips dropped in dynamically from Ae would not update unless I manually switched over to Ae, and these things went away.

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I didn't really spend several hours actually working, but it seems much smoother. Made me think the issue was due to 'gunked up' settings etc over months of work. But after copying over all my settings, including downloading settings from Adobe, the performance was twitchy again. I created a fresh account again, and again, in the new account, Premiere performed much better. Even complex speed ramps and Ae clips played back incredibly fast in real time, better than I've seen in months.

I won't know for sure until I spend a day editing, but it might be that a lot of these issues stem from corruption or some kind in the user settings. The performance is now similar to that of the 'clean' account. So far it's working rather well I will report back after spending more time. Maybe some other can test this out and report back If, like me, you absolutely need your custom keyboard shortcuts, you can manually copy the.

This is much appreciated. I'm sorry your experiencing this screen corruption issue. We have been able to reproduce this issue and now we're trying to determine the cause. Unfortunately this is not a simple process and we're working closely with our partners to provide a fix as soon as possible. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. We'll post updates as soon as they come.

Please note I didn't do exhaustive testing.

Apple's management doesn't want Nvidia support in macOS, and that's a bad sign for the Mac Pro

Awhile back, I had the Nvidia Ti installed and was getting the crashes which I thought was probably due to the fact the cards was a consumer card. One sequence is destined for an HD ProRes quicktime, and the the other a smaller h I am unsure if I ever got this setup to work at all but I think it worked sometimes.

Never on long sequences. Again, didn't exhaustive investigate. However, using the exact setup about and the Nvdia , I have made at least renders this way - 10 to 30 minute sequences, all with hardware CUDA enabled. I have very little professional computer training, but I have been alive before there were computers and watched them grow up - meaning this kind of issue seems early familiar to when you push hardware and software to new limits from Vendors or do not share critical info, you get these annoying anomalies for which nobody is willing to take responsibility.

My experienced guess, its how the CUDA driver is managing the flow of memory on the card or the flow from the card to the OS. Its just like that. I was able to get through a full edit yesterday with no corruption by disconnecting my external displays and using rMBP built-in display. Anyone else have any success doing this? I had forgotten I did have some luck with that one time when I could not get through a render without my iMac rebooting so I disconnected my second monitor and it amazingly got through. Not sure why I did not think about that again and try it while editing also.

The problem is I really like having my second monitor for full screen display of video especially when color correcting and color grading.


I plan on doing some tests today and tomorrow and will report back. Well it was going swimmingly, then this happened with only the built-in display.

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  6. Yeah I tried disconnecting my second monitor and it still crashes. My last render with Media Encoder it crashed within 12 seconds. Changed the setting to software only and it got through the render without any issues as always.

    Important Information on GPU and GPU Driver Requirements

    Now tonight I tried to use CUDA to render a project in Media Encoder and it got to about 20 minutes in before it crashed the computer with about 5 minutes left. So after reboot I tried software only and Media Encoder crashes as soon as the opening credits are done about 10 seconds into the render. I guess at this point It going to be a long night trying to get a minute render done.

    My next project I'm going to have to try Davinci Resolve for editing. I have had it crash before but nothing like this. Does anyone know if Mavericks has these issue? I don't know if this is a contributing factor, but I JUST started experiencing this this week on a new project. The one thing that was different than any previous project is that our agency client supplied stills to us, and they were in CYMK and my off-line editor was unaware and dropped some into the timeline.

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    Now I haven't scrubbed the project since I started on-line'ing it due to tight delivery , but there still may be some peppered throughout the timeline. My issues only seem to start when I open the Project in Premiere Pro. I've been working on another project in After Effects all morning with zero issues. Don't know if it helps, but I thought I'd toss it out here. I always convert images to RGB so I couldn't confirm that or not. I'm heaving only intermittent issues now.

    On the Adobe sight it suggests converting all footage to the same codec. But that's kinda weird since the whole big perk of switching to adobe out of the gates from FCP7 was the feature of being able to edit with multiple codecs simultaneously. I'm actually - please forgive me - tossing around the notion of buying a PC workstation for Adobe CC. Anyone have any feedback on this crazy notion? Looks like even the high end workstation builders like ProMax have discarded Macs in their offerings.

    Us people sure don't need uncertainty at this point. You're not crazy at all. I don't know man!! Like changing religions.

    CUDA fix on High Sierra for Macbook pro, Imac, and Mac pro with nvidia cards

    I may be damned for all eternity. I decided to make the move to Mac last year after installing Windows 8 on my system and after about 30 minutes of using it formatted and went back to Windows 7. At that moment I made the decision if that was the way Microsoft was going with Windows I had no choice but to move to the dark side. It had been a couple of years since I had built an editing station and I was having lots of issues with Windows 7 like blue screens, updates screwing things, adobe crashing it.

    Lots of issue and I had finally had enough. Now i'm not so sure. I don't think Windows 10 will be any better but I'm pretty much stuck for another 2 years. I really do love my iMac and OSX and up until last year was one of those that swore a PC and Windows was the way to go and when I moved over found out what I had been missing. If they could get this one issue solved I think for most including myself everything else is fine. I've never edited on PC so I don't know. Yeah I was a Windows fanboy but I started to add up all the troubleshooting I did over a year with hardware issues, blue screens, update issues, random crashing with the OS and also Adobe, having to format to just about fix every issue and then a week later another one would pop up.

    I was running a nvidia quadro card and it had a lot of issue on the PC. I added up I was wasting several days per month just fixing my system. Moved to Mac and up until Yosemite everything was pretty good. I'm just hoping this is not a sign Apple is going the opposite direction now.

    I guess at this point we don't know if it's Apple, Adobe or Nvidia to blame so i'm holding judgement. I have been a Mac user for a long time, and I will say this: Yosemite is very uncharacteristic for Apple. Most OS upgrades have been relatively solid. Yosemite is the first time I've been really disappointed with Apple. No matter, I rolled my iMac back to Mavericks and its as fast and reliable as it always has been.

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    Next I need to find the time to roll back my Macbook Pro. To be fair I am working on a graphic intensive sequence with up to 8 layers, some nested, but I've done that in the past, BY before Yosemite. I really am thinking about going back to Mavericks, Any thoughts? This has gotten to the point where I just can't get anything done. This has to be a Nvidia CUDA issue considering a lot of us are running different versions of mac hardware and all having issues.

    Can anyone running Mavericks and utilizing CUDA verify that they are having any issue or at least is it minimal with Mavericks. This is the first time I have ever been in the position where I can't just switch to a different editing program or change out a computer part to fix an issue and get things done. I am having a very strange issue that doesn't affect editing however - if I turn off computer monitor 1 the cooling fans in my Mac will suddenly start to spin at about a zillion mph. But, as soon as o hit the power switch to turn it back on the fans return to normal operation.

    I've never encountered that before, and have no logical explanation for it, but since everything else seems to be just fine I'm not going to worry about it now. Thanks for responding. I might just have to format and go back to Mavericks then. I really don't have any other options. I would definitely do a ground up reinstall with Mavericks. Then, if you wind up with a working system, make sure to clone it to a FireWire drive, and keep that on the shelf for safety. And, before doing upgrades or updates you'll have a way to get back up and running in minutes.

    Did you reboot after installing the new driver? You should.. I have just formatted and finally back on Mavericks and in the process of installing all of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs I use. Soon I will know if this helps and if it does I plan on making a backup and sticking with it until I know things are fixed. Regarding switching away from Yosemite, I Just want to reiterate my previous posts. I get the screen-glitch problem described by everyone else, and I am on Mountain Lion.

    I do not use CUDA either--not even installed on my system. I use Open CL. I am on a late iMAC. Hope this hels your decision. I really hope Adobe is still monitoring this thread. The toolset that needs to function and function reliably. Is that still true? Hi David, I too am ignorant of the whole thing. I used Open CL without any problems except for the random screen-glitching that this forum is discussing. So I downloaded CUDA and it gave me lots of other unrelated problems can't recall specifics and it did not solve the screen glitching problem.

    The glitch problem is really not too much of a problem but it does show itself at times, especially when I am doing lots of effects, using Denoiser, heavy photo files, graphics, etc. I am sitting with Mountain Lion for now because I am timid to go to Mavericks and certainly not Yosemite until this thing clears up. Sorry I couldn't be more intelligent about the technical aspects. Have a great day. CUDA 7. Some one install this? Does it fix the problem?

    I went back 2 versions and after doing a uninstall of Ver 7. Well, on the Nvidia site where you download the driver, if you go to the information tab you see this message: "Note: this driver does not support the older generation GPUs with SM1. Please download CUDA driver 6. Going on this assumption, I uninstalled the latest drivers on both Mac Pros and reinstalled V 6. If anyone can verify my logic in the steps I took, that would be greatly appreciated.

    In the meantime I will let you all know if I encounter the problem again. Fingers crossed. I tried this same thing with no luck. Still seeing the graphics errors and getting full shutdowns when under GPU stress. Did you have any luck? The new CUDA 7, on I've only skimmed through this massive thread but I can confirm that this is NOT just an issue with When will Adobe address this problem? I've invested in 2 Quadro cards for my Mac Pros.

    Adobe couldn't have touted how great CUDA was more than they have in the last year. Now it is dead in the water. Is anyone from Adobe reading this? Please respond. Yes, this is the latest news. Thanks for reposting it over here. Finally some good news Kevin! Lets all hope what they found really stops the glitches once and for all!

    Its been a real pain and the time it took to fix this has been way too long for people like us who rely on Premiere for our work. For sure, Ingo. I hope that works out while we await a fix. The thread on the Adobe form is a little hard to flow, but if I understand it correctly 7. It is still unreleased. Is that correct? Because 7. How have I not come across this thread earlier???

    After months of suffering through these exact problems, I was about to toss my GPU in the bin thinking it was the culprit. Hope a fix is found soon so I can get it back though IF there really is a fix on the way, why don't they give more press on it? Any other conspiracy theorists out there that think the Mac platform is a far less bang for the buck for Adobe? I don't know about end of days, people have been predicting that the entire time I've worked in post, even well before FCP-Gate. The vast majority of post shops and freelancers I know still use Macs and have no interest in anything else.

    As for Adobe ignoring the problem, it is frustrating. I have actually seen versions of this problem with Mavericks, so it's been close to a year and a half. I will say it's also a little unfair to lay the blame strictly at Adobe's feet. I keep an eye on this thred, and a few others on Adobe's forums, to see if a real fix ever gets reported, but in the mean time, no CUDA for me. Perhaps it makes it worse, I don't know, but I use OpenCL exclusively, and I still on Mountain Lion, and I have been dealing with this glitch problem for a couple of years. Kevin, it's entirely possible we have different bugs with that produce very similar visual distortion.

    I agree that it's not limited to Yosemite, as I have seen the issue on Mavericks. But, as i said in my previous post, I have seen these visual distortions in Finder Safari, and Mission Control, when no Adobe program, none at all, not even the CC app, are running. Based on the fact that I haven't seen the issue on my machine, after uninstalling CUDA, and the lack of larger panic in the non-pro Mac using community, who don't use CUDA, I have to conclude, the issue I am having is with that technology.

    Same version of PPro CC , same project file, same media just different machines. I thought I read somewhere maybe it was NAB-related that someone at Nvidia said they were aware of the problem and were trying to work on a fix. I can't find the link though so maybe it was just a dream. No Andrew, that wasn't a dream. Since then Kevin removed his promising posting. I don't know why, but since his message appaered and disppeared a couple of weeks ago we didn't get a fix from NVIDIA.

    I hope Kevin was right by stating that they are aware of this mess and have actually figured out how to fix this asap. I thought I was losing my mind. At least we know Nvidia is aware of it and hopefully a fix will come sooner rather than later. It''s gotta be hard though since Adobe, Nvidia and Apple are all in variables here and sometimes bugs can be persistent little things. Has anyone had this repair done on their MBP Retina mid?

    So I'm wondering if anyone with a mid MBP Retina has had this repair done and if they can comment on whether it fixes the issues? I live in West Africa with no Apple stores so it will be quite a mission for me to get the laptop to London to do this repair. It is my understanding that the warranty extension program for the mid rMBP is a different issue then the one being discussed here. It would cause the whole screen to go black when the chip got too hot. It didn't always lock up, but because your screen was off you couldn't see anything.

    It did cause lookups and crashes, but the full black screen was the most common symptom. Because it was a hardware issue, the only fix was to replace the card. The issue we are discussing is software related. Its most common symptom is visual distortion and breakup of the image. The distortion is often limited to the viewer windows inside Premiere, and changes or goes away with as you continue to play the timeline. While this issue does cause system lookups and crashes, they are infrequent compared to the visual distortion issue.

    As this is software related, a hardware swap will not resolve it, I know, I tried swapping the hardware multiple times before finding this thred and realizing it was software. There is no available fix for this issue, though many of us have had success with uninstalling CUDA. You have to make sure it's completely uninstalled, looking up and removing all the library folders, and not just removing the preference pane. So if you think you have the hardware issue, send it in. If you think it's the software issue, try uninstalling CUDA and seeing if you get any improvement with your problem. Actually I can live with the graphics glitches Maybe this could be linked to the card getting hot and crashing?

    M machine does qualify for the repair so I guess I may as well get it done So, I guess a downgrade to Mavericks is on the cards. Such a pain though as I stuck it out on yosemite for a few weeks and quite like it apart from the crashing. Thanks again for the advice. Ok, time for to post my 5 kopek I've bought finally! I was happy as hell, until I started to make my first premiere pro project on it. And, dramatical pause - I press enter to render preview my thing. Black scree immediately. Ok, I thought, shit happens - I did not save the project, so I've made all the changes Same damn thing happened.

    And in between I've had those glitches which is everyone is talking about here. Large Framebuffers with Ultra-Fast Bandwidth Large GPU memory with fast bandwidth for accelerating the display of complex models and scenes, as well as performing complex computation on large datasets. L1 and L2 caches drive exceptional throughput, accelerating features such as real-time ray tracing, physics and texture filtering. Fast 3D Texture Transfer Fast transfer and manipulation of 3D textures resulting in more interactive visualization of large volumetric datasets. Hardware 3D Window Clipping Hardware accelerated clip regions data transfer mechanism between a window and the frame buffer improve overall graphics performance by increasing transfer speed between color buffer and frame buffer.

    Beneficial for applications that demand the highest resolution and quality image processing. Enables unprecedented rendered image quality for visual effects processing. Display Features High-Quality Display Connectors Attaches to ultra-high-resolution panels producing phenomenal photorealistic image quality from a range of display connectors.

    Supports two active connectors including, dual-link DVI with up to x 24Hz and DisplayPort with up to x Support via optional 3-pin mini din connector. This broad adoption of CUDA is accelerating techniques like ray tracing, video and image processing, and computation fluid dynamics. Cg Programming Programmable GPU leverages Cg high-level, open-standard shading language to enable the creation and integration of real-time photorealistic effects into 3D models, scenes and designs.

    Shader Model 5.

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