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Mac Pro AMD GPUs Getting Full Hardware Acceleration Support in Blackmagic Resolve 10 & Adobe CC

Their diagnostic is that this is cause by adobe software, and advise me to try the machine without adobe software installed. I can of course sit and watch my screen without do anything sensible for some days and maybe copy some data back and forth, and I am quite sure that it will work without adobe software on it as well. Will give it a go come Monday. But the exact same software and hardware works great on an older version of the Mac Pro and on a MacBook Pro with mavericks.

No firmware upgrades available for any, of course all new drivers for each one iu used. So please, all adobe cc users with the new Mac Pro in here, could you confirm that this isn't a working combination, or if it is my machine. I've already lost weeks of work and I feel like throwing this visually beautiful new machine out the window. I'm quite sure up to fifty percent of the users of this machine have adobe software installed on it, and we can't all have this problem? Posted on May 16, AM.

Page content loaded. May 16, AM in response to paal. This seems to be huge problem. I have 6 core nMP and no Adobe products. I have no problem what so ever after update. Shot in the dark, I would suspect the Studio and Adobe. To me seems that you have to Restore. As I said this pure guess. May 16, AM. May 16, PM in response to paal.

Retina Macbook Pro 13" 2013 Adobe Photoshop CS6 Test

The warranty entitles you to complimentary phone support for the first 90 days of ownership. If you bought the product in the U. In other countries, the return policy may be different. If you bought from a reseller, its return policy applies. May 16, PM. May 16, PM in response to innocentius In response to innocentius.

Mac Pro AMD GPUs Getting Full Hardware Acceleration Support in Blackmagic Resolve 10 & Adobe CC

I could manage with the software supplied with the adobe cc bundle, premiere and after effects, but I love the good old studio package. However, I am quite sure the problem is with the adobe software and the new Mac pro hardware, which I can't work without. Photoshop, illustrator, indesign and flash are all tools I use all the time. Photoshop and illustrator are everyday tools in my job, and there just aren't any substitutes for these applications. May 17, AM in response to paal. These are the only Adobe products I've used so far since just getting the mac pro. The regular freezes have occured when pushing the processing hard on the machine, so my theory is that it's overheating -- but these are standard, routine tasks and the entire point of the mac pro is to do heavy lifting.

Wondering if the machine I have is a lemon, or if there's an oveheating desing flaw? Curious how common freexing is on the new MacPro. May 17, AM.


May 20, AM in response to paal. I use CS6 photoshop, premiere, and after effects. I don't have any problems with any of these on my Mac pro May 20, AM. May 27, AM in response to paal. When the new Mavericks This actually seems to have helped. I've also reduced the usage of the GPU in Photoshop, which was my main problemchild, and I haven't had a crash since. There are still GPU glitches, but I'm crossing fingers hoping this will be the end of it. May 27, AM. May 28, PM in response to paal. May 28, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question.

My last MacBook Pro was the 15" early model, and two months ago my company sent me the latest MacBook Pro, 15", highest specs. I was expecting a huge improvement that to be honest didn't happen, so in a certain way I'm quite disappointed. If before I could use the trackpad to design things on the fly, now it's almost impossible to use, especially holding something by pressing with the thumb while moving the index finger it's very much harder, shaky result and so on.

The surface of the trackpad is way too big and too close to the edges. I can't chill anymore on a beanbag with the laptop on my stomach, because my hoodie now ends on top of the trackpad. I heard many people complaining about all types of problems with that, also keys that don't work well. I personally find the touch bar really annoying, apart from a few useful buttons when you remember they exist it's a UX disaster.

I often press something by mistake, for instance, I was used to rest my finger on the Esc button but obviously now as you hover on it you trigger an action. It takes 5 seconds to turn down the volume because pressing the button just opens the volume slider—in a different position— and doesn't actually turn down the volume.

All programs seem to perform at the same level of my previous computer pretty well , maybe a little bit better but not much. What to say? It's a great machine, but IMHO if you can find the previous model you might as well go for that. Just as a heads up — you don't need to do this. You can just rest your finger on the volume icon and, without lifting it, move left or right to adjust the volume.

Same with the brightness icon.

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I bought the space gray macbook pro when it first came out. First one I got had a few malfunctioning keys and I was able to get it exchanged. I know others that have had hardware issues too. I hope they've gotten better, but I think the build quality is poor, considering I've owned many generations of macs with 0 problems. Just thought I'd share this experience. Power-wise they run great, the design is very sharp, and the p3 display is really awesome. Sorry to hear that, buddy. I can relate with that; my current MacBook heat up for no reason, and, even tho when it's cold, the fans starts to enter airplane mode.

The number one rule with Apple redesigns is to wait a generation or two while the kinks get worked out. If you travel at all the 13" is way better for portability. I still use my MacBook 13" and have not seen the need to upgrade and I usually upgrade whenever I can. I just wish their "Pro" machines could actually handle a professional workflow properly. I still run a late MBP 15" retina i5.

Ok machine, not as good as my previous i7, but looking back that was a while ago now. I'm in the same boat - need a new machine, but I don't feel the hardware specs are worth the money. Hear me out - I'm a mac user since early , I love the things. I really miss my G5 powermac lol. But I don't see the new features that the latest MBP bring are going to be of value to me. Screen: Everyone comments on how lovely the screen is, but I have two huge cinema screens it gets plugged into when I get to the office - so a slightly moot point.

Touch bar: I don't feel I'd ever use it, as I plug a mechanical keyboard in most of the time. Now, while these are definite issues for me, I'll likely end up sal-sacking another MBP, because hey that's what you do when the entire company uses macs. But I'll be whinging the whole way to and from the Apple store :P. I'm not sure it would be ok for video editing, I'd go for a GPU ie. MacBook Pro 15" with graphic card.

Are you using you 13" MacBook Pro alone, or have you bought a separate display? If not, how do you handle the "lack" of space on the 13"? My wife got a max-spec'd 13" with touchbar and it is one of the worst products I've had the misfoturne of using. For context, I'm on my second macbook, and third iphone, its her third macbook etc. I could go on. Do not buy this macbook. I have no similar problems. Touchbar works smooth although I stopped using it almost completely after few days. Works like any previous Mac.

I have dislike of keyboard and touchbar as I stated in my post up there but that's a dislike not a malfunctioning thing. Yeah it's really weird. Every other peice of apple hardware ive owned has been good, but this macbook is fucking terrible. Every day it amazes me with how shit it is. It even seems to be slower than her old dual core 13" MBP.

It is odd. I think 15" too big, especially if you wanna take it everywhere. I bought 13" with touch bar and I like it. Honestly, touch bar is not so great feature as I wanted, but I hope Apple update experience in new OS. If it helps, i just bought the non-touchbar 15" MBP. If the latest one's had all the ports as the old one, without the touchbar, that'd easily be my first choice. Sadly, it isn't. And yes, i am not disappointed with the performance despite having an older version, its blazing fast! Clearly a more refined machine with fewer problems no display warm yellowish tint and no scroll lag.

The keyboard doesn't bother me, I'm used to mechanical. I was apprehensive about buying it at first because it looked like I was just spending money and not getting that much of an upgrade, but no regrets. I bought machine couple of years ago, used. But it was in very good condition thus running smoothly. Currently I am looking for an upgrade and I was looking for either Mac or Hackintosh. MB as always is great, but f-ing expensive. This speculated because of Touch Bar introduction which is relatively new technology, making it expensive.

Other alternatives which would be less expensive and even have better performance were: -- Del XPS Only old model of is available to Hackintosh. The Hackintosh for new model will be available only after quite some time. No Hackintosh is available for newest model, so this was a bummer.

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In general this is still a hack and will provide with the issues you stated before. So this has a downside. Plus the price tag jumps from premium to insane category. Like many others here I recently made the jump back to Windows and have been quite please. It's super fast, and can handle running a high-end graphics game in an emulator, something my MBAir chugged doing.

The keyboard is very responsive and springy, but the noise level of the keys does take some getting used to. At first, it feels like a scene from a movie where someone is typing obnoxiously loud. I'm very aware of it when I'm not working alone. I also use it for volume and brightness control, but only because I have to. The lack of the physical feedback esc key is still foreign after a month of use. To be honest, most of the time I forget it's even there, as I suspect most touch-typers do. The display is gorgeous. The bezel is smaller around the screen and the SF font on the keyboard is a nice touch.

The force trackpad I still have a hard time dragging and dropping with. It's not the extra pressure that's the problem for me.

Premiere Pro CC no longer compatible with New Mac Pro running 10.9.3

It's the more nuanced gestures and light touches. Overall, it's the best laptop I've owned, though I'm not sure I'd opt for the touch bar if I were to purchase one myself. Then again, I think it depends on your age and experience.

Buy the most powerful one you can afford. It should last you a long time I'm still using my 17" mid MBP. I am in the same boat as you. Looking for a new machine but coming off a mid which still got some life in it. Yes the cost is high up front but in the long run the device should pay for itself. Averaging out the cost makes it a little more feasible. Welcome to the boat, buddy. My use-case is similar to yours. I also plan on some light video editing that is more personal stuff rather than client so I would need some GPU power for that.

Base model for the 15" MBP is my current top choice. I think the improvements are marginal between that one and the top line one in the 15". I recently got the 15" macbook pro max specs for video work. My thoughts: Its beautiful, the touchbar is mostly useless imo, but its a great machine, incredibly fast.

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  • If you want to cut down on price, a top of the line model would work well I am sure. That's my dilemma at the moment; going for a cheaper MacBook version, which can do the job, or buying the newer MacBook Pro version, future proof.