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It also allows the credentials to be opened to be used as the normal credentials for the software. If you are looking for an extensive command-line option, Termius could be the best option for you. This tool is way beyond than just an SSH client as it reexplores remote access for network engineers and system admins. It allows you to access the Linux or IoT based devices safely, and fix any issues much faster and conveniently. This free application offers an attractive, handmade interface for all major platforms.

There are no ads for distraction. Moreover, it couples its servers and credentials for fast access.


While it helps make groups to explain the shared themes and settings, it also tags your systems to keep them arranged. It comes equipped with 10 colorful themes and fonts that can be adjusted. In addition, it allows you to create several connections to the same host or link to different hosts. You can also encode almost all services and connections using port forwarding and tunneling. It includes native tiling designs along with support for visual, Unicode, and ligature.

It provides support for every advanced terminal feature like the images, true-color, mouse protocol, and more. It also supports tiling of different terminal windows parallelly in multiple patterns and does not require using the tmux. Best of all, it can be managed from the shell prompt or the scripts. The program can be extended using Kittens structure that helps build small terminal programs. In addition, it provides support for startup sessions that enable you to fix a design, active directories, and apps to launch at the startup.

8 Free SSH Clients For macOS And Windows – PuTTY Alternatives

Besides, it also lets you launch the scrollback option in an individual window that uses random apps. SecureCRT offers a powerful terminal emulation function for those in the field of computers. While it helps to increase productivity with modern session control, it also sets up many methods to save time and streamline mundane tasks.

It offers safe remote access, file transfer facility, and the option of data tunneling for all employees in the organization. Moreover, it comes with pre-set color schemes, that includes Solarized scheme, making it easy to transform the look of your terminal workstation. You have the freedom to select from a different light and dark color mixups with matching forefront, background, and ANSI shades. It can even reconnect you automatically when your Mac wakes you up from your sleep.

However, the ones we have listed are good enough to suffice your needs. Given that Mac OS already comes equipped with its own native SSH client, chances are that you may not require external support. Both the terminal emulator and the file transfer facility are protected by SSH authentication and encryption systems. Connections can be tunneled through a proxy and you can add on extras to improve security in addition to RSA or DSA encryption.

The command line version also enables dynamic port forwarding and an FTP bridge. All in all, this is a very handy Windows SSH client.

PuTTY Manager – Get Tabbed PuTTY Interface

Xshell is free for home use and there is a paid version for businesses. This tool runs on Windows , but it can communicate with Linux and Unix servers. There is also an rlogin option. The tool is able to give you a terminal on to remote computers and it will store your credentials in encrypted format for frequently-visited servers. You can open multiple connections and switch between them, using the tabs that display at the top of the interface terminal window.

In fact, it is a replacement of the interface of PuTTY and requires the original program to be installed and operational. It is an enthusiast-written utility that runs on Windows and is free to use. The SSH option is the better choice because it includes user authentication and encryption.

8 Best SSH Client & Connection Managers in 2018 (Hands-On Review)

The program runs on Windows and is free to use. This tool very closely mimics the original PuTTY with a few added extras. You can set the program to run on system startup, and it will minimize to the system tray when not in use. You have a choice of using the secure SSH system or the unprotected rlogin. Mintty is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator for Windows.

PuTTY für Mac

The program is free to use and you can also access the source code if you plan to adapt the software to your own design. The program is lightweight and avoids making any registry entries by storing its configuration in a file. Mintty was developed from the code of PuTTY 0. There is no file transfer system in this tool.

Cmder is a straight-forward terminal emulator for Windows. The program runs on Windows and it is a combination of the ConEmu terminal emulation program with a Unix-like scripting language that works on Windows.

The tool also lacks a file transfer system. The system includes a powerful scripting language that can help you automate processes such as information gathering on remote systems.

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The interface allows multiple sessions to be open simultaneously. Security for connections is provided by SSH. Unprotected connection methods, such as rlogin are also available for private networks. Unfortunately, ZOC is not free. The tool is a product of Brainsoft and you can get it on a free trial.

The free trial lasts for ten launches. So, if you keep the program open for a long time, you will get the most out of the free offer. The tool allows you to open simultaneous terminal sessions in tabbed pages. It also includes a text editor. There is no file transfer facility in the tool, but you can copy and paste through the interface.

FireCMD remembers your previous session when you connect to a server and navigates to the directory you were in when you closed your last session on that computer. It also stores the command history from the last session. It only runs on Windows , but it is free of charge. The interface integrates bit key RSA encryption. The interface includes a scripting language, called lua 5. You can also create keyboard shortcuts and automatic logon scripts to speed up your work with the tool. SmarTTY is free and runs on Windows. A lot of PuTTY alternatives employ tabs to allow you to access several sessions in the same panel of the interface.

However, SmarTTY has an unusual design.

PuTTY for Mac: 7 Free Alternative SSH Clients to Use in | Beebom

An index panel to the left of the main terminal screen shows the directory structure of the computer in the currently displayed session. This directory explorer is responsive, so you can move through the file storage by clicking on the directory icons. A couple of other useful features of this tool are an embedded file editor and a hexadecimal terminal type to monitor traffic on ports.

The security of this terminal emulator is provided by SSH. The interface allows the display of multiple simultaneous connections through a tabbed layout. You can choose to show the current open window in full-screen mode to make it seem as though you really are working directly on the remote computer. Other terminal features include a connection log, screen sharing, and a screen capture tool, all protected by remote SSH. Over time, PuTTY has become the most popular terminal emulator which supports a variety of protocols.

You can use the Terminal to SSH into a remote server, provided, obviously, that you have the valid login credentials. All you will need to do, is change the server name to your server and use your login credentials. It is likely that Terminal shows you the following message: The authenticity of host 'xxx.

You will be asked to enter the password to the server or or control panel in case of shared hosting service. Notable among the various features that iTerm2 offers are: Support for split-windows: Multiple independent terminals in the same tab. Instant Playback: This feature plays back a history of everything you have done on iTerm2, in case you forgot to copy a number or some detail from older commands.

Better search: Searching on iTerm2 highlights all the matches for the word, like Safari and Chrome do. There are a lot of other features that are offered by iTerm2. You can read about them on their official website. Download here 3.