Top 5 Mac cleaners: Free and premium versions

10 Best Mac Cleaner Apps and Optimization Utilities

So if you wish to explore a best Mac cleaner software for your Mac, then you have to continue with your reading down the lane. Unlike every other utilities, it has got a stronghold of perfection which makes it more preferable than any everything else. There are many features built-in it, such as remove junk files, duplicate files, large files, etc.

It uses RAW algorithm which helps in deep scanning. You can uninstall apps and at the same time optimize or manage the system add-ons and extensions along with performance and CPU usage, etc.

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In fact the entire clean up is done in mere 3 steps which is hardly to be found with any other tools available on internet. Just download the tool and from the main tool screen, check out the tabs listed on the left hand side of the screen. The first core function that CleanGeeker offers is Junk Clean, this could clean up to 12 junk files or cache files on system and Apps.

Including App cache, log files, language files, broken login items,Browser cache,Old backups,trash files and downloads, etc. CleanGeeker get rid of all the junk files and data that are slowing down you computer. With just one click, your PC will be cleaner and the performance of the system will be boosted.

The second feature that's provided in CleanGeeker is the Duplicates Finder. This feature will scan your entire Mac system and iTunes and will find all the duplicate data including music, videos, files, etc. Let's see how it locates and remove duplicate files on Mac. The third feature that I really loved about this tool is to find the largest and most old files in the system.

After doing a quick scan with the program, I was able to find 27 GB of unused large and old files. CleanGeeker categorized them in a very well-mannered and I could sort them by size and could preview them individually.

What’s the Best Free Clean up Software for Mac OS X?

Another powerful feature that makes this Mac cleaner great is the uninstaller, this could completely remove unwanted apps that won't uninstall. What's more, it also can remove all files, settings, preference, folders that associated with the application without damaging the system. CleanGeeker has a free version that allows you to clean your disk space up to MB, and The full version allows you to access all advanced features including Smart Scan, Junk Clean, Duplicate Finder, App Remover, File erase and others. When it comes to removing malwares, junk files, monitoring system performance, there is scarcely any other software which can replace the CleanMyMac X.

CleanMyMac 3 Review 2019 - The Best Mac Cleaner Software

Without a doubt it can search every corner of your system to trace out duplicate, junk files, outdated caches, so that you can eliminate them. Besides, it can manage applications and files, it always askes for your permission before deleting any file and offers a due of Uninstaller and Updater, the former one to uninstall outdated apps, and the latter one to update it. As the name suggests this is really genius Mac cleaning tool to all your Mac related problems, especially the clearance of junk files.

Have you ever wondered what impedes the usual system performance? Well with all the space occupied, what you are left for the MacOS to carry out operation is very minimal, which drags along all the troubles. Click Go , and a Finder window will open showing the Mail Downloads folder.

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With a few stray clicks, the Mail Downloads folder can balloon in size, holding megabytes' worth of files you didn't even know were there. Once you get to the folder, you can select all files and delete, or rescue the few files you want to keep awhile in a more permanent location—say, the regular old Downloads folder. As it turns out, a Mac stores a lot of information—not just browser-related details—in files called caches, allowing quick access to that data and reducing the need to fetch it from the original source again.

Unfortunately, that information can sometimes become corrupted, or otherwise problematic. Cocktail , from Maintain, is among the longest-running and best of these. As someone who reviews products for Macworld, I regularly try new apps and then delete them.

For the most part, you can drag an app from the Applications folder to the Trash, but often an app creates folders and files outside of the app package and in various locations on the drive, which makes those files and folders difficult to find and toss out. Sometimes, however, when your Mac is updating an app, you want to keep the associated files but discard the old app; AppTrap will ask if you want to leave the files which you want to do or move them to the Trash.

In the Apple menu, select About This Mac. Select Storage and click on the Manage button. In the left section, select Applications. The main section of the window will show a list of your applications. Select the app you want to remove, and then click on the X button to remove it.

One caveat with this method: Only apps downloaded from the App Store will have all its components removed. If you got an app outside of the App Store and use this method to uninstall it, all the components may not be removed.

Best Mac Cleaner (and why you need one) | TheSweetBits

Under the Kind header, you can see if an app was from the App Store or not. However, tracking down the useless files and removing them is a bit time-consuming. Aside from purging out the useless files, many of these tools can also play a pivotal role in providing the needed safeguard to your personal info. Note: Recently, we had reviewed the best cleaning apps for iPhone and the top 10 iPhone storage cleaners for Mac.

If you are in search of a tool to clear the redundant files from your iOS device, do give those posts a look. It provides a visual breakdown of your disk space, thereby making it a bit easier to spot the space wasters. Therefore, capturing and purging unwanted files becomes pretty straightforward.

One notable feature of this software is the ability to scan multiple disks not just accurately but also fast. With the integrated QuickLook features, it lets you easily preview file content. This software scans your entire system and suggests you clean up the files depending on their usability. It also recommends you to delete all the useless contents related to an application. With just a click, you can remove the entire unnecessary files including the large mail attachments, duplicate photos, cache etc.

Price: Free Download. The app allows you to track down the redundant data and lets you get rid of them fast. Take advantage of the adware doctor to nab the adware and malware. Keep a close watch on the app information like its version and size. Check out the crashed apps and also find out the firewall status.

Besides, you have the option to upgrade this Mac cleaner to unlock several useful features like removing mail attachments, duplicate, and large files. The software lets you ideally manage the storage of your computer and prevent redundant data from piling up. My favorite feature is the Automatic Pilot mode that allows you to effortlessly capture all the culprits and kill them with just a press of a button. No list of top Mac cleaning software would be complete without OnyX. You can use this tool to quickly nab all the problematic files and folders that need to be purged soon.

Having given it a long spin, I can say that it can live up to the demand fairly well. One notable feature of this software is the accuracy with which it unearths junkies.