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You're the man. No distortion, no fluctuations, etc.

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Do you know how much I've been through to get this to work properly???? This is just a fan letter. Recently my aging vision has worsened, and I found it hard to adjust text to my liking in some applications […] I then remembered your program and created a X that works very well. That is the best customer support I have ever received from a software developer!

1. Scaled resolution

For Macs with Retina displays, you can't lower the native resolution to a specific resolution in order to increase the size of text and icons like you can on other laptops and displays. That's never a great idea anyway because you lose sharpness in the bargain for larger, more legible letters.

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Retina displays offer what Apple calls "scaled resolutions" to bump up size of text and icons. Open System Preferences and go to Displays. On the Display tab, you'll see two options at the top of the window for Resolution: Default for display and Scaled.

7 MacOS display settings to help you see your Mac better - CNET

Choose Scaled and, depending on the size of your Retina display, you'll have four or five options. Choose one of the two options on the Larger Text side to make it easier to read what's on your display. Having troubling reading emails? In many other apps, including both Chrome and Safari, you can increase text size along with everything else by hitting Command-Plus. You can then lower it by hitting Command-Minus. And to return to the normal zoom level, hit Command-Zero.

If your desktop icons are too small to be useful, you can increase their size along with the text of their descriptions. Dan danj.

2. Increase text size

Self employed contract worker. Take note the older Mini DisplayPort only adapters won't support the higher x output.

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