Reasons Behind Email Stuck in Outbox Folder

While working on Outlook for Mac messages stuck in outbox and do not allow other email messages to send. Then, you can change the settings of Outlook as many times Outlook is set to the mode of Work Offline.

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To disable it, follow the steps below:. Even after changing the mode of Outlook , still there is an issue in sending messages then; there is another way that helps to fix the issue by deleting the complete sent folder in Outlook by following the steps given below. Once the steps are completed restart Outlook after few moments and send the mail again. It is the most basic that by restarting any application, there are chances of the removal of an issue. As by restarting all backend, applications are closed and the supplication begins in fresh mode. However, the same concept is applied here, quiet Outlook from the running mode and press shift key from the keyboard for restarting Outlook.

Even after doing this, the error Outlook for mac email stuck in outbox is there, then user need to rebuild the Outlook database. The identity holds the set of Mac Outlook contacts , email messages, account settings, and calendars, etc.

How Can I Stop a Message in My Outlook Outbox that Won’t Send?

If there is some unexpected behavior is found via Outlook then, there are chances of damage of database. To overcome from such a situation rebuild the identity by utilizing MS database utility that may help to resolve the occurrence of an issue. Conclusion: Emails play an important role in business continuity as it provides a mode of e-communication. When any issue occurs in sending an email then, the whole work schedule is affected badly.

In the above discussion, the problem faced by users when Outlook for Mac email stuck in outbox is described. Along with it, three relevant solutions are discussed that helps to resolve the occurrence of an issue.

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Nevertheless, if the problem again repeats then, feel free to drop a comment below and the issue will further be looked into by experts. Email stuck in outbox but can't access it Ask Question. Asked 8 years ago. Active 6 years, 10 months ago.

Viewed 9k times. Alex Alex 1, 2 2 gold badges 20 20 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges. Paste in the following three lines: tell application "Microsoft Outlook" delete every message of outbox end tell Click the Run button at the top and this should delete every message in your Outbox.

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