How to Rotate Your Screen on Windows 10 or 7

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Or a selfie video of your gran singing in landscape? Of course not. Keep reading to find out more. There are two ways to rotate videos on Windows. This article identifies six awesome VLC features and explains how to use them.

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Read More ; the other uses Windows Movie Maker. Some specialize in news, others in opinion, some focus on goals, others on statistics. All are valuable repositories for the beautiful game. Read More in Amsterdam throughout my demonstrations.

How to Rotate MP4 Video 90 Degrees or Turn It Upside Down

I recorded the video on my phone a few years ago. Windows Essentials apps will be deprecated in January Replace the apps on Windows 10 with these third party alternatives. Read More. Microsoft rolled it into Live Essentials back in , but ended support for the productivity suite in early As such, you need to grab a copy of Windows Movie Maker 2. If you cannot see the option, click the Tasks icon at the top of the screen. Next, find the file on your hard drive and click Import. The import process might take some time, depending on the size of your file.

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Drag and drop your video into the Storyboard. Now right-click on your video and select Video Effects from the context menu.

Microsoft Windows

The app will display an extensive list of tools. Scroll down until you find the rotate option. Click Add , then click OK.

How to Rotate Video on Your iPhone or Mac

Note: The app can only rotate in a clockwise direction, so in my example, I need to rotate the video degrees. Nobody has time for that. Here's how to use Windows Movie Maker to compress video files for the web. Using VLC is much more complicated. However, given the difficulty of finding Windows Movie Maker, it might be the only choice for some users. Click on the Video tab, then the Geometry sub-tab.

Now you have two options.

How to Fix Upside Down iPhone Photos

You can either mark the checkbox next to Transform if you want to rotate your video by standard increments of 90 degrees, or you can choose Rotate to change the orientation by just a few degrees at a time. When you need to act fast and film with your phone or camera really quickly you don't always think about orientation.

Some devices are really sensitive to your hand movement, some are not. The most popular device by Apple does not provide an obvious switch. You can rotate the desktop screen, but that is not exactly what's needed. This article will tell you how you can get a better video playback by rotating, flipping, or mirroring it and then view your improved video in Elmedia Player PRO.

This app supports 4K, HD, and standard videos, slo-mo or regular speed, etc.

Elmedia Player PRO only rotates video display. That means that it only adjusts it for your comfortable viewing and the whole file will not be rotated permanently. This way Elmedia Player will make up for the "orientation" issues by rotating the video during playback. Rotate the videos in any direction any time you want.

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  • Elmedia Player lets you rotate MP4 video on Mac as well as other types:. Elmedia Player has an awesome feature that lets you continuously loop any part of the video.