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These make the desktop a convenient place to store temporary work, and organize commonly-accessed files; however, there may be times when items you know should be on the desktop are missing.

Drive Icons Missing From Your Mac's Desktop?

This type of problem can happen for several reasons, but the fixes for them may take different approaches. If the items missing from your desktop are files, then you can try the following three options for determining if they are present:. If the items missing are your attached drives, or network servers that you commonly access, then go to the Finder preferences, where in the General section you will have an option to show hard drives, servers, and other items on the desktop. Formatting a hard drive for use with your Mac?

Here are your macOS file system options and how to pick the best one for you. Read More that your computer cannot write to. Here's how to fix a locked Mac drive and get it working again.

Read More , if necessary. If you find your drive here, try accessing it.

1. Connect Your Drive and Check /Volumes/

Check the boxes to determine which drives show up on your desktop. This system utility lists all connected drives, with mounted or unmounted partitions listed below. If your drive appears in Disk Utility but you are unable to mount any partitions, you may still be able to recover data from that drive. Digital camera SD card corrupted itself? Don't despair — here's what you can do to recover your files on your own.

Why Can't I See My Hard Drive On My Desktop In OS X?

Some users have reported success in getting their previously missing drives to show up by rebuilding the macOS launch services database. You can rebuild the database by downloading and installing free maintenance app OnyX. Launch it and input your administrator password so that OnyX can make changes. The app may ask to verify the structure of your desk; click Continue and wait if so.

OnyX will appear unresponsive while the process completes.

2. Re-enable External Disks in Finder’s Sidebar Settings

Once OnyX comes back to life, click on the Maintenance tab followed by Rebuilding. Make sure that LaunchServices is checked you can uncheck the rest then click Run Tasks at the bottom of the window. While this happens, Finder may become unresponsive.

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Once the process is complete, restart your Mac. Try reconnecting your missing drive once it reboots. Some older drives require USB leads with separate power connectors.

How to Display Hard Disks On Mac OS X Lion Desktop

By default, the Recent Items list only shows you the past 10 items in each of those three categories, but you can make the Mac keep a longer list. At the bottom of the General box, click the pop-up menu next to Recent Items to select a list of 15, 20, 30 or 50 files, apps and servers instead; you can also show as few as five items, or none at all.

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