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Some pricing discounts are also available for Academic users and Family-Pack users 3-users. How about you? Will you give NoteBook a try? Join in the conversation and leave a comment below! Full disclosure: I did and do not receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, in any shape, form, type, or sort for using, reviewing or mentioning NoteBook. Do you own or use an Apple computer or iPad?

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In this post I review a handy app for Mac operating systems called NoteBook. What is the NoteBook App? We treat your information seriously.

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    Screen shot of a writing page, with a link to the pdf file. Another thing I like to do is to create links between pages. You can create two kinds of links, one to web pages, and one to other pages in your notebook. Another thing I really like about this app is that it comes with an iPad version , which I keep synced through Dropbox using MacDropAny. This means that all my review notes are readily available when my iPad is with me. Academic note taking: Evernote versus Circus Ponies Notebooks.

    Pingback: Writing academic texts with Scrivener: Making your non linear writing projects pleasurable Macademise. You have brilliant articles. I like them all. But, a question: how do you develop your workflow between Scrivener, Papers, Sente, the iPad apps and Ponies Notebook? Thanks, Dellu! Your question was so useful that I decided to make a separate blog post on it to give the answer the space that it needs. OK, my response is posted here.

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    Thanks, Math! Those are good links. That blog was one of the reasons why I really got into using CPN for academic work. This was a great article, thank you. One question I have about the links to files; do you use NoteBook on multiple computers, and if so, how well do the links copy across? Thanks for that, Goeff.

    There are two ways to attach files, the first is to provide a link to the relevant location on your hard drive which would not transfer , and the second is to import the whole document. I stopped doing the second option because Notebook created a separate notebook page for each page in the pdf file, which I just found annoying. Pingback: Digitalising your academic literature: tablets versus e-ink Macademise. Pingback: Academic reference management: Some useful features in Bookends Macademise.

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    This is really helpful! Although I like the idea of one page per article, do you think this will work for hundreds? My sense is I will be best to organize by subject and before I read your post, I was planning to do one writing page per topic with cells for each article and children cells for notes about each.

    Thoughts or suggestions would be welcome! Hi and thanks for your comment! That works well quite well for me. I also do individual pages for articles and definitely have more than a couple of hundred of those, but I decided at one point to store those in Evernote rather than CPN, because I find the iPad version of Evernote easier to work with than CPN. Generally, I find it helpful to start reviews with a thematic approach, and then decide as I go through my sources which of the articles it would be useful to also take detailed notes on in a separate entry.