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The process only requires that you sign in with one of your social media accounts. Once signed in, you can continue to add accounts as you please.

Manage multiple social media accounts with your Mac

I would highly advise that you take the virtual tour to understand the complexity of this program. It's simple once you know it, but you can get lost if you don't. The tour will teach you how you can begin customizing your Streams. Clicking on buttons such as Wall Posts will add them to your stream.

Then you can create tabs and customize each stream with difference accounts or different information. You can also schedule posts to be made on a certain date and time, which is a great way to queue multiple items, like linking out to blog posts.

For more help on the features included with Hootsuite which some of you might need if you skipped over the virtual tour , check out Hootsuite's help page. Fluid is an application that allows you to make real Mac apps using a webpage. You won't have to go back to Hootsuite.

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Did you find this list useful? Share it with your friends on your favorite social media sites! I tried using all the other tools but Buffer for Mac is the worth of all. I loved it. Really feeling great while revisiting. Great list of desktop tools for Mac.

#2. Social Report

I personally like Instafeed. Gotta try the remaining mentioned here. Hey Kishen, another great post from you. All the social media desktop tools you described here are helpful for bloggers and internet merketers. Thanks for sharing this valuable and detailed post in ShoutMeLoud.

‎Buffer: Social Media Manager on the App Store

Keep blogging here. This is really awesome post. Managing your social accounts via desktop is a revolutionary idea. You said it right that by this we can have a full control over different engines. Thanks For the article. Again a wonderful article. Apple is apple! I do not have a Mac but I was planning to buy one for the uniqueness of the device.

The points which are mentioned in the article are really great. When I will buy one MAC, this post will help a lot to set up my social apps. I will come back to the post again. Even more fantastic, that this post is exclusively about Mac tools. Thanks for putting this together, Kishensreehari! Nice article. Starting with story of steve jobs was really awesome.

I came to know this first time. Have a good social media tools for the Mac OS. It has a great post from you. Thanks for sharing with us…. I am a big fan of Buffer and Tweetbot. I never got it to work with Instagram. And the main reason I used it was it linked well to LinkedIn. Keep in mind I spend over 10k using industry specific listing sites, Google, and marketing social media tools.

Is there still an awesome plan? This app has done a pretty good job of sharing posts after using it for a year. Only downfall is the recent problems with linking to LinkedIn company pages. The link doesn't work anymore unless I start back over as personal. Hopefully that will be fixed soon!


Note: would be nice to have Pinterest for free and better posting method to Instagram than just a reminder. Thanks so much for the feedback. Would you be up for emailing hello buffer. We hope we can bring improvements to Instagram in the future if they open up their API to allow for publishing. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Save time and manage all your social media in one place.

Aug 15, Version 8. Information Seller Buffer, Inc.