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This preset pack takes advantage of the Radial Filter effect in Lightroom.

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  • The Top 40 Free Lightroom Presets.

Each preset lets you control the area in the photo you want to highlight by putting a spotlight effect on that area. For more Lightroom presets and news, visit Matt's blog. Enhance your images with this new set of presets for Lightroom. Use this collection of 60 presets, created with the adjustment tools found in Lightroom, to make your images pop. Your info is never shared, and you may opt out at any time. View our privacy policy for GDPR compliance. Try it Free. Buy Now. Sign in or Create account. Landscape Vibrations Presets and Brushes by Sleeklens This Lightroom preset pack by Sleeklens includes 30 presets perfect for all types of landscape photos including "Break of Dawn" and "Classic Sunset" and a wide range of uses.

Download Preview. Winter Wonderland Presets by Contrastly This preset pack by Contrastly includes some of their newest and best winter-time presets for Lightroom! Grain and Film Presets by Contrastly This preset pack by Contrastly is perfect for anyone looking to add grain and a retro film feel to their photos. Nicolesy's Matte Presets This preset pack will give your photos a vintage, "faded with time" matte look.

Free Film Lightroom Presets

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  5. Landscape, Sunrise, and Sunset Lightroom Presets are the best presets for Lightroom to make landscape and nature photos clear and bright. You can use Landscape Presets to emphasize the mood and tonal qualities of each season, natural lighting, and weather. Sunrise and Sunset Professional Lightroom Presets are recommended for scenic photography to brighten dull landscape photos and add creative touch to your projects.

    Cityscape, Street, and Glow Free Presets are perfect Lightroom plug-ins to make outdoor photography pop.

    You can use Cityscape Lightroom Presets Free to enhance the lights and atmosphere of big towns and cities in several clicks. Street Presets are recommended for architecture and portrait photos taken in the park or near buildings. To add a stylish touch, download Glow Lightroom Presets. You can use Free HDR Presets for Lightroom for architecture, real estate, cityscape, and street photography or images that lack bright colors.

    Nightclub Presets are recommended for the night photos taken at bright nightclub lights. To add a warm old-fashioned look, frames, and light leaks, download Vintage Lightroom Presets. If your architecture photographs have much noise and many darkened areas or you wish to change the color palette, these Lightroom presets bundles would be a good variant to make your color correction faster. Our Fall, Warm, and Cool Presets for Lightroom will help you add bright colors and cheerful mood to any nature photo.

    Free Lightroom Presets "The Starter Pack"

    You can use Fall Presets to add a sepia effect that is appropriate in the fall season. Warm and Cool Lightroom Presets are recommended for portraits or wedding images to add some warm shades. Mix these presets with other Lightroom filters for a better look. Moody, Film Look, and Dark Lightroom Filters are must-have presets if you want to make street and outdoor photos stylish and vintage.

    Free Lightroom Presets - Download Presets for Lightroom from Photonify

    Bring a unique look to all of your portrait images having mixed several presets for Lightroom. Professional Lightroom Presets for Product, Food, and Car Photography are designed to make photo editing fast and reduce time you spend achieving the consistent look of the entire catalog of product images. Attract more clients and customers with better product photos. These Lightroom presets will help you correct light, white balance, color cast, and shadow issues, make your whites whiter, sharpen, and improve the overall look of your product photos.

    Use these free Lightroom presets for babies to edit studio and home newborn shots with harsh shadows. The presets help adjust skin texture and eliminate red spots. Light and Airy together with High Contrast presets are extremely universal, offering beautiful soft and delicate edits for all of your baby, wedding, couple, and portrait photos. Do you have pictures with blue colors prevailing?

    Or you need to enhance the images with warm and orange elements? They are suitable for different photo genres, be it portrait, wedding, beach, landscape or street photography. Use Instagram Filters to edit your photos to evoke a specific tone, style, and mood before publishing them.

    Watch the following videos to understand how to load Lightroom presets in several steps.

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    You can also download free Lightroom brushes for professional teeth whitening to make portrait photos pop. Download our free Lightroom Presets Bundles in several clicks. Subscribe to our channel to keep up with the latest updates related to image editing. Thank you Your Loyalty Discount Coupon. Verifying coupon